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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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George McAfee
1815; Westmoreland Co. Pa
Tim Terry
John McAlister
(Harriet Campbell)
1810 Georgia; 1855 Alabama
Barbara Coker
William McAlister
(Mary Howard)
1821 Pendleton Dist. SC; 1844 Pope Co., AR
Anna Fields
John McAllister
(Harriet Campbell)
1810 Georgia; 1855 Alabama
Barbara Coker
John Smiley McAllister
(Winnie Ivey)
abt 1800; Tn
Rose Smith Whitson
William McAnulty
1815, Kentucky
Helen Fallon
William C. McBee
(Mary Cochran)
1817; Alabama
William Bischoff
William McCalmont
(Sarah Boles)
c.1813 PA
Carlos Claure McCalmont
David McCandless
(Elizabeth Felch)
1818, Pennsylvania
Don McKell
Silas Bankston McCann
(Sarah Moreland)
1801; 1864 IL
Ron Johnson
Timothy McCarthy
(Julia O'Leary)
1805 County Kerry Ireland; Monroe County IL
Candace McCarthy King
W. (or John) McCartney
1800-1825, Ireland; 1840 in New York
Kimberly Johnson
Rachel McCarty
(John Boyle)
1806 to 5-20-1849; New Milford, PA
Mark Boyle
John McCleary
(Jane Snodgrass)
1800 - 1850; Lower Chanceford, York, PA
Keith Read
William Bonapart McClellan
(Elizabeth Stewart)
1820/1850; Scriven Co, Ga.
Cecil McClellan
David McCombs
(Sarah Martindale)
1811, VA; d. 30 July 1864, Cass Co., IN
Shirley Boatwright
Alexander McConnell
1809; Steuben Co, NY
Kathy McConnell DeFoster
Cornelius McConnell
(Rebecca Conrad)
b. 3 Jul 1804 - d. 24 Jun 1861; Newry, Blair County, PA
Judy Banja
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Robert Houston McConnell
(Minerva Hawkins)
6 Mar 1815, Blount Co., TN; Died 20 Mar 1891 in Sebastian Co., AR
Roger Winford McConnell
William McConnell
1820; son born 1846 in Robertson Co., Ky.
William Hester
Zebulon McConnell
(B. Elizabeth Smith)
1804 Sussex, NJ; d. 1884 Tioga Co., PA
Katrina Hunter
William McConnell
(Sarah 'Sallie' Crawford)
b.1802 NC; d. 1902 NC
Ross Pierce
Peter McConville
(Bridget )
1810, Ireland; DOD 1885 Cross Creek,Brooke, WVa
Richard Hartzel
Andrew McCool
ca 1805 - 1876; SC>AL>AR
Charles McCool
William McCormack
(Rhoda Taylor)
1808 Bedford, VA; 1827 Greenville, TN
Donna McCormack Kamper
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Eli McCormick
1820-1830; Pennsylvania
Norm McCormick
William McCormick
(Rhoda Taylor)
1808 Bedford, VA; 1827 Greenville, TN
Donna McCormack Kamper
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Margaret McCowan
(Isaac Allred)
about 1802; SC>AL
Valerie Simonton
William Riley McCowan
(Hiley Ann Watkins)
about 1811 born in KY or SC; died in KY, Pulaski
Sandra McCowan
Fielding McCoy
(Lovey Capell)
1800, SC
Lydia Smith
Jefferson McCoy
(Elizabeth Wimpee)
about 1800 GA; d. 1860-1870 Elmore Co.,AL
Barbara Erp
William Forrest McCoy
(Zilpha Phillips)
Abt. 1822 in Pitt Co., North Carolina; both buried in Grifton, Pitt Co., NC
Sandy Goodchild
William G McCray
(Hannah Evans)
1822 Monongalia Va; on County West Virginia
Carol McCray Haddock
John McCrillis
(Elizabeth Crenshaw)
1825 Indiana
William J. McCrillis
Samuel Davis McCullough
1800 Virginia; 1824 South Carolina; living in Dark Corner township Anderson S C in the early 1800's until died in late 1800's. And.
Jerry McCullough
Margaret McCune
(Isaac Allred)
about 1802; SC>AL
Valerie Simonton
James McCutchan
(Martha McCutchan)
Birth 1811 Tn.; After 1880 Tx.
