Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: October 14, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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George Robbins
(Abby ?)
b. ca. 1770 d. ca. 1853; CT; Otsego Co.,NY; Chautauqua Co.,NY
James R. Marsh
Jesse Robbins
(Jamima Croft)
1775-1800; Eastern States
Barbara Allbritton- Grant
Thomas Robbins
Born before 1790; Lee County?, VA
Connie Hunt
Andrew Roberts
(Hannah Shackelford)
abt 1657 Craven Precinct, Bath, Beaufort, NC; D: 22 Jan 1722 Craven, NC
Jessie Crowell
Elizabeth Roberts
(Richard Bush)
abt 1675; VA
Becky Kennedy
John Roberts
ca 1730 Ireland; May 23, 1808 Surry Co, NC
Barb Norvell
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Orthenile (Othniel) Roberts
1796; New York
Bruce Roberts
Stacie Ann Roberts
(James Simmons)
abt. 1765; Orange Co., No. Carolina
Justine Miller
Thomas Roberts
(Mary Roberts)
1735 Edgefield SC; died 1789 Edgefield SC
Merle Roberts
Samuel Robertson
(Elizabeth Harris)
1760 VA; 1780 NC
Lois Robertson
Stephen Robinette
1700-1778; PA
Traci Spears
Jesse Robins
(Samuel Isaacs)
1660-1685; Wales>VA
Barbara Allbritton- Grant
Ebenezer Robinson
(Ann Stone)
c. 1735 - 1802; MA/CT/NY
Wade Robinson
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Edmund Robinson
?1777-1860; VA to AL
Joel Norris
Esther Robinson
(Benjamin Follett Jr)
20 Aug 1721 in CT; d 18 Jan 1804 in CT
Jacob Robinson
(Sarah Hitchcock)
abt. 1672; lived in East/New Haven, CT 1690-abt. 1747
Scott Robinson
John Robinson
24 Jul 1772 Randolph Co, Va
Ken Curcio
John Robinson
(Lydia DeWitt)
c1791 - 2 Nov 1841; Ire>Jackson Co,( W)VA
Cheryl Gallagher
John Robinson
Jly 24, 1772 to abt. 1835; Grafton, Taylor Co., Va. (W.Va.)
Ken Reed
John Robinson
1772; VA>TN
Karen Henry Oldfield
Julius Robinson
1797; North Carolina
Joyce Loving
Thomas Robinson
(Mary Coggan)
c.1608-23 March 1665/66; Died Boston, MA
D. B. (David) Robinson
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William Robinson
(Sally Conwell)
abt 1764; PA
Jo H. Boswell
William Robinson
(Catherine Taylor)
prior to 1710; Virginia
Lovick Rochelle
(Elizabeth Perkins)
1754-Wake Co., N.C.; d. 1809-Kershaw Co., SC.
Sloan Mason
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Charity Amelia Rockefeller
(John Webster)
1789-1867; New York
Marilyn Robinson
Josiah Rockwell
1620?-1676; CT
Mary Foster Ludvigsen
John Roddy
about 1750; d. 1803 Edenton, NC
Roddy Cecil
Abigail Rodgers
1760; Possibly SC
Ezekiel Rodgers
abt 1797-1883; VA>IA
R. G. Rogers
Starkie Rodgers
(Beedy McMillan)
1797 North Carolina;
Robin Sharrow
John Roe
1730 Long Island, NY; Died French & Indian war, near Lake Champlain
Marion Ike
Thomas Roe
About 1777 in Maryland, USA; Died about 1850 in Caroline County, Maryland
Sherri Park
Abigail Rogers
1760; Possibly SC
Abishia Rogers
b.Feb 1,1762; hampden, Mass
Pat Taylor
Clayton Rogers
(Betridge Sadler)
1749, NJ
Jay Rogers
Daniel Rogers
(Mary/Polly Norris)
circa 1779 Wenham Mass; NH and VT
G Clodgo
Ezekiel Rogers
abt 1797-1883; VA>IA
R. G. Rogers
Jacob Rogers
(Elizabeth Likes/Simmes)
14 Jan 1767 ?Maryland; DOD May 1845
Valerie Horn
Jeremiah Rogers
6/8/1795; Indiana
Debra Rodgers
Joel Rogers
(Sarah Norred)
1798; North Carolina
Eileen Rogers Mullins
Nathan Rogers
(Nancy Peacock)
1781 North Carolina; d. 1842 Indiana
Linda Kay Polston
Peleg Rogers
(Isabel Brand)
about 1702 Westerly, RI; 25 Aug 1726 married in Westerly, RI
Mary Douglass
Shadrach Rogers
1757; Va or NC
Jean Rogers
Thomas Rogers
Newberry, Union, or Spartanburg Co. SC; ca 1770
Marva Farnsworth
Jacob Rohrer
(Magdalene Rohrer)
31 Mar 1780 MD; DOD 20 Apr 1850 OH
Shirley Boyd
Anne Roise
13 Jul 1777-; CT>NY
Karen Mohr
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Jacob Roller
(Maria Hammer)
1727- 1804; Germany>Huntingdon Co, PA
Margie Pearce
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William Rolstone
1750-1767; Augusta Co., Va.
