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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Johan Adam Haag
(Margaretha Barbara Gunz)
09/29/1819 Wildenthierbach, Oberamt, Wurtenberg, Germany; 1845- Jefferson Co., WI
Barbara Ladwig Wright

William R. Hadaway
(Elizabeth Harper)
b) 1814-1818 in Abbeville South Carolina; d)1894 Shelby County Alabama
Nancy Moore
Stedman Hager
(Sylvia Davis)
1810 VT; WI,NE
James Hague
(Elizabeth Barker)
7 Dec 1805 England; in RI 1848-1860; in Iowa after 1860
Donna Hague Wendt
Elizabeth Hahn
(Eli Erb)
25 Nov 1822; Silver Run, Md.
Lynn Erb
Jonathan Haigh
(Hanna Dalton)
1810 England; Sep 6 1870 Omro, Winnebago, Wisconsin
Steven C. Wehling
Mary Hail
(William Elliott)
b. 1800; TN
Barbara Craddock Pike
Henry Haile
1803 Vermont; died 1869 California
Michael Haile
John Hait
(Jane Griffin)
3/14/1803 KY
Colin Derdeyn
Thaddeus F. Hait
(Eliza Cosman)
1800-01 - 1879;marr: 1827-30, Newburgh NY, d. Jackson County, MI
Pat Brown
Henry Haldeman
1800, Northampton PA; PA
Joyce Wallace
Vincent Hale
(Elizabeth Jane Miller)
2 May 1825 VA; Died 22 Apr 1912
Barbara Webb
Francis Halford
(Emmeline Clements)
1821 NC
connette blalock
Asa Hall
12-1814; Asheville, NC
Margaret Whiteside
Austin Hall
(Elizabeth )
abt 1810, TN; died bef 1870, TN
Isham Hall
1816; VA
Melissa O'Connell
Jabez Hall
(Hannah Lyon)
DOB about 1820; Stratfield/Fairfield CN
Edgar C. Hall Jr.
Mary Hall
(Joseph Patterson)
abt. 1817; Iowa, Indiana
Arliss Hatcher
Samuel Hall
(Margaret Griffin)
1802; Md
Jon Hall
William Hall
(Nancy Cannon)
1802 South Carolina
William Hall
(Nancy Ledgerwood)
1800; Montgomery Co., VA
Cindy Driscoll
William L. Hall
1816-1845; Mt. Sterling, KY
Harry E. Hall
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Hansford D. Hallman
(Sarah J. Warrick)
circa 1819, NC or SC; 1860 Alabama
Barbara Hallman Screws
Mary Halloran
(Michael Long)
1823; Ire>NY
Marc Simmons
John Halstat
b 1822; GER>LaSalle Co. IL
Dave Linnig
Samuel Hambelton
(Elizabeth Morang)
14 Feb 1800; Edmonds Maine 1818
George Hamilton
Samuel Hamby
(Cynthia Langley)
b. abt. 1807, Ga.; d. of Typhoid Fever, in 1858 Gwinnett Co., Ga.
Shannon Hamby Crabtree
Abner Hamilton
(Cynthia Carolyn House Wynn)
Born about 1815 in Virginia; Died before 1860 in Gadsden County, Florida
Mike Bauldree
Delila Hamilton
b abt 1824; OH
D. Henson
John Hamilton
(Anne Eve Reed)
14 Jan 1819; Pa
Rowena Horr
William Cushing Hammatt
(Mary Anne Parsons)
1807 Plymouth>MA; m 1831
Steve Doyle
Ezra Hammer
1809; Grainger Co, SC
Virginia Jimenez
Elvira Hammitt
(Duane Gaylord)
25 DEC 1825 Ohio; 1820, OH
Audrie Bethke
James Hammons
abt.1800-aft.1866; Warren Co TN; Cooper Co MO; Denton Co TX
Tad D. Campbell
William Hand
(Margaret A Duggan)
Abt. 1813 Ireland maybe in (Cork) ; Immigration bef. 1852 into Apolacon, Susquehanna Co., PA; married: abt 1850; farmer in Little Meadows
Sandy Goodchild
John Handley
1810; VT>ME>MA>IL
Katharine Owens
S. Berry Haney
(Jane Reynolds)
14 March 1824; Georgia
Robert Haney`
Daniel S. Hann
(Harriet Phillips)
b. 1825 NY, d. 1896 Bingham Twp, Potter, PA; wife b. Aug 1828 NY, d. 1905 Bingham Twp, Potter, PA
Pamela Hann
Albert C. Hanson
1820-1830 Georgia
Debbie Hanson


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