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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Fred Jackman
(Amanda Parsons)
1800s; Missouri
Shari Kurtz
Abner M. Jackson
(Emily Eliza Pitts)
1812; died 1861-2, Alabama
S. J. Mayfield
Ephraim Jackson
(Eliza Truxell)
1823-24 VA; 1850 Census Wheeling WV
Thomas Jackson
Henry Jackson
(Dorcas Wood)
14 Oct 1809 , SC; 11 Dec 1895 , NC
John F. Jackson
(Martha Elizabeth Nowell)
about 1825 ? Walton Co. ?; died about 1864
June Anderson
Robert Jackson
(Pamelia Hooks)
1825 Georgia;
Debra Singletary
William Jackson
1823; Madison, VA
William Jackson
William Jackson
1805; Halifax County, North Carolina
Jane Smythe Parks
Josephine Jacob
1825-1907; Lorraine, FRA-Millstadt, IL
John Louis Maurath
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Noah Jacobs
(Keziah Long)
Sept 13,1803; Brunswick Co. North Carolina
Linda Shaw
Mary Jacoby
(Samuel Beeghley)
1810; PA
Beverly A. Wellington
Jeremiah P James
(Ann Cole)
abt. 1800 GA?; Henry/Newton Co GA died abt 1840 Newton Co GA
Linda Dickey
Margaret James
(John Walter Hood)
1813 KY; 1833 IA, 1840 MO
Pam Larson
Martha James
(Palmer Templeton)
1820-1870; Randolph Co, AR
Jane Templeton Cato
Raver James
1816/1817; Lancaster, PA
Don Raver
Riley (Possible Wm Riley) James
(Sarah Finney)
1819 Tennessee; Died aft 1870, but have no info where or what happened to Riley
Toni Linn
Riley (William Riley??) James
(Sarah Finney)
Born 1819 TN; Possibly Lynchburg, Franklin Co., TN
Toni Linn
Thomas James
(Sarah"Sallie" Nix)
1824 Morgan Co AL; 1850-60 Cherokee Co GA;1870 Maury Co TN
Donna Gordon
William Janes
(Ann Ham(p)son)
1824/5; Cheshire>N.J.
Kathleen Ruse
Madison Jarrell
(Susan Toney)
1808-1875; VA>WV
Leah Froemsdorf
Daniel Javins
(Caroline Hill)
1809-1894; VA>WV
Leah Froemsdorf
Jethro Jefferis
(Eliza Conner)
1812; Pa<IL
Myrna Bowman
John Jenkins
(Mary/ Maria Dwyer)
Irelandca.1820; 1850 / Chatagay,
Lea Mitchell
John M. Johnson
(1st. Sarah Hawkins)
( 2nd. Martha Manning)
November 29, 1803; Pike, Upson, Talbot County, GA. To Chambers County, AL. before 1853. 2d marriage in 1860.
Carol Kiker
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Joseph Johnson
(Adeline True)
1800 VA
Joshua Johnson
(Julia Snyder)
Jan 26, 1814; Pennsylvania, USA
Carolyn B. Johnson
Lemuel Johnson
(Sarah Robinson)
12 Oct 1812 Virginia; Mar 1840 Licking co ,Ohio
Geoff Johnson
Martin Johnson
(Caroline Densmore)
b. 1809 Saratoga, New York; d. 1891, Michigan
Monte L Johnson
Martin Johnson
(Caroline Densmore)
1809; Saratoga New York (a Quaker)
Carol McElfresh
Mary Johnson
(Henry Scramlin)
1819; New York
Milton Johnson
(Mary "Polly" Parrish)
1807, Dearborn, IN; ca 1832, IN
Bette Butcher Topp
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Samuel H. Johnson
(Mary J Maupin)
1812; Tn.
Richard Johnson
Wesley C. Johnson
(Martha A. Jones)
Feb 1821 OH; Hocking, OH1860>MO 1870 sons: Wesley P, Perley F, Ephraim, Sidney, Martin
Karen De Groote
Abel Johnston
(Ruth S.
KY Aug. 9,1803; AL; Lafayette Co MS
Debbie Pruett McFadden
Abel Johnston
(Jane Leech)
b Nov 4 1803; Kentucky
Jerry Johnston
Malinda E. Johnston
(Lawson Keever)
b. 1822; NC
Malinda Jones
William Robert Johnston
1805, PA
John Johnston
Isaac Joiner
(Jane Willingham)
1814, St. James Goose Creek, South Carolina;
Beverly Joyner Farmer
Francis McKinley Jones
Abt. 1824; SC/GA
Nancy Meaux
John J. Jones
(Lodusky Porter)
1815 TN or AL; died 1890 Cherokee Co., TX
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Katherine Jones
(Hawthorne Kirkpatrick)
b. 1805; Abbeville District, SC
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Peter Jones
(Anna Cinnamond)
ca 1810, Virginia; m. 1824, Shelby Co., KY
Pat Settle
Richard Jones
1810 - MD; d: 1861 - OH
Evan R Jones
Sherrod Jones
(Mary Killingsworth)
28 Mar 1814 Warren County, GA; M-03 Dec 1844, Warren County, GA
Silas Jones
(Mariah Scott)
1818 Deleware; Ohio, Indiana
Dixie henderson
Stephen Jones
(2nd wife Louisa Dodge)
c. 1805; Kentucky
William A (Bill) Wood
Thomas Jones
(Celia Velvin)
11/8/1806 in Jackson Co., GA;
Cassie Jones
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Thomas Jones
(Delilah Pulliam)
8 Jan 1803; SE Missouri
Marilyn Mason
Wiley Jones
1811; Kentucky
Ann Schirtzinger
Wiley Jones
1817; GA
Cathy Stewart
William Jones
(Eliza Toone )
1813 Kentucky; 1850 Jackson Co, Alabama
Robert jones
William Jones
(Mary Bryant)
!0 April 1810, Knox Co.,KY
Mary Cervantes
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Marcellus Jordan
(Sarah Seeley)
1814 New York; 1840 Michigan
Phyllis Brothers
William Jordan
(E. F.)
b. 1803 SC; 1850 census Baker Co, GA
S Daniels
James Joscelyne
(Rebecca McIntyre)
1820 Reigate, Surrey, England; 1844 Jefferson County, WI.
Susan Williams
William Joseph
(Miranda Fear)
3/4/1802 Lee Co, VA
Colin Derdeyn
Roswell Jourdan
New York; 1820 Farmington, N.Y.
Phyllis Brothers
Thomas M Joyner
(Emma Sharp)
b 1812; Haywood, TN
Reuben J. Judd
(Rebecca Butler)
b. 5/6/1823, CT; d. 2/24/1899, WI; CT, WI
Pat Tift
Lavinia Ellen Jump
(James William Melvin)
About 1805 in Delaware, USA
Sherri Park
David Junkin
1820; Pennsylvania
Dempsey Justice
1800; Washington co GA


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