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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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James Slack
(Sarah Ellis)
1821 OH; m. 1849 OH
Ellis Grant Slack Jr.
John Jefferson Slaughter
(Martha Claiborne Jarrett Ledbetter)
3/28/1810, Dinwiddie VA; m.12/18/1839, Dinwiddie Co, VA.
Bill Talley
Monroe Slaughter
(Tabitha )
abt. 1821 AL; 1841 TN
Dorothy Lewis
Gibson Sloan
(Minerva Williams)
1810-Duplin Co., N.C.; d. 1867-Duplin Co., N.C.
Sloan Mason
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Johannes "John" Sloop
1806- aft.1850; Switzerland; NY; IL
Tad D. Campbell
Joel B. Small
(Mary Deason)
Born: abt. 1805 SC; Died: abt. 1872 Lancaster Co. SC
Sheryl Rowell Townsend
Jonas Smalley
(Eleanor Crandall)
about 1803; NJ>NY
Sandy Wetter
Samuel Smart
(Elizabeth Rutherford)
b abt 1805 VA/PA/WV
Walter A. Smart
John Smelley
(Mary Ann Hare)
1807 South Carolina; Edgefield, South Carolina; Talladega, Alabama
Vicki Gentry
John Smelser
1812 Tennessee; 1899 Missouri Nebraska
John F Smeltzer
Lewis/Ludwig Smeltz
(Catherine Mary Harple)
1801 Germany; Carroll CO., Ohio
John Smiley
1817 to 1819; TN
Sue Nutt
Andrew Smith
(Abigail Hinds)
b. May 23, 1802; New Albany, Cumberland Co., KY
Rita Boyd
Bernajah Smith
(Delilah Hiler)
1821; NJ
Lori Smith
Bernajah Smith
(Delilah Hiler)
1821 Morris county, New Jersey
Lori Smith
Daniel Smith
abt 1800; TN
Edward Keith Smith
David Smith
1808/ DE; d. 12 Sep 1879/Sussex/DE
Marciel Gilmore
Evander McKeever Smith
(Abigal Story)
B. 1814 Bledsoe Co. TN; d. 1878 Allred, Overton Co. TN
Michael Smith
Ezra J. Smith
(Martha Matilda Aldridge)
b. 1820; death Ohio 1865
Floyd Smith
1800; Mississippi
Loamma Smith
Garrett Smith
abt 1810; Jackson Co TN
R. G. Rogers
Henry Smith
(Elizabeth Bridgewater)
13 Jul 1809 Scott Co., IN; M. 19 Oct 1834 Scott Co., IN and died 4 Jul 1849 prob Scott Co., IN
Robert Ross
Isaac B. Smith
(Susan Stevens)
b.1808; OH
Nancy Schleich
John Thomas Smith
(Ellen McElrath)
1800; London, Ireland, VA, SC
Maree Cote
John Wilson Smith
Born aprx. 1810; Greene County, TN?
Lindsay Kaufman
Joshua M. Smith
(Elizabeth Henderson)
1807 Virginia
James Mouse
Mark Nicholas 'Mark Nick' Smith
(Jennette Johnson)
29 Sep 1811 in North Carolina; d: 18 Feb 1886 in Saulston, Wayne Co., NC; married bef. 1844 in NC
Sandy Goodchild
Mathew R. Smith
(Esther Carter)
1809 - 1883; PA>OH>IN>WI>IA>TN
Leanna Eversmeyer
Milan Lewis Smith
(Mahala Armstrong)
b. 29 Feb 1812; d. 30 Dec 1913; Fincastle, Botetourt Co, VA> Fayette Co, OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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Nancy Smith
(Edward Kendall)
d: 7/1849 Tishimingo Co. MS
Bob Fansler
Newell Smith
1801 - 02-21-1875; b NY dMI
Phil Smith
Nicholas Smith
(Maria Kunigunda Brickner)
15 Oct 1816 in Germany; GER > Seneca Co., OH; died 1890
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Poulton Smith
(Azuba Springer)
Pennsylvania; 1808
Jonathan Poulton
Samuel Smith
(Charlotte )
Abt 1811 Hollis, ME; Abt 1810 Hollis, ME; name may have changed from Leonard to Samuel in 1850's
Donald Smith
Stephen Smith
(Nancy )
b 1801 NC, d aft 1866, Lamar Co, AL;
wife, b 1813-1815 SC or AL, d aft Nov 1871 Lamar Co, AL

James M. Smith
Timothy F. Smith
1813; GA;MS;AL;LA
Miriam Smith
Truman Smith
(Lydia Comstock)
June 16, 1825 Danby, VT; d. September 18, 1909 St. Paul, MN
Joan Cotter
Emalene Sneed
(David Starr)
1800 - 1825; KY
Fred Ladda
Calvin Snellings
(Eliza Jane Wood)
b. about 1815; b. NC, m. in MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
Seth Sneyd "Senior" About 1820's; TN
Sam Sneed
Elam Snipes
(Asenath Rawson)
1800 North Carolina
George Everett Snipes
Elizabeth Sollomens
(David Moore)
aft 1800; NJ
S Archer
Samuel Somerville
(Sarah Brown)
16 Apr 1822 possible in OH; m. 12 Feb 1869 DeWitt Co, TX
Ken Sommerville
Samuel Sommerville
(Sarah Brown)
16 Apr 1822 possibly in OH; m. 12 Feb 1869 DeWitt Co, TX
Ken Sommerville
Jonathan Sopher
1800; NJ
Robert Shaw
William Southard
abt. 1816; TN
Gary Southard
William Sowards
(Rebecca Robinson)
1825 KY
Jerry Mullins
Jacob Sowers
(Rebecca Percise/Procise)
Aug 26, 1820, Floyd Co, VA
Sonia Nance Roberts
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John Sparrow
1811 England; 1870 Troy,Perry Co., Indiana
Rosemarie Sparrow Randolph
George Abisha Spaulding
(Loretta L. Field)
1808 in CT; M. 1830, probably in Egremont, Birkshire Co., Mass. and died 21 Jan 1879 in Dover, Bureau Co., IL
Robert Ross
Wade Hampton Spears
(Eva Ann Earnhart)
1800-1825; Cabarrus CO, NC
James Wilson Cope
David Spiker
03/21/1823; OH and WV
Melanie Fouse
Elza Spiva
(Mariah Craddock)
1814-1887; N.C.>MO
Barbara Craddock Pike
Julie Ann Sponseller
(Isaac Zeller)
4 Jun 1824 in Ohio; lived in Stark Co., OH; died 1891
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
John B. Spoon
(Mahala Turner)
abt 1800 Guilford Co., NC; Crawford Co., AR
Glenda Nothnagle
Thomas Spruce
(Luvicey Shuptrine)
1821 South Carolina
Betty Worley
Andrew Jackson Squires
(Joanna Husong)
1811-1815 New York; Died 1892 Iowa


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