Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: December 9, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Neil Taggart
1700-1775; died, Goffstown, NH
Robert Craig
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Rachel Talbot
1780-1851; Chester Co Pa
Dian Hamby
Frederick Talburt
1771-1842; VA?>TN>IL>AR
Caryn Jeffery
Henry Tallady
1750 - 1830; NY
Gloria Wilkinson
George Tankersley
(Mary Longley)
1680-1758; Engl>VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Lemuel R. Tankersley
(Kiziah Skeen)
b. abt 1799; b. SC
Barbara Craddock Pike
Colonel Samuel Tanner
(Mary Gorton)
abt 1753 West Greenwich, RI;
Maryann Tanner
William Tanner
(Mary Babcock)
1660; Rhode Island
Peggy McCollester
Sabrina Tarvin
b. abt 1794; VA>KY>OH
Jim McCabe
William Tarvin
1764 MD; NC>SC>GA>AL
William Tate, Sr.
(Ann [Nichols] Dickson)
born 1740,, Hockessin, Del.; died Apr. 1782, Mill Creek Hundred.,Del.
Sally Dutton
Nathaniel Tatum
1619-aft 1654; ENG>VA
Mary K. Gratton
Aaron Taylor
(Mary Pope or Pease)
abt 1796 (New Jersey); OH in 1830s
Elijah Taylor
(Mary Malona)
May 20, 1794; Delaware to Indiana
Cindy Taylor-Matuse
Elisha (Lishey) Taylor
1794 NC; Kinston, Lenoir, NC
Elizabeth Taylor
(Harman Strickland)
Ca 1730 VA; Died Halifax Co., NC
Lynn Hawkins
James Taylor
1740; 1775 Bald Eagle PA
Bob Banks
James Taylor
(Elizabeth Benston)
Bef. 1633 D. 1704; Accomack Co, Va.
William Toomey
Jeremiah Taylor
1740; NC
Mary Ann Taylor
John Taylor
(Janet Fitz-Randolph)
August 1, 1751; Princeton, NJ
David Sannella
John Taylor
abt 1750, Maryland, USA; died aft 1850, Illinois, USA
Bert Paredes
Mary Taylor
(Joseph Bronsono)
1708; Massachusetts
Vanette Hamilton
William Taylor
(Mary Hughes)
b. abt 1705 VA
Jo Holsinger
William Tarlton Taylor
(Elizabeth Hampton)
24 Aug 1759 VA or MD; d. 1811 Fauquier Co., VA
Leigh Taylor
Wright Taylor
(Elizabeth Temple)
adult in early 1800's; ?>KY
Donna Taylor
David Teachman
b. BEF 1800, d.ABT 1824; New Jersey
Regina Fallace
Ellen/Ellender Teague
1796-1865; NC>TN
Mary Foster Ludvigsen
Rachel Teal
(John Sheplor)
1779; MD
Wanda J Thompson
Edward Templeman
1708-1742; VA
Michele Templeman
James Templer
1755-1846; VA
Charles E. Templer
Adam Templeton
Arrived NH 1735, died 1795 NH
Harold Templeton
George Templeton
Abt. 1781, PA; Washington Co., OH
Brenda Perkins
Richard Templin
cira 1688; Chester Co, PA
Marvin & Samme Templin
Gideon Tennison
(Sarah )
1797; NC
Carl Glover
Hiram Terrell
(Isabella Glass)
April 14, 1789 in NC
mary lou terrell covington
Eli Terry
04/13/1772 , Connecticut
Timothy Terry
Nathan Terry
1790, NY; 1850,MI
Patricia Doughty
Willam Terry
(Dicie Curry)
b abt 1780; Virginia
Sherri Heavner
Charles Tharp
1700-1776; Amelia Co., VA
Marie Hurst Lewis
John Tharp
(Anna Middleton)
2/9/1792 - NC; d:12/3/1871 - Arba, Wayne, Ind.
Pam Tharp
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Martin Thayer
(Roxanna )
b. 1825 Vermont; Eastern Canada
Kate Leslie
Athanatius Thomas
(Gilly Winston)
1791-1832; Franklin Co., NC
Christine Hayden
James Thomas
(Elizabeth Anspach or Aunspaugh)
1792 Bedford VA
Claude "Sandy" Thomas
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John Thomas
(Susanna Isabel Duty)
10/16/1798; Granville Co NC
Barbara Thomas
Susan Thomas
1787 - 1862; NJ
Gloria Wilkinson
William Thomas
b.17 May 1786; PA
Archie Thomas
William Thomas
(Joyce Watkins)
1722; Caswell county NC
George Thomas
Alexander Thompson
(Rachel Williams)
married 22 Jul 1819 Jefferson Co OH; died 14 Nov 1829 Harrison Co. OH
Meg Kemp
Alfred Thompson
(Betsey Benton)
1786-1872; Ellisburg NY, IL, Geauga OH, Flint/Hopkins MI
Keith G. Calkins
Archibald Thompson
(Mary Elswick)
1736 Virginia;
Sharon McGill
Betsy Isabel "Iby" Thompson
(Thomas Miller)
b. 1687/88 Scotland ; d. 1799 Ohio? lived to be 112 yrs. old.
George Thompson
(Jane McKay)
1787 Kentucky; died 1856 Indiana
Lea Thompson
James Thompson
(Sarah Gladden
born circa 1793 MD; married 1815.
Kevin W. Thompson
Job Thompson
1700s; Ohio residents
Ann Wilkins Harhen
Mosses Thompson
(Mary Eyres)
1768-1839; NJ
Crystal Newman
Nathan Thompson
(Elizabeth Weaver)
abt. 1775 NC; 1794 Jefferson Co. TN; Hawkins Co. TN; 1819 Marion/Fayette Co. AL
Monya Havekost
Richard Thompson
(Sarah Yeatman)
b. July 1776 Westmoreland Co, VA; d. January 1844 Cooper County, MO
Dianne Haley
Samuel Thompson
(Margaret Ward)
abt 1765 Ireland; abt 1780 Chatham County, North Carolina
Kathy Card
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Zacharias Thompson
1730; SC or NC
Robert Thomson
(Margaret Railey)
1640 MD
Bob Thompson
John Thorn
(Margaret Blue)
1794 Maryland; m. 1818 Indiana
Connie Quigley
Wiley Thornton
(Elizabeth Johnson)
about 1785 N.C., USA;
Carol Casperson
William Thornton
(Sarah Arvin)
abt. 1750; VA; Surry, NC
Will Lewis
Charles Thorp
1700-1776; Amelia Co., VA
Marie Hurst Lewis
John Thurston
abt 1750; Goochland Co.VA
Judy Dunbar


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