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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Alonzo Rice
(Mary Ellen Ault)
b. 08 Jul 1825; d. 01 Jun 1904; Springfield, Clark Co, OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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Andrew Rice
(Betsey Morrison)
1814; New York
Darshan Dawson
Daniel Rice
(Leah Rice)
1802; KY
Wilma Richards
James Monroe Rice
born 10 August 1803; TN
James Thomas Rice, Sr.
Jonas Rice
(Anna Cronister)
1818 Mendllen Twn,Pa.; Married 26 Sept 1844
Martha Mast
Jonas M. Rice
(Anna Chronister)
1818 Pennsylvania
Marge Rice O'Malley
Rice Richards
(Nancy Eunice)
abt 1815 SC; d. 1898 Marshall Co, AL
S Daniels
Andrew Richardson
(Mary Flowers)
1808 - England; 1830's Columbiana County, Ohio
Barbara Smith
Asa M Richardson
(Nancy E Mack)
1821; NY/CT
Janice R. Boyce
David Richardson
(Elizabeth Oates)
1818 Cumberland, England; d 1871 New Jersey, USA
James Richardson
(Mary Ellen Chandler)
1805-1850; Pa
Judith Richardson
John W Richey
(Nancy Caroline Richey/Ritchey/Ritchie)
born 1810 Kentucky; died about 1882 Missouri
Michael Richey
Robert Riddick
(Sarah Smith)
1805; 1830/NC
Mary Jarrell
Alexander Ridenbaugh
1800-1860; VA>MD>PA
Barbara J. Means
Henry Ridenhour
(Elizabeth Adelsberger)
15 Nov 1808 in Frederick Co., MD; MD > Seneca Co., OH; died 1876
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Henry Ridenour
(Elizabeth Adelsberger)
15 Nov 1808 in Frederick Co., MD; MD > Seneca Co., OH; died 1876
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Jacob Ridenour
(Rebecca Flook)
20 August 1809; Frederick Cnty, MD
Suzette Thomas
Margret Jane Witham Rideout
(Daniel R Brown)
abt 1812 ; m.1/24/1853 d.12/27/1893 Bath ME
Diane Brown
Mathias Riehm
1824 ; Minnesota
Kathryn Tabb
Ignatius I. Riggs
(Lucucitha Mattingly )
@ 1810 Kentucky
Sandra Patterson
W.W. Risher
abt 1819; MO>La
Laura Brinckerhoff
John W Risley
(Lois Ann Loyd)
11 June 1821 PA
John W Ritchey
(Nancy Caroline Richey/Ritchey/Ritchie)
born 1810 Kentucky; died about 1882 Missouri
Michael Richey
John W Ritchie
(Nancy Caroline Richey/Ritchey/Ritchie)
born 1810 Kentucky; died about 1882 Missouri
Michael Richey
William Ritchie
b 1808; Lexington, KY
Dave Ritchie
Frederick Ritter
(Elizabeth Kope)
26 Nov 1812 in PA; PA > Wayne Co. Oh > Steuben Co., Indiana
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
David Rivenbark
abt 1800; NC
Rick Rivenbark
Hugh Rizer
(Jane Johnston)
12/24/1817 W Va; Pa, Oh, Clayton County Ia
Bill Rizer
Richard Roan
(Alcy (Alcee) Davis)
3/25/1802, KY; m. 11-24-1821, Switzerland Co., IN; d. 4/2/1889. near Shelbyville, IN, bur. Concord Cem.
Deirdre R. Madden
Lorenzo Roath
(Sarah Wood)
23 Oct 1811, Trumbull Co., OH; Mar 1897 Stark Co., OH
O. Moore
Rolen Robbins
1815-1890; SC>AL
Wilson Robbins
(Annie Pryor)
abt 1820 Poss Tenn
Sharon Coulter
Daniel Roberts
Feb. 22. 1810; NE
Dollie Beller
Elisha Roberts
(Melissa Fairbanks)
1825; Ohio, MI,NJ,NY
Bruce Roberts
Hiram Roberts
1802-1820; VA>KY
Brenda Martin
James Roberts
abt 1807 Tn; d. 1850 White Co, Tn
Phil Roberts
John Roberts
1810-1876; VA
Lorraine I. Quillon
Joshua Roberts
(Nancy Lee)
1800-1890; Hamilton County Fl
Barbara McColskey
Matlock Roberts
(Zilpha Baine)
1810 Kentucky; Tennessee
Kristina Wheeler
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George A. Robertson
(Roanna Willingham)
