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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Edward Anton Mohr
1820-1917; GER>NY
Mohr Researcher
William Molsberry
b. Abt 1814, NJ
Jennifer Selfridge
David Josiah Monroe
1825- 1840; Chenango Co NY
William Monroe
(Nancy Morgan)
1821; Missouri
Lavone Poulos
George Moon
(Mildred Sutton)
1814-1862; Madison Co., Ala.
Nancy Moon
Joseph M. Mooney
(Julia Dunn)
1820-1828 TN; d. 1897, Marshall Co., KY
Patricia Mooney
Alexander Moore
(Malissa Hancock)
1823 South Carolina; Bef 1880 Habersham County, GA
Henry Cobb
Archibald Moore
1823-1863; Wise co, VA
Frances Grizzard
Commadore Moore
(Mahala Harrell)
1816 Kentucky
David Moore
(Elizabeth Sollomens/Solomon)
abt 1801- 1870; NJ
S Archer
Dr. Davis Moore
(Martha Ann Russell)
MAY 21 1800 NC OR SC; M: 2-23 1836 AL D: 4-27-1872 AL
George Moore
Ebenezer Moore
(Elizabeth Foster)
1816; North-central Pennsylvania
Edwin Moore
(Emaline Doughty)
1825 Amherst, NH
Dawn Moore-Ziviello
George H. Moore
abt. 1813; SC
Marilyn Walter
James H Moore
(Jane Hollifield)
1800 to 1825; Ga.
Marvin Moore
John Moore
(Elizabeth Betty Green)
3/22/1802, York District South Carolina; Itawamba County, MS
Samuel Moore
abt.1816-abt.1886; Greene Co NY
Tad D. Campbell
Samuel R. Moore
(Nancy J.)
abt 1818 TN; m abt 1851
Tom Kershner
William Moore
(Charlotte B.)
1800 Ga.; abt 1870-1882, Ethel, Fla.
Tony Moore
William Moore
@1820 MS; MS>TN>? after 1843
Zebulon Moore
Born 1812-1895; Westmoreland Co.,Pa
Sue Abraham
John Moorman
(Charlotte Clarkson)
1806 Virginia; Missouri
Dominick Moran
(Honora Jennings)
about 1807 County Mayo, IR; 1839 Lake County, IL
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James Moran
(Sarah Ross)
1806-1873; McVeytown & Altoona, PA
Patty Frank
Thomas Moran
1820 - 1825; Massachusetts
Patricia Hennessy
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Henry Morford
10 Mar 1823 Monmouth Co. NJ; Died 04 Aug 1881 buried at Baptist Church Burying grounds, Middletown, Monmouth County, NJ
Ken Cutler
William Morford
(Polly Nelson)
1817 - NY state; died 2-17-1878 - Genesee County, NY
Pauli Sears
Andrew Cottrel Morgan
(Mary "Polly" Green(e))
1 Jan 1805 TN; 1862 Dubois Co., IN
Jim Wall
Benjamin Morgan
(Gussie Young)
January 1, 1800; Virginia
Shirley Morgan
Daniel Morgan
(Lucinda Evans)
1820; Ky.
Doug Roach
John Morgan
(Elizabeth Free)
1816 South Carolina; 1850 Cherokee Co., Ga.
Rhonda Stewart
Thomas Morgan
1806-1835; Lansing,NY
Jeanine Bussey
William Morgan
(Margret Greenleaf)
1820 approx; New York City, d. 1909
Carol Strickland
Hiram Morrill
(Sarah Blaisdell)
June 9, 1821 Monroe, Maine; Died 1881 Winterport, Maine
Nancy Sims
Abraham Morris
(Maria Van Bumble)
1808 Kingston New York; died Willow, New York
Donnis Bell
John Morris
1817 NC
Ross Smith
Spencer Morris
b 1800 S.C.; SC/ GA
Susan Morris
William Morris
(Eliza Jane Snider)
3 Mar 1816 GA
Lori Thrasher
Daniel/ Donald Morrison
1807-1819; Putnam Co. GA
Glenn Morrison
Jesse Morrison
(Susanna Smith)
1823; Berkley, WV
John Morrison
(Lucy Anie Perry)
Born 1810; Vermont to Ohio in 1820, md. 1842
A Morrison Dockery
Mulchin Morrison
1820-1860; N.C
Wendell Morrison
William Morrison
(MaryAnn Willis)
1810 Al; Tn
Joan Rose
James Morrow
(Elizabeth F. Taggert/Tigert)
1815, Kentucky
Mary A. Rotz
John Morrow
1815; TN
Beverly Morrow Sands
Blyth Morter
(Mary Ann Harrison)
Abt 1818; Licking County, OH
Jack Morter
Almond Morton
(Sarah Hoyt)
2/2/1824; P.A.
Todd Morton
John Morton
abt. 1805 TN; Fayette Co. AL
Monya Havekost
Abraham Moser
(Sarah Whistler)
(Hannah Thompson)
1813-1888; Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Todd Moser
Osiah Moser
(Mary Ruckman)
1823 Pennsylvania; Ohio, Iowa, Kansas
Marilyn Moser
Gabriel Moss
1808; York Co., S. C.
Jean Pervis
Millie Moss
(Semour Knox)
1820-1824 AL/GA; (d) 1933 Milam Co. TX
Jonnie Crayton
Hugh Mount
(Mary Jane Spencer)
1820, Scotland; 1850, New York, Michigan
Christina Mount
Antoine Mouton
(Marie Gadrate)
1807 Louisiana
Andrea Woolums
Genette/Jenette Munn
1818-1882; NY
Karen Mohr
John R. Munnerlyn
(Patsy West)
1800; NC
A. J. Munnerlyn
Daniel R Murdock
(Elizabeth Browning Bozeman)
Abt 1822 South Caroline; 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 Georgia
Vincent Murdock
Evert Murphy
(Jane Robinson)
b. bet. 1812-1815; b. Tn.; d. Mt. Pleasant, Tn.
T. McRae
Ezekiel Murphy
(Laney Hill)
abt 1817 probably Greene, NC; dod: 12 Jun 1903
George W. Murphy
b.1823, d.1851; NC>MS
Kim Reed
Harris Murphy
(Francis R. Hagood)
1812, VA; d. 1888, MO
Susan Beddes
Peyton Murphy
VA; ca. 1845 death
Mary Gravely
David Murray
(Mary Catherine Grimes)
Abt. 1808 in SC; Died 1882 in Texas
Virginia Murray Adams
Isham Murry
1816; Missouri
Carol Murray
Catherine Myers
(Matthew/Mathias Black)
1820 Franklin Co, PA>Richland Co, OH; aft 1896
K. Richardson
George Myers
(Hannah Hacket)
1813 Ohio;
Susi Slater


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