Gordon Rolston
Solomon Romines
abt 1795-aft 1850; NC>TN
Valerie N. Williams
Mary Rondabush
(Archibald Christy)
1781 Md
Martha Conrad
Hugh Roney
abt 1790; SC
Becky Kennedy
Maurice Roney
1758 DOB ; 1781 Eutawa Springs, SC and Guilford Courthouse, NC Revolutionary Battles
Brennan Andrew Roney
Hugh Ronie
abt 1790; SC
Becky Kennedy
Morris Rony
abt 1780; SC
Becky Kennedy
Daniel Rood
(Ruth White)
1730, MA; married 1748, MA
Fredrick Roop
1765-1831; Huntingdon Co, PA>Van Wert Co, OH
Margie Roop Pearce
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Gaspar Rorick
1750; Sussex County, NJ
Carol Ann Hilton
William Roscoe
(Rebecca Esther)
abt 1593 Billerica, Essex Co, England; 1682 Jamaica, Queens Co, NY
Marilyn Burnell
Didama Rose
1791 NC. ; 1840 TN 1860 AR,
Margrett McCorkle
James Rose
(Jane Conover)
1750; Virginia
Claudia Mortensen
Sebird Rose
(Anna Lambert)
20 Apr 1799 Montgomery Co., Virginia
Erin Rettke
Sebird Rose
(Anna Lambert)
1799; Virginia
Lyle H. Miller
John Ross
(Elizabeth Brown Henley)
Oct.10, 1790 Turkeytown, Alabama; Aug. 1, 1866
Taneesha Robinson
Lewis Ross
1734-1786; MD
Bette Ross Hook
John Rotchel
ca. 1730-VA.; d. 1784 New Hanover Co., NC.
Sloan Mason
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James Rotenberry
1780; Virginia
Roy Rotenberry
John Roughton
(Agnes West)
1722; Fort Landing, Tyrrell, NC
Curtis E. Roughton
William Rouscoe
(Rebecca Esther)
abt 1593 Billerica, Essex Co, England; 1682 Jamaica, Queens Co, NY
Marilyn Burnell
John Routon
(Agnes West)
1722; Fort Landing, Tyrrell, NC
Curtis E. Roughton
Andre Roux
abt 1776; D.15 Nov 1863 Osage, MO
Karla Roux Harris
John Rowden
1750; Virginia
Nichola Rowden
Ichabod Rowe
1750-1780; Nottingham, New Hampshire
David Baird
Alexander Rowen
(Sarah Grainger)
1763-1820s; Dorcestor Co. MD > Pickaway Co. OH
John Rowland
1635; James City Co., Va
hughes, ron
Sarah Rowley
1625 Plymouth
Rayna Larson
Dorothy Roy
(George Tankersley)
1728-after 1790; VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Anne Royce
13 Jul 1777-; CT>NY
Karen Mohr
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Peter Royston
(Ann Anderson)
abt 1776; Virginia
Don Royston


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