Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: December 8, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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James Smallidge
1780-1790 - bef 1865; NY
Anne Scott
Joseph Smart
(Elizabeth White)
1745; PA
Donna Mills
Paulser Smelser
(Catherine Miller)
1765; Bedford County, VA
Karl Miller
Joseph Smires
(Margaret Beatty)
1799, New Jersey; Died 1853, New Jersey
Sandra Smires
Abel Smith
(Lucinda Stratton)
1779; Shaftsbury, Bennington Co, VT
Earlene Bradley
Abigail Smith
(John Adams)
1744-1818; US
Rita Failey
Alexander Smith
before 1800; Ger>Md>Pa>Oh
Jane Smith Grezlik
Amos Smith
(Rebecca Thorpe (Tharp))
1755 Kent Co, MD; DOD 1821 OH
Elaine Galliher
Charles Smith
(Grace Sawyer)
abt. 1680; VA
Mary A. Pippin
Chileab Smith
(Nancy Marshall)
11 Nov 1765 MA? CT?; Not Amherst, MA
Nancy Tomlin
Daniel Smith
1774; Cambridge, MA
Richard F. Curtis
Ebenezer Smith
1772 Coweta Co.,GA;
Jane Smith
Edward Smith
(2d. Tabitha Jones)
died 1772; VA
Rae V. Calvert
Edward Smith
(Sarah Rice)
ca. 1738 Virginia; d. April 1815 Spartanburg, SC
Dianne Haley
General Washington Smith
(Laney Wiggins)
b. 1784 in NC; Lived in Wayne Co. GA in 1850
Susan Mahoney
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Grorge Smith
(Elizabeth Earles)
1700 USA; 1775
Walter Earles
Gulielmus Smith
about 1735, Hanover Co, VA
Helen L. Smith Hoke
Hannah Smith
(Charles Simmons)
abt 1690; Baltimore Co., Maryland
Jean W. Stringham
Henry Smith
(Littie Smith)
1765; Manquin, Va
aroolyn A. Ford
Henry Arthur Smith
(Lucretia Elizabeth Uzzell)
1718 in Surry Co., Virginia; d: 1796 in Dobbs Co., NC; married bef. 1740
Sandy Goodchild
Hugh Smith
(Elizabeth Daniels)
1740,Lyme Conn, USA
Geneva Putz
Jacob Smith
(Mary )
1771 South Carolina; 1797 Georgia
Jacob O. Smith, Sr.
Jacob Smith
(2nd: Mary)
abt 1780; Coventry Twp, Chester Co., PA
Terri Walker
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John Smith
(Nancy Beatty)
abt 1758; PA, Upper Can
Mark L. McOmber
John Smith
(Grace Hawley)
England 1600's; Connecticut
Wallace Smith
John Smith
(Dorothy Brooke)
born bef 1678; St.Mary's County, MD
Karen Smith Riecke
John R Smith
(Hannah Fuller)
1780; NH
Ken Miller
Josisna Smith
1770 ?NC
Jason Smith
Mary Smith
(Simon Acres/Akers, Jr.)
1695 Chester, PA; died aft 1748 Virginia
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Mary Smith
(Josiah Fuller)
1735 Ipswich, Essex Co., MA; M. abt 1756 Norwich, New London Co., CT and died 26 Sep 1807 in Charlotte, Chittenden Co., VT
Robert Ross
Mathias Smith
(Nancy Christena Myers)
b. Abt 1782; d. Abt 1821; VA>Fayette Co, OH
Jane Martin Whitty
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O. B. Smith
1797-1798 North Carolina
Annabel Blake Seltzer
Patrick Smith
(Elizabeth Browen)
before 1796,PA; married 1796 Philadelphia
Sheri Becker
Patrick Smith
(Mary Ann Lindsey)
b. abt 1787; b. in TN
Barbara Craddock Pike
Richard Smith
abt 1675; VA
Becky Kennedy
Robert Smith
About 1795 in Virginia; Died 1848 in McMinn County, Tennessee
Sherri Park
Thomas Smith
(Anna Keatharine Leaphart)
1668 Germany; death 1815/Newberry Dist. South Carolina
James Smith
William Smith
(Suzan Lampkin)
About 1755; South Carolina
Edna Scarbrough
William Smith
1758 PA; d. 1855 OH
William Smith
(Catherine Williams)
6 Jun 1743; Marlborough, Middlesex, Massachusetts
William Smith
1784/1794 KY; md. 1805 Russell, KY res. Adair, KY
Janel Woodbury
Ziba Smith
(Lydia Waterman)
b. 1772 Providence, RI; d. 1841 Smithfield, RI
William Smoot
1633; VA/MD
Steve Smoot
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David Smyth
(Sarah Stuart)
unknown; died Washington County Virginia 1814
Jane Parks
John Snead
1735-1812; VA
Mary Herzog
Henry Snell
b 1756; GER > Phila PA 1771
Jane Snell Copes
Johann Georg Snider
1733-1782; Shenandoah, VA
Mike Snider
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Martin Snider
(Hannah Heston)
1787 Md.; 1837 Columbiana Co. Oh. 1846 Poweshiek-Mahaska Cos. Ia.
Allice Burns Reynolds
William Snipes
1750 North Carolina
George Everett Snipes
William Snoddy
(Mary Enders?)
Died in 1805, Dauphin, PA
Lisa Moyers Hawk
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Jeremiah Snook
1784-aft 1858; NJ>IN
Katharine Owens
Mathias Snook
bef. 1750; D. abt 1790 Allegany Co. MD
Ellen Jennings`
Mathias Snooke
bef. 1750; D. abt 1790 Allegany Co. MD
Ellen Jennings`
Ebenezer Snow
(Sally- Sarah Wicker)
1758; United States
Eleanor Burns
Henry Snow
(Nary Rust)
1710; Bedford County Va
Johnathan Snow
(Lydia Snow)
1780 Massachusetts;
Randy W
Jacob Snyder
(Hannah Anderson)
28 Nov 1777 Germany or Holland; 1800 Shrewsbury, Monmouth, New Jersey
RaKay Dance


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