Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: December 13, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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George Whales
bef 1750; ME
Pam Ward
Zachariah Wharton
(Sarah Young)
1760; VA
David Phillips
Stephen Wheadon
(Abigail Drake)
7 Dec 1784; Branford, CT
Eve Fowler
Grant Wheat
(Lucy Butts)
Apr 20, 1780 New London, CT; d. May 3, 1861 Oneida County, NY
Pat Ratcliff
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George Wheeler
(Katherine Pin)
1605, Bedforshire, England; 1640, Concord, MA
Niles Wheeler
John Wheeler
(Tabitha Warrington)
1760 MD; 1810 OH
Marilyn Willer
John C. Wheeler
(Mary Fields)
(Nancy Gentry)
1771 d. 4/12/1856; Virginia
Carol J. Wheeler
John W. Whetstone
b. 1796; PA>MD>OH
Jim McCabe
Myron Whipple
(Mary J Blakeslee)
1787; CT. NY. PA
Solomon Whipple
(Caroline Churchill)
@1790; Rhode Island
John Aquilla Whitaker
(Fleur Whitaker)
Shelbyville KY; died Louisiana 1812
Julie Whitaker Boca
Cajabeth White
(Frances )
1740; VA or NC (Warren Co); Died Rockingham Co, 1798
Jack H. White
Camm White
1777; Virginia
Robert White
Coolidge White
(Betsey (Hutchinson) White)
1763 Wallingford VT? ; died 1740
carolyn Preber
David White
1794 Georgia
Brenda Duffey
Drury White
(Elizabeth Fields)
1797, NC; TN, IN
Doug White
Francis White
(Leah Durrett)
b/abt 1735 and d/1802; Abbeville Dist., SC
Charlotte Wilson Williams
Henry White
(Mary Logsdon)
about 1760 in Maryland; or Virginia
Phil White
Jacob White
(Elizabeth Hoggard)
b. 1784 Bertie Co., NC; d.1864 Baldwin Co., AL
Paul Weekley
James Taylor White
(Elizabeth Ingram)
b. 1780-90 N C; d. 1836 Stewart Co., Ga.
Nancy Cowart Sims
Jane (Jinsey) White
Sep 11, 1782; Indiana Co PA
Shirley McMunn
John White
(Ann Wisdom)
b. 1699, Leicestershire, Eng; d. in US, prob VA
Jo Holsinger
John White
(Phebe Carter/Cockerham)
1720 Lunenburg, VA; d. 1796, Lunenburg
Scott Pell
Jonathan White
March,1764; Hopkinton,R.I.
Scott Bill Hirst
Lemuel White
(Ity Kirby)
1798 SC
Ann Schlemm
Nathaniel White
1755 Hanover, VA
Courtlee Heath
Nicholas White
1686 Chipping Sodbury, Co. Gloucester, ENG; Chester Co, PA
Glenda Frank Moser
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Resolved White
(Judith Vassall)
1620; MA
Thomas R. Flood
Robert White
(Mildred Whitehead)
1743 Roanoke River VA; Old Brunswick Co VA?
Mike White
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Robert White
1720; Connecticut
James Whitehouse
(Nancy )
1787-88, NH; Died 1860-65 Kendall, NY
Lisa Kiblinger
Samuel Whitehurst
(Sarah Nelson)
c1700-1756; Carteret County, NC
Joel S. Russell
Willoughby Whitehurst
(Elizabeth Crisp)
about 1790; United States
Michael Whitehurst
William, Sr. Whitely
(Susannah Tyler)
ca 1734; Goose Creek, Whitely's Ford, Loudoun Co. VA
Josephine Lindsay Bass
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Robert Whitfill
(Elizabeth Clark)
1799; Washington County, Kentucky
Clutter, Marcella Portman
John Whitheford b. ca. 1610-20, Warwickshire, England, came to York, VA, ca. 1642
G.M. Weatherford
John Whitman
(Dorcas Davis)
1850 - death MI; 1820 - 40 NY, 1788 VT
Kelley ( Whitman ) Badgerow
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Elijah Whitney
b. 1760-1770; VA?>KY
Beverly Adams
Heman Whitney
(Huldah Spaulding)
1775? New York; m 1797 Saratogo Co., NY
John Whitney
(Polly Gibbs)
1784; Deerfield Mass
Shirley Annis
Peter Whitright
(Elizabeth Shoemaker)
21 Aug 1785-ca 1870; PA. Columbiana Co., Oh., Ashland Co., OH Decatur Co., IA.
John Whitt
(Ann Daux)
c1645 England; 1670 m. Charles City Co., VA
Wayne Witt Bates
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William Whittle
(Sarah Earp)
abt 1797 MD;
Thomas Whitwell
1774-1846; VA>KY>TN
Shirley Scott
John Whood
-1798; VA
Cheryl Zelek
James Whyte
born 1684; Isle of Wight, VA
Suzanne Y. Bryant


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