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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Thomas Craddock
(Malinda Lanius)
1819-1883; MO.TX
Barbara Craddock Pike
Isaac Craig
(Susannah England)
1812 Tn; 1898 Newton Co., Mo.
John Craighead
ab 1800 Pa.; Perry Co.
Margaret C. Hunt
Charles Crain
(Ruthy ???)
ABT 1800, South Carolina; Burial: Polk Co, MO
Douglas Rooks
John Cramer
(Isabella Sample)
12/20/1816 PA
Bob Cramer
Josiah Crane
1807-1814; Georgia
Sherry Crane Bunn
Asbury Crawford
(Elizabeth Evans)
abt 1825; Old Pendleton District, SC
Chris Wadlow
George Crawford
(Naomi Jane Hipes)
1814; Virginia
Cindy Driscoll
John Crawford
(Mary Arthurs)
1800-1874; Hamilton Co, Ohio
Greg Crawford
Matthew Or Mathew Crawford
(Ann M.)
1800, Ireland; April 1825 Arrived Charleston, SC
John Allen Crawford
Jonathan Cree
(Rhoda Jane Elliot)
1814 Fulton Co., PA; 1850, Fulton co., PA
John Scott
David Bryan Creech
(Judith Douglas McLennon)
7/2/1811; b. Barnwell Co., S.C.>GA.>AL.
T. McRae
Harriet Creel
(William Griffith)
1823; Va
Emilie Reine
Thomas Crenshaw
(Harriette Ivy)
1818 SC; 1841 Autauga Co,AL 1850 Monore Co, MS 1860/70 Pontotoc Co, MS 1880 Newton Co, MS
Dawna Varnes
Archibald F. Crisp
(Namess Case aka Cox)
c.1800,Cumberland Co. VA; d.bef. 1850 KY
Suzan Sannicandro
Leroy Randolph Crisp
(Mary Catherine Hill)
1814 b. NC; mar. 1849 Greene Co AL
Sharon Atkins Lockett
Samuel Critser
(Mary Bowles)
1825 Indiana; 1872 Missouri
Douglas Critser
Margaret Crocker
(Robert Biddle)
b.1803, m.1822, d.1887; PA
Owen Picton
Caleb Cromwell
(Ruhema Reilly)
1805 Kentucky
Talila Stan
Anna M Cronister
(Jonas M. Rice)
1822 Adams cty Pa
Martha Mast
William Crooker
(Eleanor Robinson)
1805 Bath Maine; 1853 Bath Maine
Chelsea Walker
Paul Crosby
(Mary Ann Sineath)
b. 13 Jan 1804,Colleton Co SC; d. 1888,Berrien Co Ga
Patricia Crosby Leonard
Richmond Carroll Cross
(Martha Lindsey)
b. 1823/d. 1902; b. TN/ d. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
John Crouch
1813; N. Y.
R.W. Rice
Dr. John F. Crounse
(Sara Cole)
b. Oct. 10, 1821 d. July 13, 1872; NY
Merritt Woznick
Elizabeth Crow
(Thomas Crow)
1800-1825; Georgia
Doris Reed
Hiram S. Crow
( Mary Caroline Leatherwood)
B. 1815 South Carolina; D. 1844 Ms/Ala
Marilyn Crow
Jonathan Crum
(Sarah Davis)
1800 Indiana; 1800 North Carolina
Donna Bray
Vastine Crum
1800 - South Carolina; 1865 - Mississippi
C. Hainsworth
Nathaniel Crump
1816; North Carolina
William Crutchfield
(Barbara Matlock)
April 15, 1814; Missouri
Keith Anglen
Christopher Cullen
(Margaret Sharkey)
12 August 1816; 23 Febuary 1899 Perry County, Indiana
Rosemarie Sparrow Randolph
James Cullenbine
(Elizabeth Daley)
10 March 1810 Ireland; 1844 NY, 1848 MA, 1854 IL
Betty Miller
Charles Culver
(Harriet Newberry-Smith)
1820-1901; Waterloo, NY
Jean Bunt
Hezekiah Culver
1800; Waterloo, New York
Jean Bunt
Willis Cummins
(Lucinda Turner)
1821 Jefferson Co AL; 1907 Attala Co MS
Marilyn Lindsey
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George W Cunningham
1815; Virginia
Deb Brinker
Rivers Cunningham
1800 Alabama
Tamara Blackwell
John Cureton
(Martha Ann Emerson)
1814 Georgia; 1839 Talbot Co, GA; 1850 Pike Co, AL; 1860-1878 Bullock Co, AL
Melissa Speed
William Currie
abt 1803; NC; 1860-living in Anson Co., NC
John Currington
(Martha Ann Emerson)
1814 Georgia; 1839 Talbot Co, GA; 1850 Pike Co, AL; 1860-1878 Bullock Co, AL
Melissa Speed
Elisha Rolly Curry
1810; New York
Sandra Brink
James Curry
b. 1803 MD; d. 1882 PA
Dave Curry
William Curry
abt 1803; NC; 1860-living in Anson Co., NC
Fessenden Curtis
1821; Jefferson Co. NY
Richard Curtis
William S. Cypret
(Martha Jobe)
Abt. 1816 Mo.; 1878 ,Mo.
Charles S. Cypret


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