Darlene Allen
William McDaniel
(Mary Lewis)
1800; VA
Natalie Schnoor
William McDaniel
1810 TN; 1830 Newton CO, MS
Patsy A Hughes
Zachariah McDaniel
1800 about KY; 1830-1850 in Chariton MO, 1860 Decatur Co., IA
David Niswender
Michael McDermott
b. abt. 1810, Ireland; 1840 Lafayette Co., WI; 1850, Galena, IL; d. (unknown)
Seumas McDermott
Alexander McDonald
(Lutitia Ann Downard)
before 1820; Kentucky
Stacy Soloway
Archibald McDonald
1825-1830; 1850/TX
Tracy Cox
Joseph McDonald
(Lucinda Davidson)
1822 South Carolina; 1850 Caroll County ,Ms.
Alexander McDougal
2-12-1807; Mississippi
Lyn Hinkle
Samuel McFall
1808; Mo
Grace Griswold
Henry McGee
May 1817; IL
Lyn Hinkle
John McGhan
(Elizabeth McGhan)
1825; 1856 Virginia
Mike McGhan
Peterson McGill
1816-1884; Giles Co, TN & area
Jim Davis
John McGinnis
(Angelique Lavadour)
abt. 1816; 1860/Oregon
Aaron L McGlowhorn
(Priscilla Worthington)
012 Jan 1824 in Pitt Co., North Carolina; d: 1904 married bef 1848; all in Pitt Co., NC
Sandy Goodchild
Samuel McGonigal
(Elizabeth "Betsey" Bronson)
23 June 1801 Washington Co. PA; 1850-1879 Geauga County, Ohio
Vanette Hobbs Hamilton
Elizabeth McGuire
abt 1800-1870; Fayette Co, PA
Donald A. Gilliland
Thomas Cowan McIlhenny
(Margaret Dudley)
b; 1825 maybe Onslow Co., NC.; d: 17 Apr 1901 Wilmington, NC.
Ben Adams
Allen McIntyre
b. 1809 d.15 Feb 1885; Otsego Co. NY>WI>MN
Meredith McGrath
Marcus McKee
(Neoma Chard)
1800? New York
Sue Cucchiarella
Frank A McKenna
(Margaret Connolly McKenna)
1800's; Woonsocket, RI
Daniel McKercher
1814-1898; Livingston Co, NY
Marie Bartley Coppola
William McKiney
(Mary Dobbs)
abt 1822; SC/AL/ GA
Cate Chapman
William McKinney
(Mary Dobbs)
abt 1822; SC/AL/ GA
Cate Chapman
Joseph McKown
(Jamima Duggan McKown)
1800; 1838/Mo.
Lila L. Gish Shaw
Colin McLachlan
(Elizabeth Morton)
Died 14 Jan 1831 ; W. Fallowfield, PA
Drew Techner
William McLaughlin
(Louisa Dunlap)
abt 1825; Washington Coshocton Ohio/Waterford Clinton Iowa
Sharon McLaughlin
Dock McLelland
(Elizabeth Lambert)
1824; NC
Lynda Van Os
David McMahon
(Mary Lile)
1814 in SC
Betty J. Copeland
Joseph McMahon
(Mary Ann Southern)
1815; PA.
Jac McMahon
Elijah McMillan
(Elizabeth "Betsy" Davis)
b. 1800; d after 1860; Wythe Co. VA>Washington Co. VA>Scott Co. VA
Vanessa Repass
Henry McMillan
1800 SC
Mary E. McIntyre
Samuel McMunn
1800; PA
Lisa Woods
Ellen McNamara
(Ellen MacNamara Shaughnessy)
1810-1820 Ireland; 1860-1870 death Illinois USA
Sharon Shaughnessy Natcher
William W. McNatt
1817; Kentucky
Danny L. Ewing
Michael McNeal
(Jane Dickerson)
1823-1903; Hall Co. GA>AL
Barbara Allbritton-Grant
James McNeely
(Ann Murphy)
1800 South Carolina
Linda Dick
Drury McPherson
1810/13; Spartanburg District SC /Blount County, Al.
Mary McPherson
Drury McPherson
1810; South Carolina
Jerri McPherson-Jordan
John McPherson
birth 1821 Scotland; Buffalo, NY 1880 w/fam.
Barbara McPherson
Robert McPherson
(Abigial Johnson)
DOB Dec.27 1812; D. Old red Oak Cem. Brown, OH
Kathy Johnson
John McQuillan
(Margaret McAloon)
1821 Co. Framanagh, Ireland; 1850 Jo Daviess, Illinois
Maggie McQuillan
Patrick McQuown
(Anna Maria Knifong)
10 April 1803 Virginia; died 1 April 1879, Sullivan County, MO
Niels L. Martin
Mary McSween
b 1824; Richmond Co.,NC
Deborah Kilgore
Alexander McTaggart
1810-1820; MD
RC Workman
James McVeigh
(Tacy Hawke)
1821; Breman, Ohio
Linda Jablonski


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