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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Ruhama Mace
1823; Greene Co., TN
Donna Huffaker
Charles Machamer
(Esther Fisher)
1809 Germany; Berks Co, PA
Don McKell
James Mackintosh
(Cecelia Mather)
1815 ENG> Herkimer, NY; d. bef. 1870 Cass, MI
Janel Woodbury
Peterson Magill
1816-1884; Giles Co, TN & area
Jim Davis
Varnol Mahaffey
(Eliza Grant)
abt. 1825 IR>SC; Jefferson, GA
Eileen Mahaffey Steinberg
Gottlieb Mahler
(Louisa )
1825 Germany; 1920 Spokane, WA
Paul Manly
Mary Main
(Peter Liebler)
April 30, 1804 USA
Pat Ratcliff
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Christmas Mallet
(Eliza Ann Hobaugh)
1809 Canada died probably Indiana; Born Lower Providence, Cananda, to USa in 1824 also located from at least 1840-1870 in Michigan City, LaPorte Co., IN
Darla Stimbert
Henry Malone
(Arelia Woosley)
1800's; Emory, TX
Maggie Frazier
Peachy Brooks Malone
(Sarah Margaret Burson)
15 Sept 1818 Georgia; 1860-1899 Texas
Bob Hadley
William Malone
Chris Simpson
Henry Maloney
(Arelia Woosley)
1800's; Emory, TX
Maggie Frazier
John David Maltsbarger
(Mary Ann McDonald)
born 1803; VA>IN
R R Geier
Levi Mann
(Adaline Long)
Dec 11 1811 PA; died Sept 10 1868 KN
Rita Glenn
Richard Manry
(Nancy Green)
1818 South Carolina
Barbara Manry Loesch
Hiram Mansell
1804; Ohio
Anthony L. Mansell
Charles B. Mansfield
(Harriett David)
b abt 1806/d 1859; Ohio/ Illinois
Kathy Mansfield
Bradford Marble
(Elizabeth Slade)
1800; MA
S. L. Glen
Daniel Marcum
1801-1865; 1830 Bledsoe co.,Tn
Janet Sedano
Edward Marion
(Elizabeth Patterson)
ca 1813; Ireland>OH
Lewis Bremer IV
Daniel Markham
1801-1865; 1830 Bledsoe co.,Tn
Janet Sedano
Hiram Marsh
(Laura Love)
1807 Oneida, NY; 1830 Census, Chautauqua, NY
Cliff Cobb
Taggert Joseph Marshall
(Mary Abigail Royce)
abt 1815; PA
Wanda J Thompson
John Martin
(Tamson )
1800; Peacham, VT
Julie Straton
John Martin
(Nancy McLean)
born: Feb 3, 1805, TN? ; Died Feb. 23, 1878 Hardin Co., TN
John Martin
(Mary Ann Barnhart)
b. 15 Nov 1815, d. 15 Dec 1898; PA> Hocking Co,OH> Fayette Co. OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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Rafael Martinez
1825; CO
Gloria Salazar-Richhart
Fredoline Marty
1815-; Rush City, MN/Switz born
Evon M. Kyar
Dolly Mason
(Nathan Mason)
1800, Louisiana; 1905, died LA
Doris Reed
James R. Mason
1810; OH
Gayle L. Bandt
Norman Mason
(Maria Ellsworth)
About 1820; Middlesex County, VA
Patricia Ferguson
Thomas Blackstone Matheny
1823-1869?; AL>TN
Cheryl Matheny
Elijah Mather
(Melvina Case)
1802; Hartford, CT
Alice Moseley Power
Carolina Mathes
1800 - 1825; VA
Joyce Hornbeak
Cebrem Mathews
(Louisa Cupp)
abt 1825 MS; dtr Sarah born 1855 LA
Ross Pierce
Riley Mattox
(Mariah Hill)
1818 -- Georgia; Calhoun & Cherokee, AL
Casey Mattox
Wilhelm Maun
1823 PA
Marilyn Maun
William Lott Maund
1825-1902; GA>TX
Kris Zirzow
Felix Maurath
1815-1897; Baden, GER-Millstadt, IL
John Louis Maurath
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Synthia Maxwell
(Thomas Carl)
1811, TN
Charlotte Carl-Mitchell
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