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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Jasper Foley
(Catharine Leatherman)
b. 01 Jan 1803; d. 05 Dec 1870; Hampshire Co., VA> Clark Co, OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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Elias Folk
11/21/1817; NY
Pandy Brazeau
Morgan Forbis
1809-1845; Green & Lincoln Co KY
Tad D. Campbell
Amos Ford
(Margaret Bastress)
1801 PA; Died Wood Co, OH
Elaine Ford
Isaac Ford
(Caty Mowl)
1800; TN
Elva Nickeson
Joseph Paul Ford
(Sarah B. Pine)
1816 New Jersey;
Hattie Dixon
Andrew Jackson Foreman
1800-l825; Perry Co. OH
Donna Foreman Bennett
John Brown Forester
1823-1899; TN/AL/TX
Suzanne Forester Stein
John Forst
(Mary Baker)
1800; PA.
Linda Forst Diehl
John Forsythe
1802 South Carolina
William Fortner
1800; NC
Marolyn Folkner Howell
George Foss
(Harriet Roberts)
Abt. 1815; MA
Thomas R. Flood
George Foster
1820; Indiana
Kathy Foster Perry
Moses Foster
1817-1888; England; Shiawassee & Otsego Co MI
Tad D. Campbell
Benjamin Fowler
1817 PA; Berks Co. 1840
Anna Shelton
Dennis Fowler
(Ruth(a) Haygood)
1807; SC, AL, TN
Nancy Barnett Darnall
Jackson H. Fowler
(Josephine Goellner)
@1815 KY; KY>MO
Gustavus Fox
(Sarah Burnham)
1810 CT; MI
John Fox
1800 Providence RI
Paul J. Fox
Sheldon/Seldon Fox
(Lucy )
abt 1810, PA; NY, MI
John F. Foxhill
1813-1889; Phila PA
Kathy Foxhill Robbins
Enoch Francis
(Nancy Minerva Crowder)
1818 Paris KY
Mark Gardner
Mary Matilda Francis
( McBride)
1821; Pennsylvania
Peter Frasher
(Margaret Chilcote)
1806 Huntingdon PA
Rose Frasher Berg
Jeremiah Frazier
(Catharine Pickens)
01-25-1816; Frederick Co, MD
Margaret Frazier
Lucy Frazier
(John Hill Davis)
1818-1828; TN
C. Jones
Tillman Frazier
(Bessie Hugley)
1800's; Lamar Cnty, Paris,TX
Maggie Frazier
Thomas Freels
(Mary "Polly" Matlock)
1820; Henderson Co., KY
Mike Freels
Shaw Frew
1801-1870; Paradise, PA
Linda Frew Zinger
Johan Joseph Friedrich
(Anna Mary Theobold)
1807 Prussia; 1860 census- Jackson County, Iowa
Gotfried Froemsdorf
(Louisa Harnisch)
1816-1875; Silesia>MO
Leah Froemsdorf
George Frost
(Mary Kilbride)
DOB 1811 Meelick, Ireland; 1847>NY
Gretchen Whisler
Catheren or Catherine Fry
(John Lile/Lyle)
December 16, 1806 - Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania; January 12, 1870 Ohio
Meri Arnett- Kremian
William J. Fudge
Born 1812-So. Carolina ; married 1839-TN
Calvin Fuller
1812; Va (Russel Cty) Eizabeth
Messer Fuller
(Mary Jeter)
1805 Laurens, SC; d. 1874 Santuc, Union, SC
Richard Knight
Submit Fuller
(Elijah Johnson)
3Jun1800 Andover, VT; Weston, VT, Schroon, NY
John Fullmer
(Margery Meeker)
1810 Born Fredric Md.Died Cranston Ia.1903
R. Caldwell
Peter Funk
(Margaret Kerr)
1810 Maryland, USA
Nancy Whitaker
Peter Funk
(Margaret Kerr)
1809/MD; MD>PA>IA>IN
Theresia Funk
(Joseph Donhard)
1816 ?/ Bavaria; Canada /WI
Chris Gray
William Furlong
(Jane Parker)
about 1823, Ireland; >Detroit, MI by 1850
Liz McGough
John Futrell
1820 to 1830; Northampton NC
Sandra Johnson


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