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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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William Karn
(Jane Cobbett)
1810 to 1852; Allegheny Pittsburgh
Joseph Willis Kauffman
1820-1900; VA
Lorraine I. Quillon
Samuel Keene
1800; VA or PA
Francine Conn Halter
Sylverter Keeney
(Phebe H)
c1809; Stonington, New London, New London County, Connecticut
Barbara Pumyea
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Harris Keersey
(Lucy Pate)
1806 Louisa Co, VA; Louisa Co, VA
BILL Kersey
Lawson Keever
(Malinda E. Johnston)
b. 1814; Lincoln Co. NC
Malinda Jones
George Keezel
Ana Ward
Henry Keiper
1800-1899; Pennsylvania
William Keir
(Maria Hurd)
8 Aug 1802 Scotland; 1877 IL (Death)
D. Gentry
James Keith
abt 1800; VA>Hall Co., GA
Barbara Allbritton- Grant
Wakeman Kellar
(Cynthia Fitzgerald)
1819 IL; 1870 - 1899 MO
Betty Cathcart
James Kelley
(Julia Duke)
1825 Kentucky; Missouri
Monica Hinson
John or Patrick Kelly
(Mary Ann Dolan)
c. 1825; IRELAND/western PA
Marybeth Corrigall
Reuban Kelsey
1813; Saybrook, CT
Richard Curtis
Harriet Kemp
(John Dixon)
Jan 11, 1817 Essex, Vermont; d. May 3, 1893 IL or MO, m. 10/01/1835 in Licking Co., OH
Sue O'Shaughnessy
Nancy Ann Kenady
(Daniel Bain)
3-5-1803 North Carolina; m. 7-21-1825 Edwards Co. IL
Peggy Jentgens
Horace Kendall
(Nancy Wood)
1801, Kent Co., MD
Harold Coleman
Lozerns Kennedy
(Rhoda )
1808 Pennsylvania; Hubbard, Ohio
George Kennedy
Nancy Ann Kennedy
(Daniel Bain)
3-5-1803 North Carolina; m. 7-21-1825 Edwards Co. IL
Peggy Jentgens
William Charles Clayton Kennedy
abt 1800; AL
Becky Kennedy
Robert Ker
(Eliza Moore)
b. July 15, 1808; EC
Carolyn Black Hill
Morgan Kerby
(Hannah Shaw)
1810 NC; 1830 GA
John Kerr
1811 1840; Sligo Ireland > Pleasant Township, Indiana
M Waldron
Margaret Kerr
(Peter Funk)
1813/PA; PA>IA>IN
Wright Kersey
abt 1806 GA;
Vickie Kersey DuBois
Samuel Keyser
(Rebecca Arbuckle)
b. abt. 1809-1815, KY; d. Oct. 24, 1866, Washington Co, IA; lived in KY > IN > IA
Eileen Cox
Francis Kidd
(Safina Pinkney?)
1807 Va.; Marriage 1832, Ky
Letha Davis
Leonard Kidwell
(Lydia Wood)
1811; Madison co. KY
Carol Kidwell Gay
Robert Kile
1800-1810; VA/ now WV
Mary Killingsworth
(Sherrod Jones)
1821 GA; M-03 Dec 1844, Warren County, GA
Harmon Kimball
abt1815 NY; d. betw. 1850-1873
Barbara Snyder
William Kimble
(Callieanne Murray)
circa 1800; NJ/NY
Carol Sturdevant
Elias Kimes
(Sarah Willbarger)
b. about 1814; OH
Bill Bojanowski
Robert Kimmons
(Hepsey Caroline Chrisman)
1825 North Carolina; 1905 Greene County Missouri
Edward Francis Kincade
1811 Virginia; DOD 1 June 1871, Marshall Co., Indiana
Ken Kincade
Catherine King
(John Durbin)
1809 Belmont, Ohio
Christopher Swingle
George King
(Amanda Lindsey)
1800 Kentucky
George Buchanan King
(Almedia Curtis)
B: May 1824, KY; Married in Indiana
Jacob King
(Anna Ray)
1824; possibly born in NJ
Phil King
James King
(Sophronia Barber)
abt 1801; New York
Robert King
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Rebecca Elizabeth Kirby
(King Hiram Caplinger)
abt 1810; Kentucky
Jean W. Stringham
George Mitchel Kirk
(Jane Ann Moore)
Abt. 1812, Tennessee; United States
Steve Courtright
James Kirk
(Barbary Ann Hall)
1805-1870; IN
Leah Rodis
Raymond Kirk
1800's; Little Rock, Ark.
