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Single Lineage Researcher Page--1800-1825
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The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born between January 1, 1800 and December 31, 1825.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Thomas Jefferson Abbott
(Lucinda May Phillips)
05 Nov 1808 in Lenoir Co., North Carolina; d: 14 Apr 1853 married 06 Jun 1835; all in Lenoir Co., NC
Sandy Goodchild
Archibald Adams
1806 -1870; Greene Co., PA
Jan Slater
James A. Acton
(Mary Ann Martha Crockett)
c. 1810 KY; m. KY 1835; d. 1840-45 KY
Nora B Acton
James J Adams
(Mary H Combs)
10/30/1805; NYC
Judy Boehm
Joel B. Adams
((1st) Jane Galliher)
1810 Washington County, VA;
Charles Adams
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John Adams
(Mathilda Pomeroy)
June 13th 1820- Illinois; 1861, Santa Clara County, California
Sean Adams
John Adams
abt. 1805 PA > VanWert Co., OH
Cindy Hyman
John Wesley Adams
(Elizabeth M Whitaker)
July 10, 1810; VA, KY
Kay Repp
Joseph E. Adams
(Barbary Ann Shackleford)
11-17-1818 Norcwich Mass; Died; 10-23-1880 P.C. Texas
Geneva Lagrone
Richard Joel Adams
abt. 1800 SC; 1850 SC census
Samuel Adams
(Tamson Ann Dix)
Jan. 15, 1800; Mississippi
Cathy Dorsett
William Adams
(Mary McCracken)
b: 1824 in Ireland; immigrated abt.1850; 1860 Pittsburg, Pa. census
Ben Adams
William Adams
(Juliette Prouty)
March 9, 1820; Ohio
Juliet Blatchford
William Adams
1820; Ohio
Martin Smith
John Adamson
About 1803; Caldwell County KY
A Wade
Andrew Adkins
1821 > 1884; Grainger Co TN; Maries Co MO
Shirley Scott
Samuel D. Agee
1819-1891; VA>MO
Lorraine I. Quillon
Mary Ainley
(Asa Taylor)
1803; Tennessee
M Bice
Henry Aldredge
1800; North Carolina
Nancy Eliza Aldredge
(Adam Henry Ryan)
b.1819; Indiana>Illinois>Mo>Il.
C. Lawson
William Harris Aldridge
(Sarah Talbert)
1820-25; MS
Pat Plummer
Joab Alexander
(Sarah McDonald)
(Margaret Stonaker)
1800, KY; Miami Co, OH
Christine Pullman
John Y. Alexander
(Elizabeth Hayes)
03 March 1807, Pennsylvania; 2 January 1864, Beatrice, Nebraska
Susan Alexander Llauget
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Viola Olivia Alexander
(William Marshall Ewing)
1825; Tennessee
Danny L. Ewing
Alfred Allen
(Mary Kind?)
c1805 TN; AL 1835, MS 1840,TX 1880
Celeste Holly
Anna Allen
(John Bloomer)
b. 18 Aug 1813; d. 18 Mar 1888; Fayette Co, OH
Janie Martin Whitty
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Beverly Allen
1811; Massachuettes
Clyde W. Allen Jr.
David William Allen
(Lucinda Gray Parham)
