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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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William Fain
(Sarah Davis)
1841 Alabama
Allan Fain
Henry Fairbank
1819; United States
June Phillips-Smith
Henry Fairbanks
1819; Unites States
June Phillips-Smith
Hiram Fairchild
(Eleanor Harrison)
16 May 1815; MS
Melba Fairchild Tisdale
Abraham Farling
b:1820; PA>OH
Al Farling
Thomas Jefferson Farmer
(Jane Gilmore)
1825 in AL
Jennifer Farmer
William Farmer
(Lucy Ann Ward)
Abt. 1813 South Carolina; Darlington, South Carolina; Pike County, Alabama
Vicki Gentry
George Farra
(Judith Whitlock)
Approx. 1800; Shenandoah County Va.
Tim Farra
Moses Farrington
(Armelia Kirk)
1800 Fayette Co., PA; Married 1826, Belmont Co, OH
Kaye Coller
Charles Farris
Born 22 Nov 1822; Ky
Rod Farris
Johann Fast
1809-1875; Montig, PRU>Mt.LakeMN
Terence Kelley
John Fatchett
(Alice Poucher)
1800-1825; England.Missouri
Cynthia F. Daigle
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John Fenlon
(Rachel Clossen)
b.3/11/1812; Oneida Co. N.Y. (?)
John Fenlon
John Fensom
(Sarah Jane)
1819-1854; Eng.>NY>VA
Edith Fensom
Simion Ferguson
(Mary Carman)
1800-; KY
Deb Ferguson Witt
Solomon Ferre
(Sarah Ann Turner)
June 4, 1809 Springfield, MA
Barbara Johnson
Rhoda Ferrill
(David Fine)
1825 Randolph Co. AR; md. 1850 AR>1857 CA > d. 1898 Santa Cruz CA
Gary Barton
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Franz (Frances) Arnold Fette
(Mary Anna Theresa Volmering)
January 6. 1811 Loningen, Germany; June 11, 1877 Died New Alsace, Indiana USA
Lynda Fette-Enderle
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Charles Field
(Eliza Maria)
abt 1808; MA>Onondaga, Onondaga, NY
Judy Schor
Lucey Field
(Jonothan Fail)
b abt1805; m. 26 Mar 1828 NC
Jenny Horne
Richard Field
(Mahalia Harding)
1820; CT. OH
Michelle George
William Field
abt.1800; NY
Richard Field
James Fielding
(Hannah Davies)
1810-1872; New Jersey (Bergen/Passaic Cos.) fr. Manchester, England 1846
Amy J. Fielding
Alson Fields
1814/1817-aft 3 Jun 1870; Onondaga Co, NY>Heath Twp, Allegan, MI>Trowbridge Twp, Allegan, MI
Judy Schor
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Fielden Figgins
(2d. Sophia Holley)
17 Jul 1821-Cincinnatti, Hamilton, Ohio
Cammie Haase
John Fike
1815; PA
Naomi Kohrman
John Henry Fillinger
(Mary Elizabeth Harless)
1819-1872; VA>WV
Leah Froemsdorf
John Filson
1802; PA
Jeff Shipe
Henry Finch
1805 Ireland; 1831 New York
Joyce Finch
David Fine
(Rhoda Ferrill)
1818 St. Louis MO; md. 1850 AR>1857 CA > d. 1907 Modesto CA
Gary Barton
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Joseph Fink
1800 Approx.; Va or WV
Bob Fink
Augustus (Justice) Finsel
(Charlotte Wenzel)
1805 Hanover, Germany; VA>WV
Lorrie Verboort
John Fisher
1808-1900; PA
Bill Cox Jr.
Samuel D. Fits
1823-aft 1900; OH: Muskingum/Clark Cos.
Dave Linnig
Samuel D. Fitts
1823-aft 1900; OH: Muskingum/Clark Cos.
Dave Linnig
Samuel D. Fittz
1823-aft 1900; OH: Muskingum/Clark Cos.
Dave Linnig
Samuel D. Fitz
1823-aft 1900; OH: Muskingum/Clark Cos.
Dave Linnig
Derritt Fitzgerald
(Mary Slavin)
1801 KY; 1826 - 1873 IN>IL
Betty Cathcart
Robert Fitzhugh
(Joannah Grooms)
7/24/1808; Ky
Linda Fitzhugh
Grandville Fitzpatrick
(Sarah Jane)
Abt 1820; Middle, Tennessee
Joseph Jefferson Fitzpatrick
(Martha M. Reed)
1820; WV,IN,KS,OK
Pat Beasley
Mildred Fitzpatrick
(Jeremiah Upton)
About 1800; KY
Sue Willis
Michael Fivecoat I
(Sara Hunter)
1800; Harrison County, Ohio
Caroline Milligan
Silas Flanery
(Nancy Erwin)
1802-04; d bef Jul 1832 Jackson Co, Mo
Ann Thurman
Abigail Fleetwood
1804; Rhode Island
Justine Miller
Michael Fleetwood
(Emily Williams)
1810-1820 De; 1849 PA
Jan Yarberry
Abraham Fleming
(Susannah Cocklin)
June 19, 1804; CarrollTwp., York Co., Pa
Charles Fleming
Mary Ann Fletcher
(James Partridge)
abt 1815 Canada/England; Found on: 1855 census Cazenovia, Madison Co, NY>1860 census Macoupin Co, IL>?
Rose (Partridge) Hyde
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Moses Fletcher
(Elizabeth Foster)
abt 1815; TN, IL
Sonja Fletcher
Mary Flint
(Benjamin Jones)
1802 So. Carolina; 1865 Jefferson Co.Al
Bill Greene
May Burton Flippo
1800; Caroline co, VA
Norman Flippo
Jacob Flowers
(Elizabeth McCullough)
1811; 1850 census in Arkansas
Frances Nally
James Nelson Flowers
(Sarah Morton McNally)
1810 SC; 1870 Sarah , Centerville, Catahoula / LaSalle Parish, LA
Rita B. Jones
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James Floyd
1 December 1819 SC; d. 12 January 1902
Charlie Floyd
William D. Floyd
(Elizabeth Kinsey)
abt. 1825, TN; d. 1878, MO
Rita Floyd


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