Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: December 10, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Bazeleel Tracy
(Kezian Merriman)
1730/57 Fredrick Co.Md; Died1805 Fayette Co. Pa
Kathy Holden
William Jansen Traphagen
(Joosje Willemse Noortwyck)
abt 1620 Lemgo, Lippe; Bushwick LI and Ulster County, New York
Chris Brooks
Robarde Traweek
(Elinor Hall)
d. Aug. 1730; Onslow County, NC
Keith J. Trawick
Hans - Martin Treaster
1716 - 1782; PA
Jan Topliff
John Trial
(Elizabeth Bowman)
20 Nov 1792 Virginia
Lorie Mosteller
John Trial
1794; Virginia
James Trice
(Zilpah Mallory)
30 Dec 1787 Orange Co., NC; 1850 /Montgomery Co., TN
Mary Lou Trice
Desire Trim
(Sargent Towle)
Block Island 1781; Islesboro, ME
Marilyn Sigler
Mary Rose Trim
(Godfrey Trim)
c. 1734 Block Island; Wilkey
Norada Wilkey
Johannes Trimmer
(Mary Dierdorff)
1695-1700; German Valley, NJ
Patricia Menough
Francis Triplett
1640; VA
Reuben A. Triplett
Francis Triplett
1658-1700; Rappahannock Co, VA
Glorianne Fahs
John Trippe
1740-1805; MD
Dennis Paul
Thomas Trogdon
(Mary Jones)
1750s Maryland
Dewey Trogdon
Nicholas Trosper
(Sallye Burchfield)
about 1747; MD, NC, KY
Debra Fischer
James Sr. Trotter
(Ann Stephens)
1725; Virginia
James Trotter
Baltzer Trout
(Eva Moser)
1743-1783; PA
Jerri McDougall
Robert Tucker
(Elizabeth Allen)
March 11, 1681/82; Milton, MA
Jane Peppler
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Truheart Tucker
(Judith Hall)
B 1788 Henrico Co. Va., Greene Co. GA, Marengo Co. AL
Shirley McCreedy
Elizabeth Ann Tunnell
(Robert Corbin)
1790-1837; Accomack Co, Va.
William Toomey
Reverand William Tunnell
(Mary Ann Maysey)
1751; 1814
Wilma M.(COWSAR) Brown
Capt. John Tunstall
b.1775-1780; d.1746 Somerset County MD
Linda Kemp
Gerhard Heinrich Tupker Sr 1797-1871; GER>MO
Julie Tupker
Margaret Turnbaugh
(Levi Wooley)
1792, Ohio Co. KY;
Norman D. Smith
Abraham Turner
(Mary Slawson)
1793 NY? NJ?
Joyce Ogden
Absolem Turner
(Nancy Brinson)
B: Abt 1783, NC; D: 1857, GA
Robert Turner
Alexander Turner
(Jane ())
1750 to 1850; Virginia
Barry A. Turner
David Turner
(Lydia Smith)
1792 Alna, ME; 1830 Alna, ME
Barbara Dyer
David Turner
Abt 1799 GA
George Turner
Humphrey Turner
(Lydia Gaymer)
1594, Kent, England; Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA
Scott Salberg
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Isaac Turner
(Nancy Kelley)
1788; France>NY>PA
Diane Andreasen
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James Turner
1735-abt 1813; Ireland-Orange Co,NC
Cheryl Zelek
Jasper Turner
(Lucretia Seagraves)
1760; NC
Roxanne Franks
John Turner
12/02/1671; Northumberland Co., VA
Charline Clowes
John B. Turner
(Isabel Turner)
1786 North Carolina
Mathias Turner
abt. 1770; S.C.(?)
A. Dyer
Ransom Turner
(Elizabeth )
June 9, 1789; South Carolina, United States
Donnie Turner
Zachariah Turner
(Mary Casey)
1765; Carolinas
Darrell Turner
John Tuscan
Not sure.; 1798 / Lancaster, N.H. History
Sally Foster
Timothy Tuttle
(Miriam Clough)
July 20, 1764 Orange Co, VT; d. Feb 22, 1851 Orange Co, VT
Pat Ratcliff
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James Twaddell
(Anna Risley)
abt 1774 Mass.; 1810-1850 Mass>NY>Oh>In
Roy Twaddell
James Twaddle
(Anna Risley)
abt 1774 Mass.; 1810-1850 Mass>NY>Oh>In
Roy Twaddell
James Twadell
(Anna Risley)
abt 1774 Mass.; 1810-1850 Mass>NY>Oh>In
Roy Twaddell
Thomas II Twitty
(Mary Wynne)
b. 1705 VA; d. 1779 NC
Jo Holsinger
Thomas Tydball
(Elizabeth Brownhill)
ca 1693 ENG; ca 1751 Chester Co., PA
Bette Butcher Topp
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Ebenezer Tyler
1643; Andover, MA
John Dimon Tyler
(Waitstil Fuller)
1764 Connecticut; 1840 Lenox MA
Diane Tichenor
Dempsey Tyner
1755-1842; NC>SC>TN
Mary Anne Kuebel


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