Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: January 6, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Thomas Pickands
(Rebecca Jones)
1798 Philadelphia, PA
Christian Nichol
Frederick Pickett
(Martha Farrior)
1788 Duplin, NC; d.1850's Bullock Co Alabama
James Pickett
Jannetje Pier
(Wouter (Walter) Westfall)
1720; Augusta NY
Terence Kelley
Daniel Pierce
abt 1793 SC;
Russ Pierce
Daniel S. Pierce
1795-1850; GA
Holli Boone Kees
Elihu Pierce
abt 1795; CT>Clinton Co., NY
Judy Schor
John Pierce
(Phebe Sweet)
11 Aug 1797, NY or MA; Died Cortland Co., NY Mar 1840
Laura Dunwald
Roy Pierce
(Nancy Roffery)
b. abt 1723 VA;
Ross Pierce
Samuel Pierson
1761-1839; NJ>OH
Leslie Pierson
Robert Pilcher
(Phoebe (?Pharbe) Chapman)
ca 1708 ?Wales/England; im. ca 1725 to Va/Md; d. ca 1781 Surry Co NC
Matthew B. Pilcher Jr
Conradus Piles
(Nancy Ann #2 Jackson)
abt 1742 Amelia Co.?; Poss. Essex
Donna Stark
Amos Franklin Pilgrim
(Rachel McMahon)
1707-1786; Ipswich, ENG>MD
Billy K. Pilgrim
Balaam Pilkinton
(Sarah Cates)
1784 Chatham County, NC; 1840 Pike County, GA
Sara Angeletti
Jacques/James Pineo
1666-1727; Lyons FRA>RI
Terence Kelley
Peter Pinkston
b. 1790; NC>Benton Co, TN
Barbara in Nashville
John Pipes, Sr. 1750's; NJ
Kathy pipes
Isaac Pirkle
(Rebecca Tanner)
1790 Rockingham Co, NC
Thomas Shelton
Alathea Pitcher
(Nathan Briggs)
c 1778/9 Plymouth Co. MA; m 1797 Wareham,MA . in Fayette Co PA 1798
Mary Jane Battaglia
Stephen Pitman
(Abarilla Grindstaff)
1778-NC; Burke/ Yancey? Mitchell Co.
Henry Pitt
(Nancy (Ann) Everett Newman)
1790 Virginia
Cathy Kern
Joel Pitts
1796 South Carolina
Robert Martin
Asa Pixley
(Mary Nichols)
1780 MA; d. 1847 Ontario
Diane Sears Brigode
Peter Plank
b ca.1740 Lancaster Co., PA; d. Abt Jun 1792 Lincoln Co., NC
David T. Johnston
John Plant
(Hannah Whedon)
1676 Branford, Ct; died 1752, Banford, Ct
Linda Plant Wagoner
George Pleasants
1669; Charles Parish, York Co., VA
Jean W. Stringham
Samuel Plumley
abt 1651 Essex, England; New Kent Co., VA
Laura Loding
Thomas Kirk Plummer
(Peggy Wilson)
1770s? - 1831; Kentucky > Marion Co. IN
Peter Plunk
b ca.1740 Lancaster Co., PA; d. Abt Jun 1792 Lincoln Co., NC
David T. Johnston
Pamelia Pocklington
(Lewis Doughty)
1790; VA
Thomas Doughty
Edward Poe
(Martha Brittain)
1732; Pennsylvania
Loma H. Frakes
David Point
(Hannah Dunbar)
1786; NY, PA?, OH, MI
Sheri Trout
Thomas Poland
1642 York Co Va; Chesterfield Va 1642-1794
Yale Poland
Thomas Samuel Pole
(Elizabeth Hayward)
1740 Liverpool, England; 1773 Maryland
Peggy McClanahan
(Maj.) Alfred Pollard
b abt 1794; Wake Co. NC
Judy Dunbar
David Polley
(Ruth Ford)
1780; 1840 Kentucky
Jeanne Wilk
Henry Pollock
1772-between 1850-1860; MD- NC-TN
Cheryl Zelek
Linda Polston
1781 North Carolina; d. 1842 Indiana
Linda Kay Polston
Peter / Pieter Pomme
(Mary / Mallie)
c1710; N J / N Y
Barbara Pumyea
Peter / Pieter Pommieeje
(Mary / Mallie)
c1710; N J / N Y
Barbara Pumyea
Peter / Pieter Pommje
(Mary / Mallie)
c1710; N J / N Y
Barbara Pumyea
John Pond
1763; NE
Bonny Pond
Samuel Pool
1795 NC; 1838 Jackson Co., GA
Cheryle Wadsworth
Penuel Pooler
Jul 1751 Christening; Brooklyn, Trinity Congra. Church CT
Donna Miller
Jane Poor
b c. 1647; Watertown MA
Sloane Funderburk
Ned Poor
1734; Edgecombe Co NC
Frances Poer Fox
Jane Poore
b c. 1647; Watertown MA
Sloane Funderburk
Barnaby Pope
(Margaret Giles)
Abt 1775, poss NC; Abt 1810 GA; 1820 Clarke Co AL
Nancy Abraham
Henry Pope
Before 1800; N. C.