27 Dec. 1825 Wake Co NC; 17 June 1895 Forestville, NC
Lila Sandstrom
Dixon Allen
Born: 1807 SC; Died: 1893 Hunt Co., Tx
Elisha Allen
1801 Rockingham Co., N.C.
Arnold Allen
Mahala Allen
Born: August 19, 1811, Tennessee; 1850, Harrison County, Missouri
Melody Beery
William Allen
Sept 1821; NY>PA
Judy Allen Cwiklinski
William Allis
about 1810; Exeter, NY
Ray Allis
Isaac Allred
(Margaret McCune)
about 1802; GA>AL>Wood/Rains Co.,TX
Valerie Simonton
William Allyn
(Mary Throop)
1822; CT/IA
Brenda Allyn
Elton Amiss
(Edmund Kemper)
1803; Virginia
Leslie Dixon
Anders Anderson
(Maria Svensson)
5 Jul 1820/Brevik, Skaraborg, Sweden; Sep 1868/Grantsville, Tooele, Utah
Harrison Anderson
(Catherine Anderson)
1806; Va
Emilie Reine
John Anderson
1821; PA
James R. Anderson
Lewis, Jr Anderson
(Nancy Ziggler)
born 6/30/1820, Sweden; ==> Mulberry Gap TN 1849; died 11/13/1897
Sheri Richardson
Stephen Anderson
(Sarah Perkins)
1802 / 1831; VA / TN
Cindy Carson Mc Clure
Henry C. Andrews
(Amanda Chambers)
1805; OH
P. Foxworthy
James Young Anderson
(Mahala Cain)
4/20/1810, Dauphin County, PA; Died 8/24/1866, Greene County IA
Jennifer Tice
John N. Andrews
(Eliza Gish)
ca 1830; Petersburg, VA
Tina Ellis
David O Angell
(Mary H Tillinghast)
b 16Aug1804 Cranston RI; d. 28Nov1870 New Bedford Ma
Barbara Tuley
Milton Anthony
(Amalia Barfield)
1820 Jones County GA;
Sara Rawlins
Sarah Ann Applewhite
(Harrison Henry Noland)
10 Apr 1824 MS; died 19 July 1899 Freestone Co., TX
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Henry Arbuckle
abt.1820-aft.1880; Decatur & Howard Co IN
Tad D. Campbell
Charles C Archer
(Margaret Coleburn)
1807 VA; 1850 Tipton,TN
Ann Barron
Richard Armitage
(Phoebe Shaw)
born 1811; PA>Cayuga Co NY>Jackson Co MI
Tom Sisolak
Jane Armstrong
bSept 9,1815 dOct25 1859; AL
Shirley Tomich
Mahala Armstrong
(Milan Lewis Smith)
b. 25 Aug 1819; d. 17 Jul 1885; Fayette Co, OH
Jane Whitty
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Morris Armstrong
(Elizabeth Sims)
17 Dec 1800; Beaver Dam Creek, Warren Cnty. KY; d. 15 Apr 1876; Girard, Macoupin Co., IL
Sue Mullins
James Wilson Arrowsmith
1816-1901; Somerset,NJ
Kent Lewis
Ambrose Arthur
(Easter Storms)
about 1811 born in KY or SC; died in KY, Pulaski
Sandra McCowan
James Arthur
1823; VA>OH>KY
Linda Arthur Tejera
Joseph Paschall Ashmore
(Mary Ann Patterson)
1822, MS; 1860, N.O., Louisiana
Mary Claunch-Lane- Walthall
Murrell Askew
(Eliza Wright)
1811; Tennessee
Bill Webb
Joel Asper
4/20/1822, Adams Co , PA; 1827 Warren, Trumbull Co, OH; 1847 Geauga Co, OH; 1850-61 IA; 1864 Chillicothe, Livingston Co, MO; d.10/1/1872 Chillicothe, MO
Phillip Asper Yochem, Jr.
Jasper Atchley
(Elizabeth Wells)
about 1825 TN
Bill McGroom
Clayton Atkins
1811; VA
Keith Johnson
Ephraim Atkins
(Rebecca Dameron)
1820 NC; 1850 McNairy Co TN
Sharon Atkins Lockett
Jessee Atkins
(Elizabeth Baldwin)
1810 NC; Tallahatchie Co
Connie Atkins
Enoch Atwood
(Nancy Davis)
abt. 1820; Virginia to Ohio
Barb Pearson
Susan Emily Augur
1822-1910; OH>IN
Helen MacKain
Mary E. Auld
(William Elliott Strong)
born about 1813 in PA ; married bef 1838 OH, died after 1880 Kansas
Meg Kemp
Archibald Austin
1800-1810 TN
J A Oliver
Miles Austin
(Nancy Sledd)
1800; Virginia
Cindy Driscoll
Absalom Autrey
(Elizabeth Norris)
1802 Alabama; 1846 Louisiana
Hazel McGee Peterson
Charles Avery
1800-aft 1860; NY>PA
Traci Spears
Delilah Avery
(Delilah Avery)
aft.1800.; Eastern U.S.A.
Bess Smith


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