Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: May 13, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Martin Waddle
01 Mar 1797 VA; Menard CO., IL > Davis CO., IA
Helene Lishner
Drury Wade
1790 N.C.
Brinda Cole
John Wade
1685; Lyme Connecticut
Susan Carlson
John Wade
B. circa 1740, Preble Co., OH; D. circa 1819, Washington Co., MD
Monica Moore
Joshua Wade
1750-1800; VA
Pat Wade Nicholson
Obadiah Wade
(Abigale )
17_ _; N.C., Williamson Co. TN. Shelby Co. Ill.
Mike Simmons
Richard Wade
(Judith Hancock)
1752 VA; 1844 KY
Betty Cathcart
Samuel Wadsworth
(Nancy Sweeney)
1797 ??; ==>FL
Sedate Wadsworth
(Susan Hassan)
July 11abt 1797; Birth 25 Feb 1775
John Wadsworth
Frederick Wagoner
(Mary Ann Blubaugh)
1794 - 1838; PA & MD
Alice Luckhardt
John Wait
(Sara Blair)
PA; d 22 May 1786 Wash Co. PA
Joan Laing
John Waits
(Sara Blair)
PA; d 22 May 1786 Wash Co. PA
Joan Laing
William Wakefield
1733 Boston Mass; 11/15/1751 Ashford CT
John Walden
(Sarah Hastings)
b ca 1730; d 1793; Caroline CO., Va
Eldred W. Melton
George Wales
bef 1750; ME
Pam Ward
David Walker
(Elizabeth Elliot)
abt. 1750; 1780, Fulton co., PA
John Scott
David Walker
(Fanny Adams)
1795; North Carolina
Ann Terry
Elisha Walker
(Elizabeth Bowers)
C. 1761 VA; d. GA C. 1802
Walker Baumgardner
Elizabeth Walker
(John Bailey)
birth 1664 Eastham, Mass; m. 1685 Westmoreland, VA
Betty J. Adams
Isaac Walker
c 1770-bef 1840; NC>TN>MS
Sandra Olney
James D. Walker
1777; NC
Bill Ellis
Jane Walker
(Joseph Phillips)
ca.1773-after 1802; N.C.>GA
Rae Venable Calvert
John Walker
(Lydia Holmes)
1794; Peacham, VT
David R. Walker
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Jonathan Burch Walker
(Elizabeth Benton)
unknown; In Ga. 1797
Sandra Weilacher
Mary Walker
(John Ayres)
1663; 1689 NJ
Fred Martin
Matthew Walker
(Mary Bruner)
Born 1776 in Virginia; Died 1850 in Jessamine County, KY
Jacob Walker
Micajah Walker
1783; Virginia
Justine Miller
Robert Walker
(Rachel Bates)
1785; 1825 TN
Russell Walker
Samuel Walker
(Martha-Jefferson Bell)
died about 1813; Edgefield, SC
Judith Russell
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Shadrack Walker
abt 1760; Goochland Co.VA
Judy Dunbar
Shadrack Walker
(Hannah Shepherd)
1759; Goochland CO.,VA
Marie Walker Jennings
Washington Walker
(Lucinda De Long)
1733 PA; 04Mar 1896 Pedro, Lawrence Co.; Oh
Carolyn Walker
William Walker, Sr.
(Nancy Townsend)
b. 1780 VA; d. Aug. 1840 TN
John M. Walker
William R.Walker
1780-1840; VA>TN
Linda Nehring
Byrd Wall
(Lucy Griffin)
b. ca 1785 d.1853; Rural Hall, Stokes Co. North Carolina
James Wall
Darcus Wall
(Dawson Grimes)
Abt. 1765 North Carolina
Brandon Flowers
Drewry Wall
(Martha Meeks)
about 1772; Maryland
Art Wall
Drewry Wall
(Martha Meeks)
Abt 1772; VA, SC
Don Wall Jr.
Alexander Wallace
(Agnes Campbell or Gordon)
1699, Scotland; d. 1767, York Co. PA
Ann Palmer
Joseph Wallace
(Mary Meek)
8/6/1751; Pennsylvania; m. 1/21/1777, Mecklinburg Co, N.C. > Sumner Co., Tennessee
Eric Petty
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Moses Wallace
b. about 1785; Virginia
Oliver Wallace
(Mary Night)
February 14, 1763; Augusta County, VA
Jim Wallace
William Waller
(Elizabeth Lambert)
bef 1800 D 1802; Lunenburg Va.
Jennifer Waller McCann
Amos Walley
1750; Rhode Island
Kathleen Jope Manning
Nicholas Wallingford
1638; Bradford, MA
Darryn Lickliter
Josiah Wallis
(Sarah Hobson)
b. 1775; NC
Malinda Jones
Peter A.Walradt
1774; NY
Donna Grothaus
Peter A.Walrod
1774; NY
Donna Grothaus
Honora Walsh
b. ~1790 in Ireland; 1850 - Boliver West Virginia
Kaila Welsh
Levi Moore Walston
(Phoebe Rude)
1792 Greene Co. NC; 1820 Gallatin Co., IL>1853 Mercer Co., IL
Helen Graves
David Waltemeyer
1750; Pennsylvania
Judith Gustafson
Sophia Walter
(Lindsay Edwards)
1792; Virginia
Mary Tsui
David Waltermyer
(Eve Elizabeth)
1752; York Springs, PA
Janeva Frisby
Anton Walters
(Susanna Schmidt)
1798 Rheinland; 1848 Erie Co., NY
Barbara Ryan
Conrad Walters
1712; 1732/Pennsylvania
Rebecca Walters phillips
George Walters
(Dinah Nichols)
b. 14 Nov 1748; > 1774; Chester Co, PA
Dave Vab Doren
Richard Walters
1792; Georgia
Richard Walters
(Polly Hardgrove)
born ca 1780 and died 1815; Pulaski Co., KY
Craig Nelson


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