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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Bradford William Bracket
(Julia Ann Reeves)
1819; Hall County, Georgia
Donna A Keith
William Braddock
(Hannah McLaughlin)
1816 MT Holly NJ; Death Oct 17 1895 DE
Chrissie Braddock
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Stephen Bradford
1824; PA-Lycoming Co
Bill Bradford
Ajuna Bradley
(Elizabeth Repine)
Abt 1820, PA; 26 April 1862, Evansville, IN
Kyla Cathey
Edmund Bradley
1818 NC; 1850 Cherokee Count AL
Carl Bradley
John H Bradshaw
ca 1804 Ireland; d 1854 Oh
LaVonne Bradshaw
Owen Bradshaw
(Martha Moss)
1808-1852; Arkansas
Lynette Peraza
John Nelson Brady
1805/1810; SE GA
Kenneth Brady
Joseph Braley
(Nancy Baggett)
NC ca 1802; 1829, Newton, GA, 1850 Russell, AL, 1860-80 Muscogee, GA
Gene Lynch
Susan Elizabeth Branch
(Ambrose LeGrande F. Rucker)
1814 TN/NC; TN -NC-MO-KS
Carla V. (Hill) Leighton
William Branham
1804; NC>TN>MO
Jacqueline Watkins
Jonathan Braswell
(Jane Logan)
5-20-1820; Meriwether, Ga
Jacob Brazell
(Lucina Scroggins)
born ca. 1808; GA>Columbia Co AR
Jane Brazell Sisolak
Susannah Breshears
(William Skaggs)
abt 1805; SC
Wanda J Thompson
David Brewer
(Rebecca Pickett)
1818 NY; 1840 Marriage/ Ind/Ohio
Bonnie Brewer
Edward Brewer
(Elizabeth Bateman)
about 1814 South Carolina
Ann Singleton
Pinckney Brewster
Born ca 1800-1815; Lived in the Franklin and Towns County, GA area
Lynn Hawkins
Georg Adam Brickner
(Maria Eva Schmidt/ Smith)
1 Nov 1812 in Bavaria, Germany; GER > Seneca Co., OH; immigrated abt 1833-1836
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Caroline Bridges
1825; Cumberland Valley Twp, Bedford Co., PA
Gerald Miller
Nancy Harden Bridges
(Rochester Atkisson)
abt 1809 KY; Lived in Shelby Co, KY
Helen Pettibone
David Sweet Briggs
(Caroline C )
1810 E Greenwich RI; d1890
Joy Briggs
Zerviah Briggs
c1806 Brownsville, PA; m 9 Nov 1826
Mary Jane Battaglia
Jacob Strother Bright
(Lucinda Derrer)
1822 Virginia; Was in Rockingham County VA 1850 and 1860 Census
Don Bright
Thomas Bright
(Elizabeth ?)
1817, PA
Susan Voigt
George Britt
(Eliza Wood)
1800; VA
John Britt
Robert Brock
(Elizabeth Ostron)
1820- 1860; Michigan
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Ami Fuller Bromley
(Sarah Ann Grover)
1818 NY State; Died MI
Harold C. Fisher
James R. Brooks
(Nancy D. Grace)
February 19, 1808 Washington Co., GA; 1829 was in Jefferson Co., FLA
Bill Brooks
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John Broomfield
(Julia Stubbs)
b.1811 in VA; m.1823 in GA, d.1881 in TX
Oliver Brott
(Sarah Jane Talbot)
1823-1904; NY
Cynthia Brott Biasca
Abraham Brown
(Mary Reed)
Sept. 12, 1809 NJ; died 1862 in Van Wert So., Ohio
Susan Brown Elliott
Charles Brown
11 Jan 1801; New York
Justine Miller
Cummins Brown
(Elizabeth McIntire)
1802 KY or PA; 1865 Iowa
G. Justice
Daniel Brown
(Jerusha Hancock)
born 1825 - died 1883; Vt or NY
J. Schwan
Daniel R. Brown
(Margaret Jane (Witham) Rideout)
1809 Bath, Maine; m. 1/24/1853 Bath ME
Diane Brown
George Brown
(Catherine Corn)
1808; Taylorsville, KY
Danny Brown
George Washington Brown
(Mary "Polly" Newberry)
abt 1804, Kentucky; migrated to Missouri about 1830
Hariet Brown
1803 GA, ; Sabine Parish, LA.
Hines Berry Brown
(Martha Merritt)
b.1816, Nash co, NC; GA, AL, Milton co, GA.
Linda Benjamin
Hinesberry Brown
(Martha Merritt)
1816 North carolina; Littlle River Milton Georgia
Robert Head
Isaac Brown
1823; North Carolina- Texas
Patricia Swift
James Brown
(Freelone Potter)
1804; Kingston, Washington, Rhode Island
Karen Brown
James Brown
1802; Washington Co, TN
Bill Herrman
James R. Brown
1810; Delaware
Beverly Williams
James Young Brown
(Elizabeth Ann Glasscock)
1807 Tn; Died Coles Co Ill 1877
Shirley Annis
John Brown
(Caroline Harber)
1824 TN; 1825 TN; in Gibson Co TN 1850 Census; died in 1858
Tom Russell
Joseph Brown
(Ester Beard)
1810 Westmoreland, PA; died 1898 Defiance, Oh
Lucinda Brown
Lindsey Brown
(Elizabeth Miller)
1813; Rockingham Co NC
Joyce Stevens Turel
Ramsey Brown
(Jane Adams)
1819; Wilkins Township Pa.
Rick Brown
Samuel Brown
(Elizabeth Day)
b.4/07/1810; Cadiz, Harrison, Ohio
Jan Henson
Tillman Brown
(Rachel Pence)
abt. 1801; California
Pauline Strohson
William Brown
1820 or 1822; Vt or Mass
William H H Browne
(Jane Frost)
1800; Portland, Maine
Van Riley
Lillias W. Bruce
(Alexander Emerick/Emrick)
15 Jan. 1823 Mississippi; died 8 Dec. 1861 Claiborne County, Mississippi
Carita Curtis
Georg Adam Brückner
(Maria Eva Schmidt/ Smith)
1 Nov 1812 in Bavaria, Germany; GER > Seneca Co., OH; immigrated abt 1833-1836
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Nancy Bruner
(John Travis)
about 1810; Pennsylvania
N Masterson-Reed
Johan Brunner
(Margaret ab Egglen (Ahbecken))
1801, Canton Bern, Switzerland > WI, 1850s
Carol Northrop
William F. Bryan
1816 KY; Died TX
Dwyght Bryan
Eli Bryant
(Elizabeth Cooper)
1812, SC (?); 1830's -1880's Lewis Co, KY
Joye Giroux
George Bryant
(1. Mary Ann Barker)
(2. Diantha E. Davis)
1806-1809 New York State; 1850 Algansee, Branch, Michigan; 1850- 1865 Fairgrove, Tuscola, Michigan
Pat Konold
Moses Stephen Bryant
(Lucy Phillips)
1814; Enfield New Hampshire
Bernie Bradner
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Presley Bryant
(Ruth Collins)
Abt. 1817; Ky
Sandra Smith
Salenthia Bryant
(Thomas Perry Hedrick)
Born 7 Nov. 1815 Blount Co. TN.
Lynn Hawkins
Thomas B. Bryant
1825; Georgia
Danny L. Ewing


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