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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Ansalam Graham
(Mary Trundle)
19 Oct 1812 Georgia
Carolyn Lopez
Daniel Boone Graham
abt 1822-1893; NC>TX
Stephen Westfall
James M. Graham
1810-1879; LA
Darlene Rodgers
Jane Graham
(John Patterson)
28 Mar 1810 England; Marr. 02 Mar 1826 Harrison, OH
Royal Grandy
(Julia A. Smith)
abt. 1812 to 1885; NY>Potter Co., PA
Fern Emma Pruiksma
Peter B. Grant
(Rhoda Burkett)
abt 1803; prob. Laurens Co, GA
Sharon Daniels
Thomas Grant
(Maria Grant)
1816-1818; 1842 Ohio,1845 Illinois
Gwen Trimble
Elizabeth Gray
1812-1896; OH>IA>KS
Lorraine I. Quillon
James H. Gray
abt. 1814 VA
Debra Hall
Jonathan D. Gray
(Fanny Keeler)
b. 31 Jan 1803; of Wilton, Fairfield Co. CT
Jeff Gray
Mahala Gray
(Isaac Evans)
b. 1803; d. 1859; MD>Liberty, Logan Co., OH
Jane M. Whitty
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Mary Green
(Charles Biliter)
1817; 1881 Pike Co KY
Teresa Taylor
Morrill Green
1800; Dead River, ME
Kathy Holbrook
Samuel Green
(Sarah Ann Lewis)
1813 SC
Cathy Green
Seneca Green
(Nancy )
Abt 1823 PA; 1850 Indiana
Danial 'Dan' Greene
(Margaret O'Connel)
1825 Ireland; Immigration from Liverpool Apr 16 1847 to Tracy Creek, Broome Co., NY; farmer
Sandy Goodchild
Elizabeth Greene
(Jacob Fultz)
1803 Cahokia IL; 1846 Fults, IL
Karen Holtkamp
Lemuel Greene
(Eliza Coleman)
1800 Georgia; 1825 Harris Co., Georgia
Jacqueline Green Pack
Saxon Greene
1808 - 1880; Cherokee County, AL
Bill Greene
Abraham Greenwood
abt 1800; Paterson,Nj
Jerry Greenwood
Jesse Greer
1800; South/ Northeast
Miriam Chapman
William Gregory
1809 NC
Emilie Reine
Patrick Griffin
1825-1850 Tioga Co,PA
William Griffin
(Tabitha/Telitha Wiggins)
b: abt 1800-1820; b:Cherokee NC, Lived Randolph Co AL
John Griffin (alternate)
John F Griffith
(Eadith Elvira Morrill)
abt 1810 Tennessee; d bef 1900 Texas
Janelle Griffith Thompson
William Griffith
(Harriet Creel)
1823; Va
Emilie Reine
Solomon Grigsby
1801; SC
Virginia Jimenez
Thomas Grigsby
(Francis Owens)
1815; KY
C. K. Grigsby
Sarah Grim
(Pontius Howard)
1825; Ohio
Jeanne Howard
Henry Grimes
(Mary "Polly" Fleming)
b. 1813; Campbell Co., TN
Jan Hoy
Michael Grimes
(Catherine Sutton)
1800 Tipperary; PA then MN
Bill Grimes
William Houston Grimes
(Margaret Shaffer)
Born 9/13/1815 Death 5/25/1883; Alexandria, VA
William S. Grimes
1810-1852; GA
Randy Bush
Offius Grimsley
bef 1820 in eastern North Carolina;
Sandy Goodchild
John Grissom
1800; TN NC
Deborah Grissom
Cecelia Grosgene
1800-1820; Allen Co, Ind.
Paula Craig
Benjamin Grossman
(Margaret Miller)
1820 in PA; Allegany Co, NY
Robert Grossman
William A. Grovenburgh
1816-1870; NY->MI
Betsy Grovenburg
Charles Grunden
1821 - 1888; Dauphin Co.,PA
Murv Grunden
Martin Guest
Abt. 1800; Hot Springs County, Arkansas 1838
Charly Collins
Michael Gurley
b.1823; Ireland > N.H.
Ellen Martin
Henry Guthrie
(Minerva Lyon)
b 1812 in GA; Newton Co & Cobb Co. GA
Morris Guthrie
William Guthrie
1824 > 1887; NY
Shirley Scott
Henry Guttry
(Minerva Lyon)
1812 GA
Morris Guthrie
Louis Guyette
(Louisa Paré)
1814 Canada; DOD 1899 Port Henry, NY USA
Carolyn Burakowski


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