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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Susan Pickens
(David Curry)
Dec. 1821; Ohio
William Pierce
(Cinderella Dunn)
Born 30 April 1807; PA
Linda Moore
William Henry Pierce
(Georgeanna Baker)
abt 1810; New England>NJ
S Archer
Jonathan Pierson
1808-1865; OH>IN
Leslie Pierson
Mary Ann Pierson
(Anson Green Smith)
1811; NJ
Muriel S. Parker
Thomas Pierson
(Margaret Taylor)
1811-1880; OH-IN
Janet Hamman
John Pike
(Helen Lake)
1815 MA
Shelly Pickering
Clinch Pilkinton
1805 Johnston Co., NC;
Sandra Pilkinton
Samuel Pilot
(Margaret J. Floyd)
1818 SC; m. 1846 Barbour Co., AL
Betsy Pylate Simpson
Agnes Agatha Pinard
(Louis Fabien DeJarlais)
1820-1850; died in St. Anthony territory MN in 1894
Levi Luukkonen
Robert Pitman
1823-NC; Burke/ Yancey/ Mitchell Co.
Hawkins Pitt
1810 TN;
Glenn Pitt
John Pitts
(Dolly Hicks)
ca 1800; Tennessee
Monty Pitts
Matthew Placzek
b abt 1818 in Poland, d. 27 Dec 1893 in Tarnov, NE
Catherine Placzek
William Pleasant
1800-1875; N.C,TN,KY,IND
Jan Grissom
Calvin Plimpton
ca 1815; New York
James Wall
Richard Plummer
1825; MD 1850
Robert Plummer
Ellison Plunkett
(Jane Stringer)
1805 North Carolina;
Dee Plunkett
John Poland
Abt 1820 MD; m. 1845 MD
John H. Pool
(Hetty Marcus)
1812 Ga.; 1850 Bibb co. Al.
Herbert Poole
George C. Pope
1813-1893; Logan Co, KY>IL
Linda Kanevsky
Norplet D. Pope
(Lavinia George)
1800 South Carolina
Wes Hall
John Porche
(Caroline Waldroupe)
1813 FRANCE; Madison County 1850
Deonne Porche
James Porter
(Jane Allman)
Nov 16,1824 East Pike Run Twp, Washington Co., PA; m. Sep 16,1847 East Pike Run Twp, Washington Co., PA
Shawnda Porter
Phillip Reed Porter
(Sarah Seaton)
10/18/1825 PA; 2/27/1917 death IL
BJ Wright
Mary Porterfield
(Thomas Mills)
born abt 1824; Ohio & Kentucky
Debbie Yuhos
Marcus Posey
1800; Miss
Sarah Smart
William Posey
(Sarah Hutto)
1821, SC; d. 1890, Navarro Co, TX
Charlotte Carl-Mitchell
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John Potter
(Julia Thayer)
1814 Ohio or NY; 1840 Ohio Marriage
A. L. Patterson
Dilsey Powell
1818 Virginia; 1880/Atlanta, Winn Parish, LA.
Seymour R Powell
(Angeline Carlton)
1818; North Carolina
Anita Lamprell
Lemuel Washington Preddy
(Margaret Aderhold)
1800 North Carolina; 1850 Alabama
Dale Garrett
Daniel Prestor
1823ish; NY State
Nealy 'Jim' Price
(Susan Cooley)
1809>1880 ; VA>KY
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William Price
(Susan Pickrel)
1825; VA
Deborah Paine
William E Price
(Rebecca Updike)
1806 NJ; Draxler
Taryn Price Draxler
John Carr Priddy
b. abt. 1812; Stokes Co. N.C.
Franseslee Priddy
Daniel Priester
1823ish; NY State
Joseph Primeau
1802; ND
Melanie Primeau
Simeon Prince
(Mary Littleton)
1812; 1871 Conway Co . Ark.
Helona Fischer
Simion Prince
(Mary Littleton)
1812; SC
George T. Prince
Joseph H Pritchard
1816; South Carolina
Barbara Corbett
Bird Pritchett
(Desdemona Benning)
b. 14 Jul 1813; Spotsylvania Co. VA
Mary Lou Gregory
Elisabeth Proctor
(Palmer Spear)
Sept. 16, 1820-Dec. 8, 1892; Waldoboro, ME./Warren, ME.
Charles Spear
Jeremiah Proctor
(Nancy )
May 16 1820 Alabama; Cedar Bayou, TX
Kasey Johnson
William Proctor
(Ann H. Young)
1815 Orage Co., VA; Holmes Co., MS died 1906
Betty Ramsey
Nelson Pruett
1812 NC; 14 Feb 1897
Linda Gentry
Charles Pugh
(Mary Ann)
01 Dec 1806; PA
Ann L. Murray
Charles Pugh
(Mary Ann Supple?)
1806 Pennsylvania;
Kathy Pugh
Wilbroughby Pugh
1815; 1880/TN
John Pullen
(Martha Justice)
1800-1850; North Carolina
Emma Pullen
William Pullen
(Polly Wells)
Abt 1814; Kentucky
Cathy McKinnon
William H. Pullen
(Sara(h) Autrey)
b 1813/14 KY; d Sep 1896 Unk
Julie Grant
Elisha Pulse
3/1/1818; TN, TX, CA, OR
Pat Flippin
Jonas Puntch
(Susan Rhodes)
1800's; Texas
Luther Purvis
1810-1881; Pulaski Co KY; Bartholomew & Tipton Co IN; KS
Tad D. Campbell
Pharoah Purvis
1821-1900; GA
Shalane Sheley
James Putnam
1803-1883; Gray Court, SC
Page Miller
John Putnam
(Racheal Philbrick)
1816 VT; 1870 IA
Tom Putman
Benjamin Pyburn
(Mary Jane Chitty)
10-09-1821; Florida
Carole Pyburn Rogers


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