Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: November 1, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Samuel Shackford
(Abigail Richards)
Abt. 1674; Bloody Point, Dover, Strafford, NH
Joanne Shackford Parkes
Conrad Shafer
(Mary Raisor)
1771 Penn.; 1776 Va.
Richard E. Shafer
Conrad Shaffer
1735 Austria; Lived Penn. and Va.
Richard E. Shafer
Daniel Shampanore
(Johanna Unknown)
before 1680 Niort, France; after 1712 NY
Christine Young-Crate
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John Shank
1765? - 1822; PA >Franklin Co., IN
Debra Rooney
Catherine Sharp
(Paulser Smelser)
1765; Bedford County, VA
Karl Miller
Thomas M. Sharpe
(Penelope Gardner)
abt 1740 Virginia; Died 1762, Edgecombe Co., NC
Helen Sharpe
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William Shattuck
(Sally Smith)
20 Aug 1774; Died 26 Dec 1813 Prob. VT
Robert Kline
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Elkanah\Elkannah Shaw
(Elizabeth\Elisebeth Attwood\ Atwood)
b. 11/21/1724 md. 10/13/1748; Eastham or Plympton, Massachusetts, New England
Kenneth Linwood Shaw, III
John Shaw
(Hannah McDowell)
born 27 Oct 1745; New London CT>Northampton Co, PA
Tom Sisolak
Elkanah\Elkannah Shawe
(Elizabeth\Elisebeth Attwood\ Atwood)
b. 11/21/1724 md. 10/13/1748; Eastham or Plympton, Massachusetts, New England
Kenneth Linwood Shaw, III
Rueben Shearer
b.abt 1788; Va.
Darle Hansen
Abraham Shears
(Hannah Tripp)
1782 Dutches Co., NY
Robert Ross
George Sheffield
(Mary Southland)
12/1777 RI
Roberta DeBower
George Sheffler
about 1780; Westmoreland County, PA
Don Sheffler
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Morris Shehan
(Wayne Lewis)
1740 Virginia; Death 1806 NC
Jane Shehan Lewis
Ezekiel Shelton
(Margaret Davis)
abt 1776; Married Oct 26, 1797 Grainger Co. Tn
Gigi Payne Knight
George Shelton
(Elizabeth Farmer)
Est 1780; Virginia
Patricia Swift
John Shelton
d 1726; Westmoreland Co., VA
D. Emily Hicks
Mary Barber Shelton
(Avery Mustain)
29 Dec 1765 VA.
Douglas, Steven A
Richard Shelton
(Frances/ Fanny Jones Barnett)
19 Dec 1779 Louisa County, Virginia; d. 17 June 1842 Greensboro, Guilford county, North Carolina
Marie Reedy
Shepard Shelton
(Rosina Chapman)
6-01-1791; Pittsylvania CO, VA
Ruth Burnette Huffine
Soloman Shelton
1790; Buncombe NC
Sandra Ware
James Shepard
(Elizabeth )
1730; Pon Pon, South Carolina
Morrie K
Phillip Shepard
1780; GA>SC
Jodie Shepard
Thomas Shepard
POB was ENGLAND; came to Cambridge, MA in 1647 on "HM DISCOVERY" from ENGLAND and was one of the founders of Harvard. He was a Calvanist priest
William Stocks
George Shepherd
1700; VA
Al Sheppard
John Shepherd
1771-1822; York ENG>PA
William John Shepherd
Mathias Shepler
(Margaret Houseman)
1740; Virginia
John Sheppard
Born abt. 1775; Virgina
Ezra Lee
John Sheppard
abt. 1730 Hampshire Co., VA ; d. 1802 Hardy Co.,VA
Barbara Snyder
Lewis Sheppard
Abt. 1758; Probably Orange County, Virginia
Hope Creasman
Conrad Sherman
(Helena Slagle)
1752 - 1823; PA
Alice Luckhardt
Stephen Sherman
(Mary B. Bradley)
1794 NY; DOD 1868 MN
Karen Johnson
Aquilla Sherrill
1733-abt 1805; MD>VA>NC>TN
Ann Sherrill Davis
Abner Isaac Sherwood
1796; OH
Pat Smith
Adiah Sherwood
1744, Westchester Cty, NY; 1783, New Brunswick
Robert Sherwood
Ruth Sherwood
(Joshua Holcomb(e))
1643 Fairfield Connecticut; died 1699 Simsbury, Hartford, CT
Mary Lou Jones
William Sherwood
(Alice Colston)
ca 1775; Talbot Co., MD
Mary Jacob
Martin Shetter
Abt. 1785; PA
Dolores Wagner
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David Shields
c1700 - c1773; PA
Cheryl Gallagher
Andrew Shiley
1700; Penna.
Shelby Carter
George Shillato
abt 1794 Ireland; abt 1800 Ire > PA
Bob Shillato
John Shinall
b. 1775; SC-->Cherokee Co., GA
J. David Colburn
James Shoaf
1785 Pennsylvania; d. Fayette co. Pa.
Gail Beers
Joseph Shockey
(Polly Jones)
b. Abt 1775; d. 05 May 1861; York Co, PA> Hampshire Co, VA> Fayette Co., IL
Janie Martin Whitty
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Elijah Shockley
b. SC abt. 1799; 1836 Madison, IL; 1844 Henry, IA;1847 UT
Barbara Snyder
Salathiel Shockley
b 1760; VA>SC
Gene Lynch
Philip Shoemaker
(Mary Zuber)
born ca 1765; Lancaster Co., PA.
Lakey Shomaker
(Sarah Ellis)
abt 1770; Virginia
Paul Brown
George Shriner
(Ann Catherine )
9 10 1777; 10 3 1845 Franklin county Pa
Bill Shriner
Martin Shultz
1787; TN
Gary Greene
Felix Shurter
31 May 1767 MA; 1790 NY
Donna McCullough
Richard Shute
(Hannah McCartney)
1792-Eng; 1802-1853-NJ,OH,IN
Ric Shute


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