Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: December 16, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Ebenezer Wilber
(Nama Pier)
1784;; d. 1822, Susquehanna Co., PA
Kim Sullivan
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Abbie Wilbur
(Ezekiel Johnson)
b. 1792, RI
Beth Manners
Francis Wilcox
(Mary Wilcox)
1778 NY; OH
Alice Allen
Job Wilcox
(Mary Gates)
1743; Exeter, RI
Robert Wilcox
(Susan(nah) Champlin)
26 Nov 1779 S. Kingstown, RI.
Frank Ryba
Robert Wilds
(Frances Fugett)
@1780; MD
PJ Sisseck
Elizabeth Wiley
(John Forbes)
abt 1772, Guilford Co, NC; married 18 Sep 1786, Guilford Co, NC, died: 1842, Wilson Co, Tn
Franklin Womack
Jacob Wiley
1783 Tennessee ; 1820/ Early County Georgia
Larry Wiley
James Wiley
1783; NC/TN
Edward B. Wiley
John Sr. Wiley
1734; d/o/d. 1818 Guilford Co, NC
Reverend Thomas Wilkins
1700s; New Jersey residents
Ann Wilkins Harhen
Joseph Wilkinson
(Priscilla Branch)
ca.1625-post 1750; VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Samuel W. Wilkinson
(Betsy Myers)
1787-1859; MA>NY>MI
Keith Wilkinson
William Wilkinson
(Mery Nason)
7 February 1788 marriage; South Berwick, York County, Maine
Heather Wilkinson Rojo
Martin Willard
1744; prob. NC
Sherry Healy
William Willard
(Jane Cooke)
1749-1755; Leesburg, VA.
Clyde Willard
Johann Willheit
(Anna Hengsteller)
1720; Orange Co, VA
Carol DeMars
Abraham Williams
1695-1781; MA
Marge Howe
Benjamin Williams
(Eliza Montgomery)
1700; Morgan, KY
Connie Williams
Benjamin Williams
(Eunice Gardner)
RI or CT; d.1813 Cayuga Co, NY
Helen Pettibone
Cynthia Williams
(Benjamin Clifton)
unknown probably Tn; died: abt 1820, Wilson Co, Tn
Franklin Womack
Daniel Williams
abt 1718; SC>TN
Robert Pierce
Elizabeth Williams
(Isaac Concklin)
1777 Norwalk, CT
Patti Yates
Evan Williams
1699, Denbigshire, Wales; 9 Dec 1774, Prince William Co., VA
Charles H. Williams, PhD
Hezekiah Williams
(Nancy Reams)
1779 Old, SC; Died Texas 1853
Cyndie Thacker
Isaac Williams
(Thankful or Mary)
abt 1725; MA
Jakki Lutz
Isham Williams
1796; Connecticut
Joel Williams
before 1800, S.C.;
Wilma Williams
John Williams
(Nancy Taylor)
1-24-1779; 1800 Mt Sterling, Ky
JoAnn Williams
Jonas Williams
b. 1749; Prince William Co. VA
Malinda Jones
Lemuel Williams
(Abi Lamb)
21 March 1754; Coventry,Kent,Rhode Island
Lemuel Williams
bef1770 VA.; 1804 Onslow County N C
Richard Williams
(Sarah Wheeler)
1658 CT; United States
Richard Williams
(Francis Deighton)
September 15, 1693; Taunton, MA
Jane Peppler
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Thomas Williams
(Eve Engler)
1794 - 1846; NJ to PA to OH to Cedar, IA
Ed Williams
Thomas Williams
(Thankful MacCoone)
ca. 1700-1750; RI, possibly in nearby (CT, MA or NH) states as well.
Dan Walker
Thomas Williams
b. abt. 1775; NC>TN>KY>MO
Steve Williams
William Williams
(Mary Watts)
17 Sep 1757 ; Faitfax Co., Virginia
Diana Cronhardt
William Williams
Abt 1798; 1850-AL-1880AL
Alexander Williamson
(Elizabeth Phillips)
14 Mar 1739 Scotland; 1770 Fauquier Va
Ken Curcio
Mourning Williamson
(James Wright)
1782 NC; d after 1870 Dekalb Co. AL
Bob Fansler
Peter Williamson
1764; VT>OH
Marc Simmons
Archibald Willingham
(Eleanor Belcher)
10 Dec 1786 GA; m. 1809 Columbia Co., GA
Katherine Woerner
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John Willingham
(Frances Weldon)
1778; VA, KY
C. Jones
Richard Willis
(Ann(e) Crowder (?))
Abt. 1722 Amelia Co., VA; d. 1775-7 Mecklinburg Co., VA
Gaye Robertson
William Willoughby
(Jerusalem Jones)
1759 Virginia
Linda Dick
James Wills
(Lillian Buchanan)
17 Jul 1763; Chester Co., PA
Loma . Frakes
Alexander Willson
abt. 1750; April 5/6 1786 Embarras River, Ill
Carolyn Beron
Andrew Willson
(Catherine Millham)
7Sep1769, Independence, Sussex, NJ; D:1 Apr,1852, Warren County, PA
Julie Harper Chlarson
Stephen Pelham Willson
(Mary/Polly Davis)
b. 1789 NY; GA>AR>Tyler Co., TX
Brenda Perkins
Alexander Wilson
abt. 1750; April 5/6 1786 Embarras River, Ill
Carolyn Beron
Alexander Wilson
(Elizabeth Murdock)
1799; North Georgia
Linda Gerus
Amos Wilson
(Catherine Myers)
1767; Loudoun Co., Virginia
Nancy Simmons Roberson
David Wilson
(Rebecca Tibbitts)
1790 Albany Co. NY.; Cocksackie, N.Y.
Merlyn Wilson
Jacob Wilson, Sr.
Poss. NC; Lived NC 1780 -1790
James Wilson
(Sarah Mounts)
b. 1767; VA, TN or NC??
Jeremiah Wilson
(Elizabeth Safright)
1744 N.C.; 1782 Grayson CO> VA.
La Vera Jones
John Wilson
Feb.18,1760 St. Lawrence County NY; Died betw 1800-1810, Washington County NY
John Wilson
(Sarah )
1790; and before 1803, inScioto Co
Rowena Horr
John Wilson
bef. 1775/Washington Co., PA; 1810/Perry Co., OH
Wilson DeCamp
Joseph Wilson
????; Death 1810 Burke Co., NC
Bob Wilson
Stephen Pelham Wilson
(Mary/Polly Davis)
b. 1789 NY; GA>AR>Tyler Co., TX
Brenda Perkins
Thomas Wilson
1750 North Carolina; Nashville, tn. 1800
Joseph Wilson
Thomas Wilson
(Nancy Keel)
1785; New Orleans, LA
Craig Wilson
Thomas Wilson
(Ann Cochran)
1713-1786; IRE>ME
Rae Venable Calvert
William Wilson
(Susannah Cawthon)
1770 in Telfair Co., GA; d. 1801 in Thomas Co., GA
Irene Page
William, Sr. Wilson
1700's; VA
Randolph King Waddill
William, Sr. Wilson
b. 1 Jan 1796 m. 16 Nov 1838 d. 20 Dec 1873; Westmoreland Co. or Butler Co. Pa >Carroll Co. Oh
Jane Smith Grezlik
William Tanner Wilson
1795 SC; d. 1849 Hall, GA
Janel Woodbury


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