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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Jacob Lilley
1800-1820; MS
Joseph Linch
(Amanda Hoskins)
1800, Edgecombe Co, NC; 1806-41, Smith Co, TN, 1850 Jefferson Co, IL
Gene Lynch
Frederick Linck
1800-1895; KY
Birda Pelton
Mary Lincks
(Frederick Lincks)
1802 Virginia; Kentucky
Carol Jones
Leonard Lincoln
(Nancy Dick)
M:1820 Ohio; B:1800
Donna LaFaye Lincoln
J Lingle
abt 1800; MS
Becky Kennedy
Samuel Lingle
(Elizabeth Main)
1800 - 1825; Virginia
Ann Terry
(Rev) Joseph Alexander Linn
1820-1864; Rowan Co, NC
Douglas Keith Melzer
John Linton
1825; SC>AL
Harriet Nihart
Samuel Lipscomb
(Sarah Spencer)
abt 1817, Canada; 1860, MI
Anthony Lisenby
1816 Chesterfield, S.C.
Rick Lisenby
Andrew Jackson Little
(Mary Ann Elizabeth White)
abt 1815 Tennessee; DOD aft 1856, Adams Co., IL
Charles Baker
Tobias Livingston
(Sarah Ann Hawk)
Abt. 1815, PA, VA or OH; Licking Co., OH
Brenda Perkins
Nancy Lockman
(Willis Faught)
8/15/1822 - 10/29/1888; Boone IN - Sonoma CA
Susan Faught
Major Lockwood
(Margaret Hoyle)
1806 Renselaer, New York; MI 1835 - 1849
Martin Hillman
Elizabeth Logan
(Thomas Crow)
1820; Union Co Ga
Thomas H. Logan
(Sarah Rusk)
1811 Scot or Ireland; Marr. in Penn. Mid 1800's
Linda Randall
Oliver Logue
1800's; Iowa
Cathy Maynard
Helen Lomax
(John Lomax)
January 1,1820; Baltimore
Lila Lomax
David Long
about 1825 in Indiana; moved to Ohio prior 1852
Art Long
Michael Long
(Mary Halloran)
1820; Ire>NY
Marc Simmons
Theophilus Long
(Francis Gray)
1805; Georgia
Margie Long McCary
John Longshore
1803-1877; OH>IL?>IA
Judy Campbell
John Lorance
(Sarah Bradley)
1800 TN
Patricia Cook
Thomas Simeon Lord
(Mary Agnes Lord)
December 28,1822; born in South Carolina died in Georgia October 8,1864 Jackson Co,Ga
Sandy Peaden
John Lorow
b 1807; PA>NY
Jerry Lorow
Eden Lotspeich
(Malinda Caldwell)
1810-1884; Iowa
Irene Weiss
Eden Lotspeich
1810-1884; OH>IA
Lorraine I. Quillon
James Love
(Lucy Ward)
September 30 1820; Callaway County, Fulton Missouri
Treva Oden
John E. Love
(Mahala Rohrbaugh)
May 1806 Virginia
James Mouse
Thaddeus Love
(Almyra Brown)
1813; NC
Anne Byrne Wright
John E. Lowe
b. c 1808; DE
Judy Banja
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James C Loyd
(Elizabeth Perkins)
James born in 1818 in Ar.; Married in 1837 in Ar.
Glinda Stewart
King Lucious
1812; South Carolina
Shaya Gardner-Hayum
William Lucky
1803 GA; LA 1870
Lanena Moore
William Lufsey
(Sarah Gill)
C1824 - 1879; Chesterfiled Co., VA
Tina Ellis
Jabez Lumbert
(Elizabeth Olmstead)
1812; NY, USA
Deb Jordan
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James Lumpkins
(Susan Chavis)
1823 / Georgia; 1840 / Tennessee
Thomas Holmes
Lewis W. Lundy
1812; Hancock Co. GA
Claudia Morawski
Walter Lundy
1825; VA
Walter Lundy
George Lutz
(Justena Weaver)
1811>MD; MD>OH
Lucretia Lyles
(Charles Bowyer)
b. 1814 SC; d.1868 OH
Kathleen Johnston
John Lynch
(Dorothy Sweat)
1814; Georgia
Julie Lynch
Joseph Lynch
(Amanda Hoskins)
1800, Edgecombe Co, NC; 1806-41, Smith Co, TN, 1850 Jefferson Co, IL
Gene Lynch
Malvina Martha Lynn
(John W. Wade)
1815 GA; 1870 FL
Stephen L. Wade
Daniel Lyon
(Minerva Harrison)
1812 VA; Shelby CO., KY
W A Lyon
abt 1800; MS
Becky Kennedy
Daniel Lyons
(Minerva Harrison)
1812 VA; Shelby CO., KY
Fargus Lyons
(Mary Callahan)
1800 - 1882; Milford, Mass.
Michelle Lyons
Henry Lyons
(Polly Wishon)
1807?-KY; 1831 IL, Shelby, IA
John Lytle
10 Aug. 1825; Ohio, Ill, IN
Doris Warner Parish


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