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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Rhodes Hoag
(Lucinda Guiles)
abt 1809; New York
Wilhelm Hoback
(Margareth Gitschies)
1800; Wythe Co., VA
David Hobock
Dempsy Hodge
(Mary "Polly" Ray)
Born 1815; Born Haywood Co., N.C. died Blount Co. TN.
Lynn Hawkins
Phebe Hodge
(Selden Holmes Brown)
1815 Belfast, TN; d. Feb 2 1872 Canton, CT
Theresa Lachance
Thomas Hodge
(Nancy Proctor)
after 1812?Tenn?; married 9-29-1858 in White Co, Ga
Sandra Hodge Davis
Barnabas Hodges
(Betsey Ann Lee)
1801 New York; Ohio
James H. Hodges
(Marg(ar)et Gailbreath)
1807 KY>IN>IA
Cindy Garcia
Nathaniel Hodges
(Clarissa Phelps)
abt.1820; Vermont
Beth Nelles Einig
Malachi Hoffer
1813-1860+; Armstrong Co, PA
Linda Mockenhaupt
B.S. Hoffman
(Mary R. ?)
1808 - 1860; VA & KY
Debbie Yuhos
Cornelius Hoffman
1825 Berks Co. PA
Patricia Hoffman
Annie Hofgarden
(Alois Louis Baer)
1810-1811 Tryol; 1880 Michigan
Paulette Boots
Annie Hofgartener
(Alois Louis Baer)
1810-1811 Tryol; 1880 Michigan
Paulette Boots
James Hogg
(Elizabeth Longshore)
1800; Newberry SC
Ernest M Hogg
John W Hogg
(Elizabeth Clarkston )
1800 Grainger, Tn; Died Mo.
Joy Smith
Kizzah Holbrook
(Carol Burt)
about 1800; 1840 Roaring River District School List, Wilkes County, NC
Carol Burt
Rachel Holcombe
(James Wingfield)
1812 St Clair , IL; 1870 TX
Ross Pierce
John Holden
(Jane Holden)
1825; Edgefield,SC
John Pearson Holden
(Rachel Elizabeth Wingfield)
b. 23 Mar 1812 ,St. Tammany Parish,LA; d, 19 JUN 1867 ,Colorado,TX
Ross Pierce
Rachel Holden
about 1822 Maryland; Holden is married name
Norma Masterson-Reed
Thomas Holeman
(Levisa Knapp)
ca 1800 NC
Mynda Holman McGuire
Elijah Holliday
(Sarah Abbott)
1819; Ishua, NY
James Halliday
Jane Hollifield
(James Moore)
abt 1803/04; Georgia
Kenneth Howell
John William Albert Holloway
abt 1800; GA
Becky Kennedy
Daniel P Holman
(Mary Anderson)
b 11 Jan 1821; TN
Linda Holman Swansson
John William Holman
(Elisabeth Settle)
1809 VA
Susan Rector
Churchwell Holmes
1808 b. NC.- Cliborne TN. 1830- McMinn co, TN 1850
Eddie Dupree
Florilla Holmes
(Truman Whitney)
02 17 1819; Vermont
Shirley Annis
William Holmes
(Mary )
1819 New York or Scotland ; 1873 Burnett County WI 1860 Sunrise 1849 Falls of St. Croix
M Holmes
David Holt
(Mary Walker)
1824 TN
Wayne Woodman
Fowler Holt
(Martha Compton)
1805 GA; 1855/Perry,GA
Cherie Holt Hullender
Jordan Holt
b. abt 1816; TN > La
russ ruhl
Lavina Hommel
b. 1810, m. 1827; Saugerties, NY
Peggy Dolan
Abner F. Honea
1816; SC
Sherry Quinn
Jacob I. Hood
((1) Telifa, (2) Nelly Milway)
1813; NC after 1830
Sharon Sustar
John Walter Hood
(Margaret James)
1804 PA; 1833 IA, 1840 MO
Pam Larson
Peter Hoogerzeil
(Eunice Stone)
md. 30 December 1828; Beverly, Essex Co., MA
Heather Wilkinson Rojo
Able Hooker
(Martha Ritter)
1811; Wisconsin
Jackie Root
John Hoop
(Rachel Goings)
Before 1825 Highland County, Ohio
Fred Hartkopf
Charlotte Ann Hooper
(Benjamin Franklin Wilson)
April 9, 1824; Wilson co. TN>Gibson Co. TN>Granbury, TX
Vicki Shaffer
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James Daniel Hooper
(Anna Balding)
abt 1811; Marion Co IN > Vernon Co MO
Terri Walker
==> WebPage
John Hopkins
d. 1826; Louisa Co., VA
Sharon Sustar
Mariah Hopkins
1800-1871; Carmel, NY
Jeanine Bussey
Scott Hopkins
1800's; MO
Cathy Maynard
Samuel Hornberger
1814, Lancaster PA
David Horner
Abt 1818 PA; d.1872 Washington County PA
Penny Sluis
James Horr
(Clara Coats)
13 Jun 1812; OH
Rowena Horr
Isaac Hosford
Nov. 11, 1811 Screven County, GA; Liberty County, FL
Deborah Poppe
William Hough
abt 1815 in NC; 1850 lived in MO
Ferdinand Houseman
(Catherine Mueller)
1807; Ohio
Justine Miller
Eliza Howard
(Thomas Weston)
1800-1865; MA
Joseph Howard
(Mary Ann)
c1823 - 9 Oct 1880; Wayne Co, OH>Allen Co, OH
Cheryl Gallagher
Phillip James Howard
(Nancy Brown)
abt 1814 MO; Mar: May 1835/Green Co., MO
Evelyn Howard
Joel Howe
1801-9Mar1857; OH?
Lyman Howe
1801, Vermont; 1840, Sandy Hill, NY
George Howe
Phebe Anne Howe
(Andrew Burns Parsons)
6-29-1821 in NY; married 9-5-1844 likely in (W)V > lived in Tucker County, WV > died 7-28-1881 in Chualar, CA
Dick Ross
William R Howe
(Jane Ogleby)
1823 MD
Josephine Howe
William Hoxie
b.1812 Vermont; 1850 ILL.
Mary Jo


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