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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Andrew Packard
(Martha Noland)
1820; Vermont
Patricia Packard
William Russell Paddock
1823, Vermont; Cincinatti, Ohio
Maryann Paddock Stanley
Archelaus Page
(Eurania Holmes)
1803 New York; St Lawrence County, NY
Michelle Detwiler
Cary C Page
(Rebecca Nobles)
1808 Georgia;
Jarel Amox
Harvey Page
Dec, 1822 Bramford, Conn
Grant Griffin
Stephen L. Page
(Latitia Sebastian)
abt. 1820 KY; 1850 St. Francois Co., MO
Barbara Imboden
A.E. Paine
abt 1800; d. probably Dale Co., Ala by 1870
Lillian Champagne
Polly Paine
(Daniel Pennington Lewis)
1801; Kentucky
Mavis Bassett
Hannah Painter
(Willis Campbell)
b 1808; Mar 1827 Nelson co
Gloia Jean Jarrell
John Palmer
(Sarah Balsley)
1804; WV
Julie Larsen
Reuben Palmer
(Frances Love Fuller)
About 1815 Virginia; Married Henry Co., KY in 1835. --> MO.
Beth Herrington
William Parham
(Ann Boland)
William born -1813 in Virginia
Alexander McIntyre Parker
(Caroline Hopkins)
May 20, 1820 NY; March 10, 1897 KS
Marla Hathhorn
Charles Parker
(Violet )
1800 Virginia;
Joyce Patton
Guilford Parker
(Priscilla Farmer)
1805 Edgecombe Co.,NC; 1840-1854 Sumter Co., AL
Betty Ramssey
Jane Parker
(William Furlong)
1822, Ireland; >Detroit, MI by 1850
Liz McGough
John Jarvis (J J) Parker
(Pamelia A. Ellenwood)
b. Oct. 10, 1824 in Harmar (Marietta,OH)
Josiah Parks
(Sarah Parmenter)
abt. 1800; Ma.
Ed Parks
James, Parrish
(Cathern Hews)
B, 1825, TN; D, AFT 1869, ALA
Letha, Parrish
Curtis Parrott
1801; Greene Co. GA
Claudia Morawski
Isaac S. Parsons
(Priscilla Jefferis)
1824 - 1888; Media, Delaware Co., PA
G. P. Ryan
James Parsons
b. 1805, d. Jun 8, 1860; b KY>MO>d. Allen Co. KS
Gary B. Speck
Reddick/ Redrick Parsons
(Martha Dowd)
Ca 1815 NC; Chatham Co., Montgomery Co., Moore County, NC
Patsy Stevens
Hannah Maria Partridge
(John Beale)
1/2/1804, England; Van Buren Co, IA
Bobbi Senior
James Partridge
(Mary Ann Fletcher)
abt 1814 England/Canada/NY; Lived bef 1856 Cazenovia, Madison Co, NY
Rose Hyde
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Andrew Passons
1816 - Tennessee; 1890
Diane Russell
William Riley Pate
(Eliza Davis)
1808, TN; d. IL
Susan Beddes
Alonzo Patterson
1800-1825; Killbuck, OH,
Alice Fairchild
Ezekiel J. Patterson
(Martha J. Glover)
1819 Georgia; Death 1888 Heard County, Ga. Also Troup County, Ga.
Laurie Patterson
James Patterson
April 1824; Washington Co., PA
Carol Rainey
John Patterson
1817; Georgia
Gary Patterson
John Patterson
(Jane Graham)
15 Mar 1802 Ireland; Marr. 02 Mar 1826 Harrison Co. OH
Pauline Patterson Diener
Joseph Patterson
(Elizabeth McAfee)
Dec. 21, 1818; d.1869 Germantown, Ky.
John Patterson
Joseph Patterson
(Mary Hall)
abt. 1815; Iowa
Arliss Hatcher
Solomon Elisha Patterson
(Delila Robertson)
02/26/1812 Tennessee; 01/10/1872 Illinois
Sandra Patterson
Thomas Patterson
(Melissa Capehart)
1825 Tennessee ?; Missouri 1880 Census
A. L. Patterson
Elizabeth Pattillo
(Thomas Ewing)
25 May 1808-24 Sep 1895; Georgia
Edwina Moody
Samuel Paxton
(Amy Wilcox)
1804 OH
Alice Allen
A.E. Payne
abt 1800; d. probably Dale Co., Ala by 1870
Lillian Champagne
Jeptha Payne
(Rebecca Warren)
1815; North Carolina
Linda Turcato
Robert S. Payne
1823; TN
Ida Deal
Teresa Payne
(? Holloway)
1812, Georgia; Died ? in Sabine County, TX
Linda Lapinski
Wm. Uriah Peacher
(Louisa Ann Hillman)
B.8/28/1803 D.4/6/1854; Spotsylvania Va.
Mitch Peecher
Jonathan Pearson Sr.
before 1800; NC
Muriel Pearson
Isabel (Isabellah?) Pease
(W McCartney)
>1820, NY
Kimberly Johnson
James C Peddy
(F. Jane Garland)
Sept 1801; GA
Glen Peddy
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Felix K. Peery
c1810 TN or VA
Joe Peery
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Phoebe Peffers
(Swain Williams)
1812, NJ; 1830, OH
Connie Loftus
John Pelham
(Susan Ligg)
1805; Kentucky
Jeremiah Pemberton
(Susannah Germyn)
abt 1812 in New York; Ontario/Michigan
Jennifer Trahan
Malinda Pendergrass
(John Lindsey)
b. 1802/d. 1843; b. NC/ d. LA
Barbara Craddock Pike
Willis Pendergrass
(Nancy Clark)
b.1821; marriage 1843 Marshall Co Al
Inez Bush
Willis Pennington
1815; Barren County, KY
Timothy Lee
Moses Penwell
(Sylvania Widener)
1823 Birth Year; Barnwell County , South Carolina
Wendell Penwell
Steven Perkins
1800, Chatham Co.
Ann Buxton
William Perrin
1811 KY; 1840- 1860 AL
Jill Herrin
Rensselaer Persons
1804 - 1860; Sandisfield, MA
Marcia Benton
Polly ? Peters
(James Fischer/Fisher)
circa 1813 PA
Cindy Anglemyer
Robert Petty
1820; Madison Va.
Harold W. Pettie
William Andrew Petty
(Nancy Taulbee)
1804, Georgia; Married in 1827, Fayette Co. Illinois
Eric Petty
Sampson Peugh
(Malinda McDonald)
1825 GA;
Jacque Webb
Isaac Pforzheimer
1819; Donaldsonville, LA
Andy Pforzheimer
George Phillips
abt 1820; IN
Chad Phillips
Jinsey Della Phillips
(Jethro B. Sumner)
b. 1819; d. 1891 Washington Co, GA
S Daniels
Joel Phillips
(Rebecca Turner)
1819; Orange Co. NC
Doris Roney
Robert Phillips
(Nancy McNabb)
Feb or May 1801, TN; d. July 9, 1884 Franklin Co., IL
Sherri A. Phillips
Thomas Henry Phillips
(Lavinia Atkinson)
1801-1869; Georgia
Gwen Cosby Moore
William Phillips
(Elizabeth Maxwell)
1803; Davidson Co, TN
Gene Phillips
William Phillips
(America Chesnut)
1825 NC; IN 1860 & 1870
Mary Phillips
Jim Phipps
(Martha Thompson)
1800; North GA (Raburn County area)
Lynn Barber


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