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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Nathaniel Coan
abt 1800; Exeter, NH
Comfort Cobbitt
(John Falls)
1809 Maine; 1832 Maine
Tammie Henriksen
David Cobler
(Anna Freeman)
1807; Adams County OH
Dale Cobler
Aaron J. Cochran
(Olive A.)
1815 Vermont
Oriole Olsen
Andrew Cochran
(Eleanor Robinson)
1820; Ohio
Wendy A Cochran
Elizabeth Cochran
(George Barr)
1823; MA
Sharon Marconi
Westley Cochran
1800-1840; AL>MS
Gary Jensen
George Coe
(Harriet ?)
ca.1819 PA; died ca.1862 AR
Carolyn Woodard
Caswell Coffey
c 1806 NC; Died after 1880 TN
Sheri Kelly
Nelson Cofield
(Jane Bellah)
b.1803-1807; NC>GA
Joanie Scott
Frances Cogar
(Joseph W. Hamrick)
1806 (W)V; married abt 1823 in Kanawha Co. (W)V > died abt 1843 in Kanawha Co. (W)V
Dick Ross
Mahala Coker
abt 1800; GA
Becky Kennedy
Nancy Cole
(William Keeton (correct spelling) or Keyton or Keton)
02/15/1808; 06/29/1826/date of marriage Cooper County, MO
Ridley Bryan Thomas (née Ridley Bryan Thomas Pirnie)
William Cole
(Margaret Edwards)
about1816; SC
Sheryl Cole Hudson
Carter Coleman
1816/Georgia; Alabama>Florida
Angela Radziszewski
John Coleman
(Mary Ann Walker)
Knox Co. TN. 1815; unknown
Jack L.Coleman
John J Coleman
(Laurannie McDonald)
abt 1813 Nelson Va.
Hays E Coleman
John W. Coleman
(Nancy Eli)
1818; VA
George A. Collamer
(Margaret Ellen Hodgkins)
1825 to 1865; N.E. United States
Gloria Yager
Phoebe Colley
(Lewis Parris)
1800 - 1880; SC, GA, AZ
Janice Gorham
Creed Harrison Collins
(Sarah Green Johnson)
21 Sep 1820 Washington, Co.,Ga.; 1892 Tex
Lillian Champagne
James Collins
(Anngeline Smith)
1815; VA
Billie R. Holmes
John Collins
(Martha Smith)
born 1813 Ireland; married August 22, 1845, Cinti, Oh., died June 13, 1855 Cinti, Oh., buried Spring Grove Cemetery, Cinti, Oh.
Sylvia Schoenung
John Collins
(Julia Greene)
1820 Ireland; Immigration from Liverpool abt 1847 to Tracy Creek, Broome Co., NY; death after 1892 in Vestal, Broome Co., NY
Sandy Goodchild
Richard Collins
(Ellen Culhane)
1816ish, Ireland ; > Detroit, MI by 1850
Liz McGough
Sarah Ann Collins
(Hiram McGraw)
abt. 1814 KY; married 8Jun1839 Mason Co., KY
Sarah Jane Collins
(Thomas L. Wood)
b.-1812; d.-1893; b.-SC; d.-MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
Solomon Collins
(Nancy Walston)
1800 DE or MD; d. 1840 Mercer Co., OH
Margaret H. Hendrix
Rebecca Colvin
(Sampson Burgess)
23 Feb 1815 "of" Scituate, Providence, RI; m. 18 Sep 1842 Friends Meeting House, Providence, RI
Al Rose
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James Combs
(Nancy Yeary)
1808 Russell Co Va
Rhonda Rampy
James B. Compton
(Mary Ann Thomas)
1802-1804; Baltimore City/County MD
Ed Hamilton
George Comstock
abt 1805; New York State
William H. Peters
Chesley Conant
abt 1800 - bef 1850; SC>KY>MS
Judith Canant
Turner Conaway
(Mahalia Folkner)
b. c.a. 1811; SE
Carolyn B. Hill
Archibald Cone
(Penelope Baker)
1805; b. Washington Co., Ga.