William G. Kirk
(Rhody Catherine Holtzclaw)
Born: 12 January 1817 TN; Married: 4 Dec. 1844 Tallapoosa Co. AL
Sheryl Rowell Townsend
Daniel Kirkbride
1800-1860; OH
Carolyn Kirkbride Bales
George Kirkpatrick
(Belinda Dean)
1816; Greenbrier, WV
Fred Kirkpatrick
William C or M Kirkwood
b 1812 d 1892; Pendleton Co,KY
Lee Kirkwood
Jesse Kisamore
abt.1824; Pendleton Co., WV
Gerald Miller
Samuel Kiser
(Rebecca Arbuckle)
b. abt. 1809-1815, KY; d. Oct. 24, 1866, Washington Co, IA; lived in KY > IN > IA
Eileen Cox
Benjamin W. Kiser
1822-1872; Germany/TX
Holli Boone Kees
Linnea Klein
1800 VA; Died 1850
Linnea Klein
Anton Kloetzer
(Maria Anna)
1800-aft 1860; Germany>Monroe Co, IL
Judy Schor
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Antony Klotzer
b 1800; emigrated to USA abt 1833; Illinois
Judy St. Eve Schor
Samuel Knight
1825-1835; Orwell, VT
Donna Vaughn
George Joseph Knoth
(Catharine Kerschner)
1814 Germany; Kentucky or Platte County, Missouri
Kim Knoth
Louisa Barada Knott
b abt 1815-18; MO:?>St Charles
Dave Linnig
Erastus Knowles
1800; CT.
Robin spencer
Hiram Knowlton
(Anna Swindell)
1807 NY; GA
D H Deci
Semour Knox
(Milly Moss)
1818; MS
Jonnie Crayton
Hubert Kohlgraf
(Anna Maria Brüggen)
b. 1814; DEU>WI>SD
Jane K. Wendell
Katharina Kremer
(John Wohlford)
b. 17 Sep 1815; Hans, Centre Co, PA
Pam Venn
Michael Krieg
(Maria Mossler)

E & S Jenkins
Adam Krug
(Carolina Henrici Hoeffer
Barbara Zettlmaier)
1800-1890; PA.- Indiana- Ohio
Mathias Krumholz
(Johanna Schlegel)
1808-1900; Pennsylvania, Wisconson, Minnesota
Henry Kuhn
(Elizabeth Mueller)
10 Oct 1812 in Massweiler, Germany; GER > NY > Seneca Co., OH; died 1888
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
George Adam Kunkel
(Anna Maria Daus)
18 Januarty 1812; Granville, Illinois
Betty Miller
Heinrich Kupper
1825-1850; St Marks, Indiana
Bill Ellis
William Kurn
(Jane Cobbett)
1810 to 1852; Allegheny Pittsburgh
Samuel Kysar
(Rebecca Arbuckle)
b. abt. 1809-1815, KY; d. Oct. 24, 1866, Washington Co, IA; lived in KY > IN > IA
Eileen Cox
Peter Kyser
(Phebe Hildreth)
1800 Herkimer Co, NY; >PA>IL>KS
Christine Pullman
Samuel Kyser
(Rebecca Arbuckle)
b. abt. 1809-1815, KY; d. Oct. 24, 1866, Washington Co, IA; lived in KY > IN > IA
Eileen Cox


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