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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Samual Earing
1800 New York
John Earing
Nancy Eastridge
(Samuel Greer)
1821; north carolina
Darrell Shannon
George Eaton
b.1800; ME,NH,PA
Mary Vinton Eaton
(Henry Burditt)
1823, Reading, MA.
V. Burditt
Benjamin L. Eaves
(Emily Jane Smith)
1800; Arkansas
R J Wells
Jacob Eberhart
1825; GA
Susan Wadsworth
Alexander Edens
(Margaaret Keith)
1808 Pickens Cty;
CJ Edens
Elizabeth Edge
(Josiah S. Brown)
1 Jan 1816 -SC;
Seneca Edgett
1800-1813; Stanford, NY
Patricia M. Edgett
Charles Edington
1811; IN
Catherine Baldwin
Drewry Edwards
(Lucy Stoker)
13 Oct 1818, Wilson Co., TN
Glenda Edwards Boyajan
Henry Edwards
(Hannah Davis)
1809; Virginia
Jean White
Joseph Penson Edwards
(Elizabeth Glen Denard Harris)
1822 Georgia; 1870 Gwinnett Co., GA >1880 Craighead Co., AR
Joellen Watkins
Stripplehill Edwards
1821; GA
Caroline Lovejoy
John Eick
1800-1880; Indiana
Linda Bonnell
Martin Eisenbarger
(Martha (Stettler or Statler))
11/1813; Pennsylvania
Penny Harrell
Thomas W. Elburn
(Sarah Ashley)
ABT. 1810; Kent, MD
Joan Farley
Gettis or Geddis Elder
(John Todd)
abt 1800 Ireland; Mercer Co, PA
Audrie Bethke
Ann G or S Eldredge
(David C Hathaway)
abt 1810 Harwich, MA; DOD 1891 New Bedford, MA
Marsha Bybee
George Madison Elliot
(Mary Delany)
b. 1817/d. 1906; AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
Andrew Auterson Elliott
(Frances Eliza Pearson)
4 May 1812 Mecklenburg County, NC; Died Dallas County, AL before 1850 Census
Marie Elliott McClure
Hiram Elliott
(Susannah Royall)
1800-1822; Va.
James Elliott
(Mahala Coker)
abt 1800; GA
Becky Kennedy
James H Elliott
(Mary Cox)
abt. 1802 in Kentucky
Angela Soden
Thomas Elliott
(Elizabeth Turner)
b. Mar 1804; Muhlenburg co, KY
PJ Sisseck
William Elliott
(Mary Douglass)
abt 1820; died 1870 in DeSoto Co, MS
Patsy Gannon
Charlotte Jane Ellis
(Joseph F Ellis)
abt 1813, Charlotte or Lunenburg Co, Va; d bef 1880, Lunenburg Co, Va married: 20 Nov 1830, Lunenburg Co, Va
Franklin Womack
Elisha Ellis
(Hannah Bradley)
7 Apr 1805; Niles, Cayuga, NY
Kevin Ellis
Marinda Ellis
1800; VA
Linda Maucelli
Oliver M Ellis
(Susan Godley)
08 Jan 1823 in Beaufort Co., North Carolina; d: 1907, married 08 Nov 1848 all in Beaufort Co., North Carolina
Sandy Goodchild
Susan Ellis
(Jesse W. Chapman)
1817; Mar. 1835 KY
Linda Wilson
William Ellison
1819; OH
Michael Ellison
Thomas Elwell
(Ellen Momeny)
1822/NY; 1866/lacarne, Ohio/Death
Carolyn Wing Davis
Samuel Emanuel
(Sarah Peterson)
about 1808; New Jersey
N Masterson-Reed
Francis Emerick
(Catherine Procunier)
1801; Ontario, Canada>Washington State
Cherie Peterson-Emerick
James H. Emery
1805; N.C.
Sharon Spurgeon
James H. Emory
1805; N.C.
Sharon Spurgeon
William Peter Ems
1800's; Brown co IN?
Catherine DeCosta
George W Engle
(Catherine Willson)
Nov 16,1807 PA; died 15 Jan 1868, Freehold, Warren, PA
Julie Harper Chlarson
Katherine Epler
(Benjamin Jonathan Lewis Seaman)
Abt. 1800 Near Reading in Berks County, PA; Died abt 1848; Daughter Kate born abt 1834
Mary P Sayman
Katherine Eppler
(Benjamin Jonathan Lewis Seaman)
Abt. 1800 Near Reading in Berks County, PA; Died abt 1848; Daughter Kate born abt 1834
Mary P Sayman
Eli Epps
(Rebecca Miller)
1803 NC
Denise Saxton
Eli Epps
1815-1840; NC,AL,
Samuel Eskridge
(Jane Ashton)
1803; Virginia
Patty Purvis
Maryanne Estes
(George Harriss)
b.1823; AL-NC
C. Jones
Jackson Eston
(Charlotte Eston)
1820; Missouri
Sheri L. Jones
Nathaniel Ethridge
(Lucinda Strickland)
1813; 1840 Chattooga Co, Ga
Jackie Sims
Barthena Evans
(Benjamin Heaton)
27 Jan 1808 Henry Co, KY; Madison & Greene Co, IL
Glenda Frank Moser
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Elijah B Evans
DOB July 22, 1824; Died 1901 Michigan
Marie McInerney
Sarah "Sallie" Evans
(William "Bill" Hayes)
about 1825 in GA
Jane Hayes
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John Everly
(Ellen Smith)
abt 1818; Coventry Twp, Chester Co., PA
Terri Walker
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Joseph Ewing
(Susan Barnhart)
1801-1869; Cumberland, Perry and Juniata Co., PA
Patty Frank
Thomas Ewing
(Elizabeth Pattillo)
25 Dec 1808-11 Nov 1892; Georgia
Edwina Moody
William Ewing
(Jane Hendricks)
1817, Tennesee U.S.A.;
Edmond R. Ewing
John Eytcheson
(Prucilla )
abt. 1825; IN
Loueen J. Coy
Noah Ezell
1800; KS


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