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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Joshua Cabiness
(Sarah Minge)
July 13, 1818; Virginia
Betty Cabbiness
Alexander Caldwell
(Judith Bunn)
1820; Illinois
Irene Weiss
James Callender
(Sarah Jane Thompson)
16 Feb 1801, PA; d. 18 Sep 1861, Polk Co., IA
Shirley Boatwright
Phoebe Calley
(Lewis Parris)
1800 - 1870; SC, GA, AZ
Janice Gorham
Ira Camp
(Mary Ann)
1801; VT
Douglas Bush
Mary Wentworth Camp
(John E. Wray)
12/24/1822; Tenn, Ill, Utah, Ala., Miss.; married in Nauvoo, Ill. May 12, 1841
Daniel Campbell
(Mary Locke)
1812; Mercer Co. PA
Rick Campbell
Eli N. Campbell
(Lucia L. Blaisdell)
Abt. 1820 Yates County, N.Y.
Jim Ballard
Landford Campbell
Born Feb 29 1812; Chautauqua New York
Dorothy Wegster
Lanford Campbell
February 29, 1812; NY
Jeanne Wingert
Neill Campbell
November 3, 1802; Marlborough Dist, SC
Donald Draper Campbell
Rachel Campbell
(Richard Bayless)
abt 1800; KY
Kay Repp
Thomas Campbell
(Rose McGough)
1825, Co. Louth, Ireland; > Geneva, NY in 1846
Liz McGough
William Campbell
(Isabella Nixon)
4 June 1802; Ireland>Paterson NJ
Patricia Bruce
William Nelson Campbell
(Catherine Sharp)
1815; TN
Fred Campbell
Willis P Campbell
(Hannah Painter)
1804 in Nelson County, VA; marriage in 1827
Melanie Lewis
Hugh Camron
April 6, 1809; Culpeper Co. VA
JoAnn Clair
Joseph Canada
(Jinsey Ivey)
NC; TN 1820
Sarah Canada
(Henry Stump )
Feb 06, 1801; Lost Creek, Jefferson County, TN
Rafael Canales
(Juana Barrera)
Texas; 1810
Higinio Garza
Chesley Canant
abt 1800 - bef 1850; SC>KY>MS
Judith Canant
Randolph C. Canterbury
(Mary Lindsey)
b. 1810/d. 1852; b. AL/ d. MS
Barbara Craddock Pike
Caroline (Aka C.C.) Cantrell
(George Briscoe Vannoy)
b. 1824, KY; d. 1918 Chicago IL
Harry Van Noy
Martha Ann Cantrill
(Jonathan Curtis)
1820 Kentucky; Indiana
Felipe Cantu
1825; CO>NM
Gloria Salazar-Richhart
Symphorine Emma Caouette
(Pierre DeJarlais)
1820-1850; died 1890 in MN
Levi Luukkonen
King Hiram Caplinger
(Rebecca Elizabeth Kirby)
abt 1808; Tennessee
Jean W. Stringham
Martha Card
1800 Rhode Island
Stacy Sophia Carden
(Green M. Elliott)
b. 1817/d. 1886; b. TN
Barbara Craddock Pike
Charles Cardinell
(Jane Blaind)
Nov. 19, 1822, Canada; 1850 California, Oregon
Joanne Futrell
Thomas Carl
(Synthia Maxwell)
1802, Dutchess Co, NY
Charlotte Carl-Mitchell
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Zachariah Carlock
(Elizabeth Whittington
Martha Jane Nelson)
abt 1825-1830 Mississippi; Franklin County/Amite County MS
Sharon McLaughlin
Peter Carlow
(Cornelia Purdy)
b. abt 1818 or before; Probably Dutchess Co. N.Y.
W. C. Carlow
George W Carlyle
(Evaline Barrot)
B 1817 Va or W Va; Died 1893 Coles Co. Ill
Shirley Annis
MO Carnes
b. abt. 1814; EC
Carolyn Black Hill
Wells Carnes
(Salinna/Malinda Lott)
1800; Franklin Co., Ga
Janelle Carnes Hildebrand
John Walter Carpenter
1800 NY; 1850 Washington Co, AL
Lloyd Carpenter
Reuben Carpenter
(Hannah Pennock)
1821; Hope, New York
Ken Warkentin
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Levi Carper
abt 1814, VA
Rita Floyd
Mazarine Carper
(Eliza Boubede)
5/20/1818 VA; 1870 MD
Teresa Noland
John S Carr
(Martha Hickerson)
1824/25 PA; 27 Sept 1899
Shirley Cates
Julian Carranceja
(Josephine Boyer)
1820 Spain; 1845-1878 Escambia County FL
Richard Duran
Julian Carrancejie
(Josephine Boyer)
1820 Spain; 1845-1878 Escambia County FL
Richard Duran
Hamilton Carroll
(Susan McDaniel)
abt 1814; York County, SC
Diane Green
Eli Carter
abt 1800; North Carolina
Jim Carter
Jesse Carter
b. ABT 1823-30; 1850 census McMinn Co,TN
Karen Dougherty
Pearl Carter
1800; Buckingham VA
Clarrissa Harris
Robert Carter
(Eleanor Howard)
1818 Ohio; 1850 , Van Buren Co.IA, 1852 wagon train to O
Delores Branham
Roland (Roran) Rowland Carter
(Mary Rhodes (Roads))
1822 Brush Creek; Knox Co Kentucky
Paul Carter
Solomon Carter
(Sarah (Spees) Carter)
Jan? 1816 Bracken County Ky; On 1850 Rush Co. In. Census was he there 1835?1840?
Margaret (Carter) Niccum
William Carter
1808 Kentucky
Dawn Moller
William W. Carter
(Phoebe Vanderipe)
1800; VA to Mercer Co., KY
Julie Busse
Wills Carver
(Nancy Flye)
1800; ME
Virginia Wood
Jeramiah Casey
(Mary Sullivan)
born abt 1810, immigrated abt 1844, died 1875 PA; Ireland
Pepper Scotto
John Cashman
(Mary Catherine McCarty)
1805 County Cork, Ireland; Canada; St. Louis, MO; Hudson, WI
Kasey Johnson
Rafael Casias
(Maria Martinez)
1804; Taos
Benedicto Casias
Henry Cassatt
(Jane Pullen)
29 Dec 1812, Warren Co., OH; d. 20 Aug 1890, Davis Co., IA
Shirley Boatwright
Jefferson Caswell
1807 New England
H S Caswell
Elizabeth Catching
(William Catching)
18 January 1821 GA; died 12 August 1888 Columbia Co, AR
Stacie Davis
Archibald Cathey
(Mary Ann)
1800; Georgia
Allita Griffin
George Washington Catlett
(Elizabeth D. Fitzhugh)
b: 1815 maybe VA.
Ben Adams
James Cawley
1800-1825 Ireland; Carbondale, PA
Jesse H Cawthorn
1816; GA
Claudia Morawski


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