Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: December 7, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Henry Sibley
Before 1800; Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York State
Dianne Sibley
Martin Sigrist
(Lydia Thomas)
1775; Wayne MS.
Ann Littrell
William Sikes
abt 1798; NC
Iris Ann Sykes Downey
John Sillaman
(Phoebe Ann Taylor)
1784; Pennsylvania
Brenda Sillaman
John Silliman
(Phoebe Ann Taylor)
1784; Pennsylvania
Brenda Sillaman
Paul Sills
1780; Pa
Caroline Schiltz
Charles Simmons
(Hannah Smith)
abt 1685; Baltimore Co., Maryland
Jean W. Stringham
Charles Simmons
Campbell Co, VA; bef 1724
Pamela Seiler
Conrad Simmons
1767/8; Columbia Co., NY
Cindy Simmons
Henry Simmons
About 1775; Maryland
Laura Warren
James Simmons
1760-1815; NC
Pat Trask
John F Simmons
abt. 1790 N.C.
Lillian Champagne
Joseph N. Simmons
1795; So. Carolina
Justine Miller
Peter Simmons
1698-1768; Brunswick Co, VA; Surry Co, NC
Gwen Boyer Bjorkman
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Alexander Simonton
(?? Hughes)
1734 Ireland; 1800-1820 Mercer Co.Pa.
vicki schaefer
Robert Patterson Simpson
(Nancy Moore)
1773, Ireland; Marriage April 3, 1798, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania
Roger Reece
Asahel Sims
(Ruhamy Bowman)
1797 S.C.; d. 1870 Al.
Barbara Brazell
John Sims
(Margaret Moode)
1705 Philadelphia, Pa
Carl Sims
John Singeltary
abt 1760-abt 1792; Carteret Co NC
Marion Mitchell
William Singhorse
(Sarah Price)
1791 Virginia; In Indiana bef 1820
Elijah Sinners
(Elizabeth Jones)
Before 1800; Baltimore, MD
Clara Goux
Peter Sipe
1749; Rockingham Co., VA
Carol Chidlow
Vincent Sisson
(Phebe Tucker)
1799-1860; SC>GA>MS
Kaaran Martin
John Sisty
(Eliza Paris ?)
1736 - 1800; Philadelphia, Maryland
Lisa Linn
David Sittsen
1770; Cayuga Co. NY
Charles Paige
David Sittson
1770; Cayuga Co. NY
Charles Paige
John Skaife
(Nancy Grange)
1793 England; 1840> USA IA d. 1856 IA
Gary Barton
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Abel or Lloyd Skannal
1798-1803; South Carolina
L Pittman
Elijah Skinner
(Elizabeth Jackson)
Bet. 1770-1774; d. Abt. 1828, Madison Co., VA
Shirley Boatwright
Reuben Skinner
(Roxanna Darling)
Born aprox 1798 N-E; Death 1874 Wrentham, MA
Carolyn Spooner
Washington Skinner abt. 1790, GA
Amy Skinner
James Slack
(Mary Ellis)
1792 KY; m. 1819 OH
Ellis Grant Slack Jr.
Tunis Slack
Before 1800; TN
Sam Sneed
Nehemiah Slater
(Susannah Atwood)
1790 Maryland
Mary Slawson
(Abraham Turner)
1796 Salam NY;
Eileen Thomas Balboa
Elijah Sloat
(Rebecca Van Winkle)
1786 New York
Rodney Sloat
Jan Pietersen Sloat
1650; New Amsterdam
Frank W. Sloat
Judith Sloat
(Stephen Masters)
1764; NJ
Diane Andreasen
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John Slocumb
(Lydia Reaves)
1761 Wayne,North Carolina; 1845 Jones Co. Georgia
Gates W. Winters
Ruben Slone
b. 1797; KY
Christine Moellenberndt
Elijah Slot
(Rebecca Van Winkle)
1786 New York
Rodney Sloat
Jan Pietersen Slot
1650; New Amsterdam
Frank W. Sloat
Elijah Slote
(Rebecca Van Winkle)
1786 New York
Rodney Sloat
Adam Sloter
(Jerusha Miller)
about 1770; married 1792 Franklin County Mass.
Retha Sloter Murray
Jan Pietersen Slott
1650; New Amsterdam
Frank W. Sloat
Robert Sly
b. 15 Nov 1768; RI>MA>VT
John Sly


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