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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Charles La Tranch
(Julia Buisson)
1821 Red River of the North; 1880 Census Taylor IA
Bonnie Fitzgerald
Michael Lackey
(Mary Ann Glennon)
1815-1901; IRL>ENG>NYC> Tannersville, Greene Co., NY
Peggy Dolan
Anaclet LaCroix
1821-aft 1900; IN>St Louis MO
Dave Linnig
Dustan Ladd
(Catherine Avery)
1816 Canada>NY
Lynn Cacciotti
John F. F. Ladwig
(D. Sophia Pagelsdorf)
1806; 1854/Wisconsin
BJ Ladwig Wright

David Nelson Lake
(Ruth Lester)
November 01, 1803, Scipio, Cayuga, New York; 1840-1860 Reed, Seneca, Ohio. 1863-1892 Hastings, Barry, Michigan / d:1892
Karen Murphy
Nathaniel M. Lake
(Eve(1st) & Elizabeth Fisher)
b.1820, m.1841 ,m.1858; NY, Fairfield Co., OH
Fran Neuvirth
Joseph Lamb Sr b 1805; ENG>MO>IL
Julie Tupker
Roseanna Lamb
(James Butler)
1822; Canada >Upstate NY
Donna Vaughn
Hezekiah L. Lambert
(Jane Brown)
ca. 1813, TN; KY>Johnson Co., IL
Nan Lambert Starjak
John M Lambert
(Penelope Rennie Simmons)
15 Oct 1818 Georgia; MARRIAGE: 10 June 1855 Tallaposa, Bryan, Alabama DEATH: 21 Jan 1902 Tallapoosa, Bryan, Alabama
Linda Lambert
Lytle Lambeth
1806 > 1883; Rowan Co NC > Maries Co MO
Shirley Scott
Alfred Lancaster
(Elizabeth Aycock)
abt 1815; NC
Thomas R. Lance
(Rachel Crawford)
1818; Tennessee
Danny L. Ewing
Woodson Landers
1818; GA
Janie Stone
George Landis
1800; MO
Lisa Landers
Caspar Anton Landolt
(Anna Elizabeth Feldman)
1822; Elizabethtown, KY
Sue Landolt
Maria T. Landon
(Claude James Warren)
1825 Kings Co. New York
Judy McCartney
James Landrum
(Avy Blackstone)
January 10, 1823; Jasper County, GA
Nora Warnock
Tidance Lane
(Nancy Aldridge)
1806-1865; NC, TN, IL
Jo Ann Lane Stickley
John Laney
(Elizabeth Uncapher)
1818 or 1819; Indiana Co., Pa
Cheryl Midnight
Beaser/Beasley Langley
(Martha )
1825 NC (?); 1850 Pitt co, NC
Joe Langley
Susannah Larabee
(Harvey Blakeley)
abt 1807; Niagra Falls, Niagara, NY
Glenda Nothnagle
Thomas Larkin
(Ellen McGough)
1803-1877; Pawtucket, RI
Al Rose
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Antoine Larose
(Diantha Marie Burtch)
1811 France; died 1895 Jefferson County, N.Y.
Sheila Burtch
Abraham Laster
(Nancy Puckett)
b. 1804; b. NC
Barbara Craddock Pike
David L. Latham
(Emeline Hillen)
1822; Virginia, Missouri, California
Joannes Lauer
(Anna Maria Bender)
b:1802/d:1849; Baden/ Pittsburgh PA
Jean Kirsch Sullivan
Joseph Laundry
(Olive Richard )
abt 1817 Canada; Northbridge Ma 1880
Diane Landry
Francois Lavigne
(Francoise Marie Populus)
abt 1800; New Orleans
Pamela Jack
Celia Law
(Penuel Baucom)
B. abt 1800/ md 1821; Butler, KY
James Law
(Mary )
1809; 1834 Illinois;buried in Monmouth, IL
Sara Black
John Law
(Sarah Eastin)
1817 OH; IN
William Lawrence
1814 NY
Larry Ledebur
John Lawton
(Rebecca Beaumont)
1823; England>MD>PA
Lewis Bremer, IV
Jacob Layman
1808 - 1814; 1792 PA 1805 MD
Charlene Cathell
Preston Layton
(Sarah Orr)
1800s; Kentucky Indiana
Paula Jewell Edens
Preston Layton
(Sarah Orr)
1815; Indiana
Michelle George
Thomas Layton
(Sarah Conklin)
Jan 14, 1803; Married Feb 22, 1824; d. Mar 13, 1860/Millstone, NJ
LeRoy Layton


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