Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: March 15, 2016


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Thomas W Wand
(Mary Figg)
2 April 1762 England; Butler Co Ky USA by 1830
Margie Cooper
John Wansor
(Catherine Baker)
ca 1785 NY; Lattingtown, Glen Cove, Queens County
Janice Bernath
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Benjamin Ward
(Amfield Morgan)
1782 Maryland; Harford Cnty /Ohio 1824
Nancy Thompson
Ezekial Ward
abt1755, Old Dobbs Co. NC; Rutherford Co. TN
Gayla Field
John Ward
(Sarah Hills)
about 1637; Watertown, CT
Judy Williams
Lemuel Ward
(Mary Bate)
abt 1734; marriage 1754 Weymouth, Ma
Loretta Barchus
Nancy Ward
(Thomas Dunn)
(Bible Record) 4 Jan 1775 near Baltimore MD; d. 27 Mar 1857 Alva MS
Lanelle Dunn Hanke
Samuel Ward
1790 PA
Samuel Ward
(Mary Perry)
1790 Rhode Island
Barbara Zieminski
William Ward
(Nancy Courtney)
B 1743 in England; Pendleton Co, VA
John D. Ward
William Ward
abt 1603-1687; ENG>MA
Robert Kline
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Robert Ware
(Margaret Hunting)
Abt. 1642; MA
Thomas R. Flood
Joseph Ware
abt. 1735 Ireland; 1810 census in Frederick, VA
Ellen Hegeman
Richard Waring
(Elizabeth (Ivatt) March)
abt. 1615 England; Brookhaven, NY
Nancy Denning
Ian Warmack
1747-1749; GA
Pat Evans
Abijah Warner, Jr.
1775; Waterbury, CT
Justine Miller
John Warner
1635; Hartford
Gary Warner
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Joseph Warner
(Ruth Trott)
1738; MD
Mary Grether
Mildred Warner
(Lawrence Washington)
m.1690; VA
Barbara Washburn
Burwell Warren
(Elizabeth Nance)
04 May 1793, Henry, Virginia;
William Anderson
Ebenezer Warren
4 Dec 1769-; VT>NY>MI
Karen Mohr
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George Warren
ca 1722 MD; ca 1780 Montgomery Co, MD
Barb Norvell
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Jabez Warren
(Mary Bissell)
aby 1690 Connecticut
James Warren
abt 1756; NC
Marvin & Samme Templin
John Warren
(Tabatha Dorcas (Milly) Vincent)
Born 1776 Virginia; Died 1860 Madison KY.
Anita Motz
Lydia Taylor Warren
(David Hastings Parsons)
b 5 Jul 1798, MA; m. 10 Nov 1821; d 14 Nov 1883, Illinois
Hattie Dixon
Mary Ann Warren
(Jacob Hawk)
About 1780 in Warren, Tennessee; Died about 1860 in Madison, Arkansas
Sherri Park
Richard Warren
1620; Plymouth
Thomas Warren
(Rebecca Baden)
October 5, 1770; Adams CO., PA
Joy Zeller Johnson
James Warrick
b abt 1792; Grayson Co, VA
Olen Warrick
Gaiel Washbon
(Rebecca Garfield)
abt 1775 New York; US
Melinda Swain
Gaiel Washburn
(Rebecca Garfield)
abt1775 NY; US
Melinda Swain
Henry Washington
(Mildred Pratt)
1749; Prince William Co., VA
Bill Hurst
J.C.B. Washington
(Ann Elilzabeth Bobo Ray)
ca 1790-1800; maybe GA- ? by 1820 he was in Frankin, Howard Co. MO-married by 1825
John Washington
(Mildred Warner)
1659; West Virginia
Nancy Day
Resolved Waterman
(Lydia Mathewson)
b. 1792 Providence, RI; d. 1746 Smithfield, RI
Abel Waters
(Sarah Tomlinson)
1744; Rhode Island, New York
Beth Cotter
Clarkey Watkins
1776-1850; Caswell County
Jalil H. Mutakabbir
Artemus Watson
(Susan Currin)
abt. 1784 in NC; m. 1860 in Anson Co, NC
John Watson
(Dorcas Gardiner)
1769/ RI
Lucy Coon
Scace Book Watson
(Sarah Cross)
Abt. 1760 Nansemond Co.,VA; Marion Co.,S.C.
Raymond L.Collins
Thomas Watt
l790 l820; Pa. Ky. Oh.
Janie Watt
James Watts
(Mary Parkins)
1753, Maryland; 1810, death, Greenbrier, VA
Diana Cronhardt
James Waugh
fought in Revolution 1777-1780; Augusta >Pendleton >Pocahontas VA
John Ballard


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