Robert Miller
John C. Pope
(Christena Smith)
abt 1795-aft 1820; Logan Co, KY
Linda Kanevsky
Edward Popejoy
1779; Virginia
Julia Popejoy
Sherrod Porch
1783-1835; GA
Birda Pelton
Thomas Porteous
(Olivia Everest)
December 1786; Addison, Vt.
Glen Porrteous
James Porter
(Katrine Reed)
5/31/1796 PA; 1853- Eastern Ohio, dea 6/05/1870 IL
BJ Wright
John Porter
b. 1596 d. 1676; Dorsetshire Eng. > Salem MA
Anne Broomall Wiegle
John Porter
(Mary Anthony)
1695-1720 unk; Prince Edward Co VA by 1755
John Porterfield
(Margaret (Peggy) Clark)
1785; N. Carolina
Skip Porterfield
Antoine Paul Portorique
(Elizabeth Delrine (?))
before 1800; 1817-1830+ Ste. Genevieve, MO
Alexander Posey
b. ca. 1784, d. ca 1865; d. Wilson Co., TN
Robert Craig
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William Pote
b. 1640; ENG>ME>MA
Cyndi Pote
Edward Poteet
(Martha Poteet)
1764 North Carolina
Floyd Poteet
Edward Poteet
1764; South Carolina
Floyd Poteet
Daniel Potter
(Hannah Sutton)
1762 NJ; Tewksbury, Hunterdon Cty, NJ
Amanda Peterson
Daniel Potter
(Hannah Ricks)
b. abt1793; Guilford, NC
Anita Monaghan
John Potter
1700's Connecticut; New London 9-6-1781
A. L. Patterson
Nathaniel Potter
1638; Rhode Island
Donna Potter
Israel Poulson
abt 1789/.91 NC; Died May 1860 Clinton Co. KY
Gretchen Polson
Josiah Poulton
before 1800; Pa>Oh
Jane Smith Grezlik
Richard Pounders
1746-1815; MD>NC>TN
Wm. Curtis Pounders
James W. Powell
(Mary Green)
1795. N.C; married 25 August 1836, Bullock Co. GA.
Iris b. Castles
Lewis R. Powell
b. 1792; VA
Ben Powell
Thomas Powell
(Mary Margaret Sell)
abt 1777 - Maryland; m. abt 1800 Fredrick Co., MD; 1811 is in Columbia Co., OH; died 1846 in Washington twp., Stark Co., OH
Kristina Kuhn Krumm
William Powell
b 1718; Isle of Wight Co VA
Malinda Jones
David Powers
1725 in VA.
Anne Lesko
John Powers
(Frances Whitehead)
before 1800; Virginnia
Paules Powleson
1765 New Jersey; died 1823 New Jersey
Lee Cognetta
Peter / Pieter Pownrey
(Mary / Mallie)
c1710; N J / N Y
Barbara Pumyea


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