T. McRae
Isaac Conklin
(Sarah Dusenbury)
July 4, 1805; Westchester Co, NY
Donna Vaughn
Thomas Conley
(Mary Lewis)
March 12, 1807; New York
Evelyn Weidig
Hiram Conner
(Sarah (Ann) DeWitt)
abt. 1815, NY; Died abt. 1868, Sussex Co NJ
James Conner
(Margaret Hayes)
abt. 1820, County Carlow, Ireland; married 17, Sept. 1850, died by 1860, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio
Lynn Saxelby
James Connor
(Margaret Hayes)
abt. 1820, County Carlow, Ireland; married 17, Sept. 1850, died by 1860, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio
Lynn Saxelby
George Conover
(Nancy Harris)
1807 NJ; >md. 1830 >1852 IL > d. unk
Gary Barton
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William Conover
(Anna Catherine Warth)
9 Sept., 1816 Cranbury, Middlesex Co., New Jersey; died in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana June, 1886
Marie Reedy
Murtagh Considine
1808- 1861; Co. Clare, Ireland - Iowa
Nancy Chamberlain
Louiza Constable
(Henry Jackson)
1813; Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri
Dorothy Welch
Adam Henry Cook
(Mariah Mowers)
1807; New York
Ellie Cook Stephens
Godfrey Cook
(Martha Jane Morgan)
1805, Tiverton, RI; Washington Co, PA
Colleen McClain
Jacob Cook
1801; lived in KY
Bob Cook
James R. Cook
(Frances Sterling)
May 14, 1811, Fairfield Co., SC; Died 1884, Lagrange, Troup co., GA
Karen Goudelock
Rufus Cook
(Sarah/Sally Hathaway)
1802 NY
Bev Lanphear
Patrick Coony
(Mary Bradfield)
1803; IRE>OH>MO
Margaret Stapleton
Henry Cooper
(Polly Cooper)
born 1807; New York
Kathy Cooper Roberts
Henry Cooper
(Frances Phillips)
b. about 1806; PA; OH
Bill Bojanowski
John Cooper
(Jennie King)
1801 South Carolina
Wes Hall
Nancy Cooper
(William Faught)
4/16/1805 - 1/18/1897; Va- KY - IN - IA - Sonoma CA
Susan Faught
Jacob Cope
(Harriet Brown)
July 21, 1824; Cherokee Co., N.C.
Melva Hamby
James Cope
(Margaret Plunket)
15 July 1815; Davidson CO, NC
James Wilson Cope
Martin L. Cope
(Martha J. Love)
1818 - 1889; TN>MO
Leanna Eversmeyer
Ephraim Cordle
1803; Georgia
Mary "Polly" Cornett
1800-1875; VA>KY
Birda Pelton
Molly Cornett
(Frederick Lincks)
1802 Virginia; Married Lincks 1822
Carol Jones
Thomas Correll
(Martha Correll)
April 13, 1819 - Ireland; Illinois, New Jersey
Geoffrey Correll
Luther Cory
1810; NY
Rowena Horr
John H. Costiloe
(Susan Emily Wragg)
b. abt 1817/d. 1863; B.-TN/ d. Vicksburg
Barbara Craddock Pike
Miles Cothran
(Amanda Melvina Pruitt)
Abt 1805 NC; SC, TN, MO
Sandra Spoon
William Henry Courtney
(Martha Maria Anderson)
about 1800 Va ; m. 1830 New Kent Co Va
Ruby Foster
Edward, Bangs Covell
(Eliza Kelley)
abt. 1800; Cape Cod, Ma
Bill Covell
Harriet Covington
(Reese Horton)
17 May 1822--Alabama ; Death 22 Mar 1909 in Russellville, Franklin, Alabama
Bettye Bunch
Mary Cowan
(Abednego Adams)
b. abt 1812, m 1831; TN
Vera Tharp
Stephen A Cowart
(Catherine Fann)
18 Jun 1810 GA
Jessie Crowell
Edward Cox
(Nancy Cox)
1800-1825; AL
Charles Cox
Isaac Cox
(Elizabeth Cochran)
1805-1881; Beaver Co. Pa
Larry Cox
Miranda Cox
(Margaret Moore)
1807 SC
Ann Schlemm
Sarah Cox
(Greenberry Dunn)
1823? KY; Calloway Co KY
Donna Gordon
William Cox
(Jane Hohimer)
1804 NC; ILL, , MO
Debra L. Simkin
Young Cox
(Jane Bland)
1818, Washington County Georgia
Floyd Mills
William Coyle
(Mary Coats)
1815; Ohio
Maria Coxen
(Edmund Iglehart)
1803; 6 Apr 1835 / Maryland
Helen Iglehart
Benjamon Cozart
1800; NC
Carol McClinton


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