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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Philander Dibble
1808-1883; CT>SC
Charles L. Dibble
Joseph F. Dickerson
(Leuvicy Smith)
1803 North Carolina
J. Dee Dickerson
Richard Dickey
(Rebecca Criss)
b.1806; PA
Nancy Schleich
Benjamin Franklin Diddle
(Saray 'Sally' Jane Wright)
3 Mar 1813 Staunton, Va; mrd 18 Jan 1853 Wirt Co., Va
LaVonne Bradshaw
Victoria Dillon
(Walter Johnson)
abt 1800; Ballinger
Barbara Talley Tims
Laurence Dimmick
1813; PA>IL>IA
Ginger Daniels
Jacob Dimmitt
(Rebecca Alice Ellis)
20 Feb 1812 Wayne, IN; 25 Feb 1848 Oskaloosa, Mahaska, IA
Ella Hendrix
Andrew Dismukes
(Celia Dilworth)
1800 - 1825; MS
Joyce Hornbeak
Frederick Disney
(Harriet Barry)
1800; MD
Dwight Disney
Logustine Dixon
1801; N.C.
C L Dixon
George Doane
(Fanny Knight)
1812; VT
Donna Vaughn
Augustus B. Dobbs
(Martha Gwinn)
1817 Macon Co. Ga.; Ala. in 1860 census
Linda Hume
Susan Dodd
1822-1910; OH>IN
Helen MacKain
Joshia Dodge
(Arletta Dodge)
1813-?; Edgecomb, Me.
Linda (Dodge) Boland
Thomas Doheny
(Honorah Morrissey)
1819; Tipp, IRL>PA>MN
Bill Grimes
James Dolan
(Mary E. Miller)
Aug 1824-Sept 1899 ; IRL>Hunter, Greene Co. NY
Peggy Dolan
Balis Donaldson
(Nancy Williams)
1813 S. Carolina
John F. Donaldson
b 1805; KY>MO>TX
Marion Donaldson
Jonathan Donaldson
(Rebecca Chaney)
1800? Ohio; Marriage- Feb. 1824
Scott Donaldson
James Donshea
(Rosetta Willis)
1823-1876; IRL > NYC area, NY > New Orleans, LA > NYC area, NY
Karen Mohr
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James Donshee
(Rosetta Willis)
1823-1876; IRL > NYC area, NY > New Orleans, LA > NYC area, NY
Karen Mohr
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Lorenzo Dooley
About 1810; Saline County Illinois
Benjamin Dorman
(Elizabeth Passons)
Abt.1817; OH
Trish Stautner
John Dotson
(Martha Grady)
1800's; MO or VA
Horace Dotson
James Dove
1821; TN
Sherry Quinn
Lawson Dover
(Mary Cross)
1800 Georgia; 1823 Harris Co., Georgia
Jacqueline Green Pack
Alexander Downey
(Ellen McQuown)
1822; 1846-Indiana Co.,PA
Debra Downey Wilkins
Renatus Downing
(Sarah Ann Heirs)
1810; South Carolina
Renatus Downing
(Sarah Ann Keziah Hiers)
Abt. 1810 SC; SC>GA>Hamilton County, FL by 1846
Junius Downing
Henry Sanborn Downs
(Rebecca Fluckey)
April 3, 1823 Danville, VT; April 3, 1825 Danville, Vt.
Beth Downs Goble
Silas Downs
(Nancy Bridges)
Married: 12-21-1819; Warren Co., Ga.
Robert Allen Downs
Israel Duckworth
(Rebecca M.)
8/12/1819 Maryland; looking for Indian heritage
Anna Duckworth Casey
Chapel Dudley
(Martha Thompson)
1824 Georgia
Shelly Dudley
Moses Dudley
(Margaret Frybarger)
3 August 1807 Main; M. 6 October 1830
William Dudley
(Elizabeth Thornhill)
1802 Co. Cork, Ireland; Williamsburg, NY
Tricia Hilder
Robert Duell
(Margaret Schuster)
Abt 1810; NY
David Ray
Meredith Duke
1800 SC
Dorothy Duke Rhodes
John Henry Dumas
(Ellender Russell)
Nov. 12, 1821 GA; MO
Jo Rice
George Holman Duncan
(Lavinia McKenzie)
ca 1814; Anderson Cty, Texas
D Dawson
Joshua Duncan
(Lucinda Chambers)
1818; Tennessee
Pat Roark
Moses Duncan
(Lavina Pierce)
1814 PA
Joshua Dunkin
(Lucinda Chambers)
1818; Tennessee
Pat Roark
David Dudley Dunlap
(Mary Sharp)
1800; Lancaster Co., PA
Sandi McDonalld
John Dunlap
(Sarah Isham)
abt 1807 ?County Penn; Athens Ohio
Sharon McLaughlin
Nancy Dunlap
(Jesse Brewster)
1800 - 1900; Georgia & Alabama
Janice Gorham
Nancy Dunlop
(Jesse Brewster)
1800 - 1900; Georgia & Alabama
Janice Gorham
David Dunmire
(Jane & Salome)
1800's; Pennsylvania
B. Knat
Allen Dunn
(Catherine Lafever)
1802 VA; Wayne KY: White, TN
Lyn Dunn Milam
Green Dunn
(Martha Hunter)
1801 North Carolina;
Amber Bowers
William Dunn
16 Mar 1808; Griffin, Spaulding Co Ga
L F Dunn
William J. Dunn
(Charity Elizabeth Faircloth)
B. abt 1811 Ireland; d. 1885 Miller Co, GA
S Daniels
James Dunshea
(Rosetta Willis)
1823-1876; IRL > NYC area, NY > New Orleans, LA > NYC area, NY
Karen Mohr
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James Dunshee
(Rosetta Willis)
1823-1876; IRL > NYC area, NY > New Orleans, LA > NYC area, NY
Karen Mohr
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Jonathan Dupler
1810-1889; Perry Co OH; Whitley Co IN
Tad D. Campbell
James Duran
early 1800s; SC, GA, AL
Karen Duran Dean
Sarah Dusenbury
(Isaac Conklin)
Abt. 1817; NY
Donna Vaughn
John Dyess
abt 1800; Tattnall Co. GA
Chuck Dyess
Isaac Dyson
(Elisabeth Dyson)
1824 Louisiana;
Ronald Atkins


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