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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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David Sears
1803 GA
Ron Sears
Robert Sebrell
1800 & Southampton County VA; US
Anthony B. See
(Julia Leonard)
1807 - 1855; WV>MO
Leanna Eversmeyer
John Jefferson Seiley
(Elizabeth M. Dunnam)
b. 1817 in SC; 1855-1868 Louisiana
Bob Hadley
August Selig
(Hannah Louise)
1817/Prussia; 1880 Census/Sebastian County Arkansas
Kathleen Selig- Keifenheim
Jacob Sell
1805; Adams Co., Pa.
Ellen Geiselman-Daoust
Hiram Sellars
August 10, 1822; NC
Dawn Leonard
Leacy Sellers
(Isham Hughes)
1816 Tattnall Co, GA; died 1894 Appling Co, GA
Heinrich Sess
(Martha Rehe)
Born Abt. 1803 @ Grebesmuehl, Germany; emigration after 1839; died 1888 Cincinnati, OH
Jillaine Smith
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William Shackford
(Mary Ellen Dame)
Aug 24, 1806; Barnstead, Belknap, NH
Joanne Shackford Parkes
John S. Shadden
1825-1890; TN>TX
Birda Pelton
Peter Shade
(Sarah Yost)
26Jan1825 -Morgan Co.,WV
Debra Wilkins
Charles Shadrick
1800; TN
Sherry Quinn
Henry Shafer
(Martha P Lundy)
1810-1864; TN - MO
Betty-Anne Juba
Henry Shaffer
(Martha P Lundy)
1810-1864; TN - MO
Betty-Anne Juba
Ellen Shaughnessy
(Laurence Shaughnessy)
1810; Logan Co,Illinois
Sharon Natcher
Henry Shaver
(Martha P Lundy)
1810-1864; TN - MO
Betty-Anne Juba
James Shaw
(Reeds Julia)
1811 - 1868; KY>MO>TX
Leanna Eversmeyer
Stephen Shaw
(Miama Horton)
about 1800; New York
Judy McCartney
Patrick Shea
Abt 1825; MO
R R Geier
John Shearin
(Minerva Daniel)
abt.1820; NC
MargaretShearin Bell
Dennis Sheehan
(Anna Delaney)
bet. 1814 and 1830/County Cork, Ireland; d. 1894/Miami Co., KS
Dan Jones
Frederick Sheffler
(Catharina Heil)
1807 Hempfield Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA
Don Sheffler
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Phillip Shell
02--04-1804; Cayuga Co, NY
Margaret Schell Frazier
William Shenefelt
(Mary Jane Taylor)
1800-1840; Washington, Iowa
Tacy C. Nevin
Orchard Shepard
1810-1857; New Haven Cty, CT
Judy Hubbel
Samuel Shepherd
abt 1820; ME
Sandy Rowland
Albert B Sherman
(Mercy A Gleason)
1816 NY; 1893 MN
Henry Sherman
(Abigail Runnels)
1823; Edgecomb, Maine
Rich Turnblom
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Samuel Berry Shinall
b. 1814 in SC; SC>GA>MS
J. David Colburn
Elias Shirk
(Maria Eberly)
1817 in Lancaster, PA; PA > Stark Co., OH > Portage Co., OH > Crawford Co., OH; died 1868
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Catherine Shockey
(Charles Leatherman)
b. 15 Apr 1815; d. 27 Mar 1877; WV> Clark Co, OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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Joseph Shoen
1825-1906; PA
John Thompson
Alfred Short
(Malinda )
1819 Kentucky; 1860 Texas
Nancy Wederstrandt
William Short
(Nancy Dunn)
1801 - Dorchester Co. Md.;
Margaret Calvano
Alfred Shouse
(Nancy Steenbergen)
1812 > 1892; Mercer, KY > Lewis, MO
Jack Howell
Marquis Shriner
(Jane Couffer)
1808 Pa; Fairfield Ia
Bill Shriner
Rebecca Louise Shuler
1819-1848; Lexington, SC
Douglas Keith Melzer
John B. Sikes
(Abegail Waters)
1807; GA
Joyce Sikes
Erastus Simmons
(Elizabeth Millard)
1822- 1906; Lobo, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Canada > Saline Co., MO
Vern Paul
Garrett Simmons
(Susan Wade)
1801; N.C., TN.
Mike Simmons
Mary F. Simmons
(Stephen Grreene Rhodes)
about Feb. 1817 in KY; Married 23 Sep 1840 in KY Died 10 Jul 1894 in Rich Hill, MO
Joan Bykonen
Parker Simmons
(Margaret Hale)
1820; KY
Marc Simmons
John Baily Simms
(Harriet Redden)
1810; St. Helena Parish, La
Parker Simons
(Margaret Hale)
1820; KY>MO
Ephraim Simpson
1802 S. Carolina; 1835 Gorgia
Nancy Brownlee
Henry Simpson
(Sarah Wilson)
1800; 1826-South Carolina
James Kirschenhunter
John Baily Sims
(Harriet Redden)
1810; St. Helena Parish, La
Malachi Sims
(Frances Bottoms, Elizabeth Carter)
b. abt 1823 - d. April 8, 1869; b. GA - d. Dale Co. AL
Cynthia Sims Kirkland
F. A(ntone?) Sipchen
(Mary Elizabeth)
1823ish; MI
Henry Sirks
26 Jan 1816; Ohio
Duane Sirks
John Sirman
(Sarah E Sturgid)
1800-1850; MD
Frances E Cox
Rachel Sisk
(Isaac Yoakum)
1820 TN; d. 1905 Dixon, MO
Scott Shyrock
William Sisk
(Sarah Lumpkins)
1802 South Carolina; Weatherford
Pam Weatherford
John Sisler
(Mary Bowers)
1809 - 1887; MA > Keokuk. IA
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Elizabeth Skipper
(Jesse Veazey)
1 Nov 1822 Tennessee
Ann Singleton
Jacob Skipper
B - Abt 1804 - Brunswick Co, NC; D - Abt 1858 Houston Co, GA
Becky Byrns


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