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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Micage Meadows
(Mary Jane Ham)
1812; S/E
Laverne Smith
Thaddeus Meighan
c. 1825; NYC
Matthew Meighan
Walter Melvin
aft 1800; Ire., Eng., KY
James Hunter
Sara Meredith
(Leonard Huff)
b ca 1807; Tennessee
James Wall
Amos Merrill, Jr.
(Elizabeth Elliott)
b. abt 1820/d. aft 1870; b. NC/ d. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
Uriah Ball Merwin
(Mary "Polly" Brawley)
1812 NY; 1850 PA; 1860 Dane Co WI;
Lee Nave
Anna F. Messemore
(Edward Payne Bray)
b. 1817 ; Virginia
James Wall
Jose Lino Mestas
1825; CO
Gloria Salazar-Richhart
Joseph Metz
(Margaretha Wingerter)
1820 Germany; OH > MN, d 1892
Maggie McQuillan
Jonas B Metzler
(Catherine Moon)
8-10-1816 Pittsburgh Pa
Charles A. Metzler
Henry Meyer
(Sarah Scarborough)
24 Jun 1815 Denmark; 1880 Claibourne Par, LA
Alverne Hollingsworth
Anthony Mickle
(Lucy Morton)
1812 Meadville, Pennsylvania;
Gary Mickle
Samuel Middleton
b. 6/16/1806 d.1859 TX; SC or NC >TX
Doug McQuaid
Thomas Middleton
(Mary Ann Cullumber)
1822 to 1826; OH
Roy Middleton
Henry Miles
(Hetty Roach)
b1805 Somerset MD; m April 1833
Harriet Gable
George J. Milks
1815 to 1895; New York
Treva Collins
David Miller
(Wyntje (Lavina) Hommel)
b. 1806, md. 1827; Woodstock > Saugerties, Ulster Co, NY
Peggy Dolan
Dorcas Miller
(William Giddens (Gideon))
1813; Gallatin Co. Ky
Shirley Annis
Frederick H. L. Miller
(Fredeicka Rose)
b. abt.. 1822 >PRU; d. 6-17-1882 >MO
Jana Meyer
Granvil Miller
(Sophia Logan)
Jean Miller McClure
Ira Miller
abt 1800; New York
Eric Miller
Jacob Miller
1813-1832; Franklin Co, TN
Linda Stufflebean
Jesse Miller
b 1819 d 1895; GA-TX
Lee Kirkwood
John Miller
1825; Cumberland Valley Twp, Bedford Co., PA
Gerald Miller
Joseph Miller
(Nancy Runser)
1823, Ohio; m. abt. 1848 Ohio; d. 4 Nov 1864 Andersonville Military Prison, Sumter County, Georgia
Kyla Cathey
Maggie Miller
(Benjamin Miller)
1800 AL; 1848 KY
Rosa Morales
Marquis Miller
(Susanna Wachtal)
Aug 23, 1813 or 1810-1814; d. Feb.21, 1891
Nancy B Miller
(David Larr)
1801 Virginia
Peter Miller
(Mary Hays)
1801, Marion, WV; d. 1868, Delaware, IN
Dennis Miller
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Susanna Miller
(Isaac Spang) and
(Absalom Gockley)
June 14, 1816 b. Lancaster Co., Pa.; 1st m.1838 Schafferstown,Pa. 2nd Heidleberg twp. Lebanon, Pa.
Charlene Sweigart
Joseph Millraney
(Lavina Moton)
b. 1801; Guilford, NC
Patsy Raymer
Cowen Mills
1825; Meigs Co. OH
Tim Terry
Luk Mills
1800 Germany; 1852 PA -1860 VA
Shirley Patrick
Melissa Mills
(Josiah Hutchison)
1808 Bulloch Cty, GA; d. 1839 Coffee Cty, AL
Monett Kent
George Millsap
(Celia Millsap)
1820; Chandlers District
Mariou Louise Millsap Lee
William Miners
1800; NE
Alyson Ulsh
Charles K. Mitchell
abt.1801-1864; Knox & Anderson Co TN; Benton Co AR
Tad D. Campbell
John Reed Mitchell
(Ann Eliza Vardy)
b. abt. 1814; AL; in Parker CO, TX by 1850s
Carol Ansley
Morris Mitchell
(Charlotte Hester)
1800; daughter married about 1846 in Robertson Co. Kentucky
William Hester
Sarah Mitchell
abt 1800; N-E
Judy Clemens
Richard Mitton
(Mary Mantle)
12 November 1822; Whiteside, Illinois
Betty Miller


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