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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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James Rader
1819; Greene Co., TN
Donna Huffaker
Joseph Rader
1823-1897; TN
Lorraine I. Quillon
Barnet A (Barney) Ragsdale
AL, 1816; Bienville Parish, LA Atascosa Co,TX Hays Co., TX
Gayla Field
Charles Rahn
1820; Oewigsburg, PA
Elizabeth Stone
Hiram Rainbolt
(Hester Fortner)
b.1816-d.1890; b. AL; d. TX
Barbara Craddock Pike
Josef Rakowicz
1813-1902; b.Poland d. TX.
Joel Ramsey
(Susannah Terrell / Gower ?)
1808 / 1870; VA / TN / MS
Cindy Carson Mc Clure
James Butler F. Randolph
1809-1873; OH
Dorothy R. McHenry
William Ranney
(Susan C. Clark)
born ca 1805, died before Nov 7, 1853; md. Susan C. Clark, Boston, MA, 4 July 1827
Ann Breedlove
Charles Rapley
(Mary Jane Freeman)
abt 1821 New York; New York >WI
Jeannette Sauntry
Willis Rasor
(Emily Liter)
20 Nov 1821; Ky
Lynn Hubin
Elijah Ratcliff
(Mary Burchett)
1802 Giles, VA; died bet. 1880-1900
Patricia L. Ratcliff
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Abel Grace Rathell
(Mary Cannon or Connor)
1808 Maryland; died 1871 Holmes Co., MS
Betty Ramsey
Joseph Ratliff
abt 1800 N.C.; 1820 Tennessee
Alice Taylor
Mary (Polly) Ratliff
1824; KY
Janice Martin
Archibald D Rattikin
(Rebecca )
c1805; d 1850-57 Lincoln Co, Tn
Ann Thurman
Conrad Friedrich Rau
(Susanna Schaffer)
1815; Germany>PA
Lewis Bremer, IV
Elizabeth Rawley
(William Landsmon)
abt 1820; VA
R R Geier
Amos Rawlinson
(Minna or Mina Rawlinson)
1809 Alabama;
Ella Thomas
Charles Rawn
1820; Oewigsburg, PA
Elizabeth Stone
James M. Ray
Born 1806 NC; Died abt 1868 TN
T J Earwood
Robert Ray
(Lydia Huldah Miner?)
b. 1818 NY; d. 1888 Crawford Co., WI
Benjamin Ream
1824-1898; Schaefferstown PA>Peru IL
Dave Linnig
Christopher/ Christford Record
(Nancy Gibson)
1800-1820; CAN>NY>OH>IL
Patty Mackey
Michael Redden
(Mary Hassett)
Abt 1800 IRE; NY
Marsha Redden
Job Redmon
(Sarah Still)
1800 SC
Brenda Moulder
David Reece
(Anna Conner)
30 December,1823 Highland Co, Ohio; 14 January, 1914 ( death) Spring Grove, twp, Linn Co, Iowa
Renee Reece
George Reece
(Mary Cline?)
Dec 11, 1811, NC; Burke or Catawba; after 1860
Zelia Cline
James Reece
(Nancy Anthony)
September 10, 1820, Pennsylvania; Marriage August 17, 1843, Jackson County, Ohio
Roger Reece
Augustus Reed
abt.1800; 1839 N.Y.
Norma Socia
Isaac Reed
1810-1888; Belmont Co, OH
Meghan Dewhurst
James Reed
(Louisa Ellis)
1-25-1824 Kentucky; 4-16-1849 Marriage Wayne Co, IL
Martin Reed
James Reed
(Mary Botsford)
1810 Pennsylavania
Scott Reed
James Bailey Reed
(Mary A Hogg)
May 24 1807; Tenn or KY
James B Reed
John Reed
1805; Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Kellie Reed Kramer
John H. Reed
(Catherine, Matilda Spangler)
c1800-; VT>OH>IN
Margie Pearce
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John N Reed
(Martha Thompson)
1819,WV.(poss. Upshur)
William Reed
(Mary Ann)
1815; Indiana Co., (?), Pa
Cheryl Midnight
Enoch Rees
(Sarah Brigham)
1823 Wales; 1846 PA, 1860 IL, 1880 IA
Betty Miller
George Rees
(Mary Cline?)
Dec 11, 1811, NC; Burke or Catawba; after 1860
Zelia Cline
Elizabeth An Register
(Andrew Louis Bell)
1815 NC?; d. 1891 Washington Co, FL
S Daniels
Wiley Register
(Mary Allen)
1802 SC; m. 1822/GA, d. 1850s GA
Celeste Holly
James H Reid
(Sarah Ayers)
1814; Illinois
Jean Sellers
John Manley Reid
(Sarah M. Dey)
1816 Middlesex Co. NJ; 1910 Middlesex Co. NJ
Glenn W. Soden
Matthew Reid
(Letitia Hooter)
1803 TN; Died MS
Harold C. Fisher
George Reis
(Mary Cline?)
Dec 11, 1811, NC; Burke or Catawba; after 1860
Zelia Cline
William Thomas Renfro
(Mary Burdine Barker)
1820; Madison Co., Owen Co., and Elliott Co., KY
Sue Willey
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John Renner
(Catherine Vetter)
abt 1803, Hesen-Darmstadt; imm. 11 Sep 1831, through Baltimore. ->Gettysburg->Cincinnati->Jasper, IN
Amos Reno
(Milly Beach)
1811 NC
Doug Reno
James Rentfro
(Sarah Yost/ Yoast)
b. 11 Mar 1800; VA, pos. Montgomery Co>TN, MO
Carol Ansley
James Rentfrow
(Sarah Yost/ Yoast)
b. 11 Mar 1800; VA, pos. Montgomery Co>TN, MO
Carol Ansley
Brock Reuben
(Malinda Ashley)
1818; SC
Susan Dicey
John Reynolds
(Emily Alma Dingman Reynolds)
1816-1909; Vermont & Mass.
Pleasant Rhea
1821; TN
John Owen Rhea
Jeremiah Rhodes
(Betsey Eddins)
b c1800 NC; d 1850/1860 AL
Jim Taylor


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