Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: March 15, 2016


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Sarah Vail
(Richard Hankinson)
1744 Greenbrook,NJ; circa 1770 Charleston,SC
Judy Emerick
Thomas T. Valentine
1789 approx.; Died 1877 Tennessee
Otho Valentine
Isaiah Valleau
1690; New York
Rich Turnblom
Martha Van Bibber
(Swinfield Hill)
abt 1740 VA; d. 1813 Franklin Co VA
Barb Locker
Michael Van Court
(Elizabeth Brown)
March 4,1738 New Jersey; March 4, 1739 New York
Betsy Haslett
Jan Pietersz van Deventer
bp. apr 24, 1627; imm April 1662; d. 1689-1693; Brooklyn, NY
Sarah A. V. Kirby
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Johannes Van Etten
(Rebecca Ostrander)
b 10 Nov 1710; Readington, NJ
Cheryl Gallagher
Jan Fransse Van Hooser
(Volkje Juriaens)
abt 1608 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein; Claverack, Albany, NY
Linda Peters
Mathjis Van Keulen
1601-1648; NY
Doug Van Curen
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Hendrick Van Kortryk
(Catherine Webber)
14 Dec 1642; Esopus, NY
Joe Boyle
Janitje Van Meter
( Cherie Hendricks)
1700; U.S.
Cherie B. Wilhelm
John Vanatta
(Mary Forrester)
16 Sec 1769 - 20 Jun 1816; NJ>Fairfield Co, OH
Cheryl Gallagher
John Vance
pre1765; 1795 Carter Co Tenn/1781 Battle of King's Mountain/1810 Burke Co NC census
Susan Vance
(John Ray)
b. 1716 ; d. 9 May 1784 Columbia Co. GA- m. 1735 in VA They moved to Columbia Co. GA where they both are buried.
Charles Vandaveer
1758 - aft.1850; NC>KY>IL
Leanna Eversmeyer
Jan Aertsen Vanderbilt
ca. 1620/1625 Holland; d. 1705 Bergen, NJ
P. Vanderbilt Brady
Thomas Vandever
(Catherine Frakes)
Abt 1760; KY; KY, IN, IA
Lee Kirkwood
Jan Fransse VanHoesen
(Volkje Juriaens)
abt 1608 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein; Claverack, Albany, NY
Linda Peters
John VanHoose
4/5/1760 Anson Co., North Carolina; 1/5/1860 White House,Johnson Co., Kentucky
Jean Peppers
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Jan Fransse VanHusum
(Volkje Juriaens)
abt 1608 Husum, Schleswig-Holstein; Claverack, Albany, NY
Linda Peters
Thomas Vann
(Mary Hollingsworth)
1779; Sampson, NC
Anne Reddick
Vashti Vann
(Benjamin Jernigan)
1774 SC; SC>GA>AL
Benjamin Vannoy
(Mary Shirley)
1766-1855; Gilmer Co., WV
Pamela Vannoy-Tharp
John (Jan) VanPelt
(Mary Ann (?))
1712 Staten Island, NY; 15 Aug. 1705
Chris Roque
Benjamin Varny
(Elizabeth Atwood)
1790 Boston Census ; Married 28 Dec. 1764
Emily Larsen
Elizabeth Vass
(John M? Vass)
Bef 1795; 1820 Pulaski Co GA
Donna Newman
James Vaughan
(Nancey Anderson)
1792; United States
David H Vaughan
Jesse Vaughn
(Nancy Vawn)
1752 GA USA.; will 1825 Wilkinson Co GA.
Jerrell Vaughn
John Vaughn
(??? Cherry)
Abt 1770; Monroe County, GA
Barbara Vaughn Young
John Vaught
1757; All Saint Parish
Jesse Vaught
Simon Vealey
abt 1750-bef 1812; NY?>VA
Curt Milton
Abraham Venable
1680-1715?; VA
Darrell McGraw
Abraham Venables
(Martha Davis)
1701-1768; VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Emanuel Vener
(Mary Cole)
1780? Caroline Co MD; Ohio, Ind.
Garnet Murphey
John Vernal
(Sophia Spooner)
1775-1857; NY, VT
John Spence
Solomon Viccary
1765 Cecil Co, MD; Died after 1833 Muskingum Co, OH
B Kryka
Stephen Videtto
1740; CT, NY, VT
C. Samson
Simon Viele
abt 1750-bef 1812; NY?>VA
Curt Milton
Joseph Vincent, Sr.
(Rosanna Poole)
1748 Scotland; abt. 1770 VA
Joyce Cooper
Tabetha Dorcas Vincent
(John Warren)
1779 VA.; D 1860 Jasper Co. ILL.
Anita Motz
Hannah Vineyard
(John W. Beasley)
Aug 7, 1778 Georgia; married 1799 TN
Kary Klein
Jesse Vinson
c. 1781; died 1834 Scioto, Ohio
Joyce Brown
Pierre Viriat
(Rhody Christie)
c1775 France; 1792-1806 Ste. Genevieve, MO USA
Daisy Shepard
Thomas Vissage
1736; Baltimore, Maryland
Barbara Ware
Devauld Von der Burg
c. 1724 - d. c 1818; Lancaster Co. SC
Sloane Funderburk
Joseph Von Sick
1759 Bavaria; 1792 Pennsylvania
Barbara Ryan
Paul Von Zell
1780; Pa
Caroline Schiltz
William Voss
(Elizabeth Orr)
abt. 1778 Mecklenberg, N.C.; m. April 14, 1799
Terry Voss
Malachi Vowell
(Nancy Leopard)
b. 1795; d. 1861; SC>GA>MS
Carla R. Vowell


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