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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Medley Vawter Dale
(Mary Elizabeth Coffee??)
27 Mar 1824-25 MO; 1850 Woodford KY; IN 1852-53; 1860 Holmes Co MS
Donna Gordon
Charles Dan
1800 or before in NYS
Nancy Dann Frederick
Bartiller Daniel
(Sarah Richardson)
1818, SC; 1840,Ga
Ralph Daniel
Benjamin Daniels
(Sarah Jane Smith)
1808; Wayn, Mississippi
Milbre Etta
Jesse Barton Daniels
(Elizabeth Wheeler)
1807; 1830/TN
Brenda Wood
Richard Daniels
1818; NY>WI>IA
Ginger Daniels
Will Daniels
(Fannie Alfred)
1800; Oklahoma
Angela Daniels
Delilah Darling
(James Cardinell)
May 1803, Canada; 1853 California
Joanne Futrell
Nimrod William Dart
(Mary Taylor)
abt 1806 Maryland; Married abt 1839; d. abt 1871 AR; MD > IN > AR
Frances Daulong
about 1800; AR
Dee Dee King
John Alexander Davenport
(Emily Adele Philibert)
9-2-1823, Florida
Richard Davidson
(Margaret 'Peggy' Long)
b 1807 Morgan,AL; d. 1843 Montgomery,TX
Ross Pierce
Samuel Davidson
abt. 1800; Died 1854, OH
Brenda Perkins
Thomas Davidson
1815 & Kentucky; Missouri
Tess Davidson-Malta
Absolum Davis
(Ann Eliza Rice)
1810-1820 NC; 1837 m. Randolph Co., GA
Barbara Erp
Ann R. Davis
(Paul Conard)
c. 1812 , Philadelphia, PA; June 27, 1897; Camden, NJ
Penny Fuller
Calvin Davis
b 1825; NH
John S. Davis
David Hall Davis
(Louisa Ruth Prather)
About 1811/Delaware; 1850 Census/Surry Co., N.C.
William Davis
George Davis
(Martha Love)
Mar 2 1816- Dec 19, 1883; GA>Nacogdoches, TX
Linda Moore
Hiram W. Davis
(Catherine Parisho)
1818 OH; Possibly IN
Kelly Shaw
John Davis
(Delaney Walker)
Abt 1821; Possibly Nash Co, NC
Marg Davis
John Davis
abt 1800; SC, d. MS
Becky Kennedy
John Davis
abt.. 1824; Ware Co. GA, Nassau Co. FL
Susan Mahoney
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John Egbert Davis
(Nancy Elizabeth)
1810-1844; VA, TN
James A. Davis
Nathan Davis
(Nancy Givens)
1801; Tn
Solomon Davis
b. 23 Aug 180l - d. 23 Jan 1883; Nc>DeKalb Co, TN
Ann Brown
Valentine Davis
(Jane Haynie)
Abt 1802, SC; d. Bet 1870-1880, GA
M. La Nell Shores
William Davis
(Sarah Byerly)
Approx. 1810 in N.C. or Wales; Died 1837 in Wayne Co. Indiana
Ted Davis
William Davis
(Elizabeth Cockrell)
1810 Virginia; KY MO
Jim Cundiff
William Coffee Davis
(Mary Elizabeth Jones)
born 1820; KY>IN
R R Geier
Nimrod A. Davisson
(Mazy Larrick)
19 Oct 1808 - 19 Aug 1866; VA>Pickaway Co, OH
Cheryl Gallagher
Anna Day
(John Keeler)
Poss. 1800 - New Jersey; 1840 Ohio 1849 d-Iowa
Earlene Bradley
Isaiah Day
(Martha Caroline Munson)
1812; Shelby Co. Tn
Jane Matthews
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Thomas Day
(Perlina Caskey)
17 Nov 1815 Kentucky;
Linda Day
Jane Dayton
abt 1820; ME
Sandy Rowland
Margaret De Groat
(John Rapelye)
1800, N.Y.; 1830, NY.
V. Lozza
Anthony Deal
(Nancy Hoffman)
1811, Lincoln County, NC; United States
Dwight D Deal
Edward Dean
(Rebecca Abney)
Wayne Co. West Virginia; 1818 Floyd Co. Kentucky
Patty Simpkins Cartwright
Henry Dear
1822 - 1850; VA
George W. Decker
(Sarah Campbell?)
1800's; TN, AR
Linda (Decker) Rose
Gemima Dees
(Willis I. Cook, Sr)
b. 1802 Robeson Co, NC; d. 1872 Miller Co, Ga
S Daniels
Joseph DeGroft
(Mary Chambers)
25 Nov 1814; Cumberland Co,, PA
Marsha Komandt
Lincoln Dejean
(Melody Guillory)
1800; Opelousas, Louisana
D. Crenshaw
Jeramiah Delaney
(Rachael Watts)
1800-20; LA
Pat Plummer
John Delbridge
(Jane Nicholas)
25 Mar 1818; Con, Eng>Pa, USA
Diane Delbridge
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Barbara Dellit
(John Wingerter)
12 Nov 1819; 28 Nov 1876 Cedar Grove, Frederick County, VA
Dellitt Wilson
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Eugene DeLong
1800; NY
Charles Bellstrom
Laurence Demmick
1813; PA>IL>IA
Ginger Daniels
Michael Dempsey
(Eveline Cockerham)
1822 Queens Co, Ireland; 1906 Jena, LA
Rita B. Jones
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Edward Deter
(A. Jane)
1824 PA; 1827 PA
Bill Deter
William Devereese
(Eliza Deal)
1810 Kent, England; 1851- Oneida County New York
Sherri Kampe
Samuel DeWeese
1824 in Pennsylvania?
Carol Quinn
Francis Dewey
c.1800 MA; Massachusetts
Jorge Dewey
Josiah W. DeWitt
(Matilda Tate)
Abt 1813 MO; AR, TX
Sandra Spoon


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