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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Karl Johan Ceder
(Anna Brita Hansdotter)
Jan 7, 1822, Seglora, Sweden; 1869 to Wisconsin
Lena Frid
Israel Thompson Chadwick
(Eliza A Saunders)
1814; Kentucky
Judy Lewis
Joseph Marie Chamberland
1809-1887; Quebec; Manistee Co MI
Tad D. Campbell
Benjamin Chambliss
1807 Greensville, Co. Va.; Marion Co. In. 1840; Muscatine Co. Ia. 1850
Harold Leaman
Greenberry Chambliss
(Mary Ann Fisher)
b May 2, 1822; AL-LA-TX
Linda Chambliss Conovaloff
Francis Thomas Chandler
(Elizabeth Hendricks)
1820 b ? ; 1852 WV
Wynona Robinson
Ralph Chapin
(Betsy Otis)
abt 1800; Westfield, MA
Judy Jebian
Jesse Mordeciah Chappell
(Bethana Spurlock)
11 March 1819; Georgia
Virgle Chappell
Matthew Chappell
(Sarah Hull)
1800; South Kingstown, R.I.
Thomas M. Chappell
Joseph Johnson Chase
(Abigail Haven/s)
1819; Greene/Delaware Co, NY
Rex G. Chase
Nathaniel Chase
1816-1890's; Ontario Co., NY
Sherrie Sell
Peleg Cheever
(1st Sophia Sebring)
(2nd Amazilla Eastman)
1807/1808 N Y; d 1888 Kidder, IA
Bert Belding
James M. Cheney
(Leah (Lear) Nobles)
1814 NY; 1850 IL, i860CA
Sheryl Rodda
Catherine Cherry
(Warren Nobles)
Abt 1805; Abt 1845 NC
Lee Nave
Washington Cheshire
1821; Tenn
Ann Tripp
Susannah Childress
(Hiram Embry)
10 April 1809; Atlanta, Fulton, Ga
Saundra Clark
William Childress
abt 1800; Virginia
Curtis Lang
Joel Nathan Childs
(Elizabeth Annie Cain)
1804; Ga or SC
Bill Childs
William H Chisenhall
(Roeanna Blankenbeckler)
1819; 1850 Virginia
Freda Cerne
James M Chitty
(Martha L Page)
b.1823 SC; d.186? TX.; m.1853 Harrison cty. TX
Bobby Chitty
Lewis Chrisman
(Christena Young)
1802 Ger>VA;
Archibald F. Chrisp
(Namess Case aka Cox)
c.1800,Cumberland Co. VA; d.bef. 1850 KY
Suzan Sannicandro
Elisha Christian
(Tabitha Winters)
1807 Culpepper Co. Courthouse VA
Jay Rogers
Buckner Davis Christmas
1819-1860; North Carolina/Arkansas
Ginger L. Christmas-Beattie
Henderson Christopher
(Eliza Calhoun)
1815; North Carolina
Cathy Christopher
William Christy
about 1811 in NC
Jane Hayes
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Corsen Clark
Born: July 1815; New Jersey
DW Bridson
Daniel Clark
(Esther Gustin)
15 Sept 1815 County Antrim, Ireland; marriage 31 Dec 1840 Warren County, Ohio
Ellen Hegeman
Elisha Clark
(Sarah Jones)
1804 in OH; Posey Co. IN, Franklin Co. IL
Mary Klock
George Clark
(Catherine McCormick)
1820-1830 Ire; 1849-Chatham GA
Clare Brown
George Clark
(Bertha Baxter)
1807 Walpole, MA; >Moretown,VT abt 1824; 1st child b. 1832-10th known child b. 1852
Nancy Zebert
Hannah Ann Clark
(John Reid Blanchard)
July 6, 1801 Oppenheim, Fulton, New York.; Died in 1843 in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.
Mavis Bassett
James Clark
(Elizabeth (Betsy) Clark)
1822 SC; 1880 Wolf Pitt District
Kaye Whitmore
James Clark
(1. Elva )
(2. Mahala Richardson)
1805 SC; In GA by 1827 or earlier; d. c. 1878 Marion Co. GA
Nora B. Acton
Joel Clark
(Rebecca Clark)
1822 Schoolcraft, Mi.; DOD 1902, Lake City, Mn.
Thomas Joel Clark
John Brooks Clark
(Elizabeth Pennington)
abt. 1820; IL
Trena Kochman
John Lewis Clark
b.1819NY d.1896IL; NY>OH>IL
Mikki Judge
John T Clark
(Rebecca Rogers)
1800 NY; Chatauqua CO
Alan Clark
Ruth A. Clark
(Fenton B. Hall)
1814-1884; Pendleton Dist, SC>Alcorn Co, MS
Becky Smith
John Lewis Clarke
b.1819NY d.1896IL; NY>OH>IL
Mikki Judge
Joseph Clarke
1814 Ohio(Licking Co); PA?
Alan Clark
Jane Clarkson
(William Stuart Hill)
1 Feb 1802; Philadelphia, PA
Eve Fowler
Susan Jane Clausen
(John Martin)
Nov 21, 1823; PA
Serepty Cleghorn
01/01/1805; Georgia
Patty Wentworth
George W. Cleveland
(Harriet M.)
b. 1822 Baker Co, GA; d.1897 Miller Co, GA
S Daniels
Louisa Cleveland
(Alfred Holbrook)
1825; Embden, Maine
Kathy Holbrook
Michael Click
(Joanna Sysco)
born about 1817; Tennessee
Thomas Clough
(Sarah Kinder)
ca 1820; England>PA
Lewis Bremer, IV
Jonathan Shuler Clower
(Mahala Elliott)
b. 1811/m. 1833; b. GA/ m. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike


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