1813 Georgia; l838 Tuscaloosa, Al. , l852 Anderson Co., Tx.
S. Gilliam
James Monroe Robertson
(Elizabeth Ann Harrison)
1817 Virginia
Robbie Robertson Hines
Aaron Robins
(Lodica Huntley)
1800; Connellsville PA
Brian Robbins
Rolen Robins
1815-1890; SC>AL
Dennis M. Robinson
(Ann P. Pigott)
abt. 1825; Va. territories
William Robinson
Edwin S Robinson
(Julia Ann Clark)
10 Sep, 1812 Glastonbury, CT; d. 18 Dec, 1897, Jasper Co, MS
Rebecca A Smith
Sarah Robinson
(Lemuel Johnson)
1 Nov 1819 Licking co Ohio; Mar 1840 Licking co ,Ohio
Geoff Johnson
William R. Robinson
(Mary Jane Williams)
1824; Carmi, IL.
Ronnie Robinson
Jorge Robles
1800; New York
Mary Rockwell
(William Winship Barney)
1814 PA; 1850 Channahon, Will County, IL
Nancy Ruhlman
Felix G. Roden
1815 TN; 1836 MS; 1843 MO; 1860 CA; 1890 IA
Joan Roden Green
Nicholas Roden
(Maria Hoffmann)
1818/19; Albertville, St. Michael MN
Angela Munger
John Rodgers
1800; 1880, Michigan
Isaac Roe
1806 SC; Died in GA
Kathy Hallman
Alexander Stinson Rogers
(Delinda Wallace)
1804-Virginia; wed 29 Jan 1828 in Tennessee
Clarence Rogers
George Rogers
(Rebeka Jeffery)
abt 1800; Nov 20 1820, Monmouth County, NJ marriage
Mary Nelson
Johann Pier Rohus
Abt 1806 - 1826; Texas
John Rollins
1822-1856; NC
Harriet Nihart
Johnaton Hall Rollins
1800; Tazewell, Va
Donna Collins
Ruth Root
(Phineas Davis)
1804 New York; 1841 Erie Co. Penn. 1855 Jones Co. Iowa
Allice Burns Reynolds
William Rose
(Amanda Davis)
1818-1825; New York
Londell Newsome
Samuel Roseburg
(Jane Wilson)
1800 - 1825; Pa/Oh
Samuel Roseburgh
(Jane Wilson)
1800 - 1825; Pa/Oh
Elizabeth Rosier
abt 1800; SC
Becky Kennedy
Edward Ross
(Catherine Delaney)
April 28, 1816; New York City
Margie Wall
Henry Ross
(Lucinda Elswick)
Apr 1820; KY
Rowena Horr
Robert Ross
1815 New Jersey;
Richard R. Gruetzemacher
James Rothchild
(Ann Mann)
1822; NY
Martha Matthews
John Rothrock
(Julia Anna)
b. 1808 - d. 1851; PA
James Rough
(Marie Edwards)
4 Sep 1825, Cornwall, Eng; 1853, PA; 1854, WI;1858, MI
Sheryl Rodda
Diadama Rowell
(Silas Grover)
26 Feb 1805 - 8 May 1891; Oxford, NH. Fleming & Springwater, NY, Dodge Co., WI, Waseca, MN
Robert L. Grover
Mary Abigail Royce
(Taggert Joseph Marshall)
abt 1822; VT
Wanda J Thompson
John Rudge
(Louisa Mitchell)
b. 1822; England > Wilmington, NC
David Rudge
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Frederick Ruff
(Rebecca Leffler)
10/12/1812 Germany; 1833 Fairfield Co., OH
Becki Blair
John Rule
(Elizabeth Craddock)
1818-1870; Eng>CA>NEV
Barbara Craddock Pike
Peleg Rumfield
(Rachel Pettit)
March 25,1818 Pa; d.May26,1862 Ohio
Vicki Kimberlin
James Runnels
(Eliza Ann Jessup)
b. circa 1818; TN
Dolores Ann
Aaron Ogden Runyan
(Mary Clifford)
October 24, 1818; Mt. Vernon, Ohio
Patricia Dickens
John W Rush
(Ann Batton)
1803; VA
W. Paul Manly
John Russell
(Nancy Patterson)
1811; Henry Co., Kentucky
Warren Russell
John Russell
before 1825; IN
Judy Williams
John S Russell
(Martha Baker-Russell)
1815 - AL.
Donna Davis
Columbus Rutherford
B. abt 1812; GA>AL
Mary Franklin
Bryant Spencer Rutledge
(Eliza Williams)
21 May 1809; South Carolina
Jane Yasui
Catharine Rutledge
b 1802, mar 1820; Jefferson Co. IN
Winston Conway Sawyer
William Ryder
(Emaline Wakefield)
1825 Vt; Orleans Co. Vt
Betty Ryder


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