Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: January 25, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Wm. Edmond Peacher
(Lucy Ann Hilman)
B.1775 D.3/18/1839; Spotsylvania Va
Mitch Peecher
Josiah Peak
1797-1880; Grayson Co.,VA
Rebecca R. Sisk
Christopher Pearce
abt 1785; Rhode Island
Justine Miller
Lazarus Pearce
c1780-present; NC>TN>MS>LA
Margie Pearce
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George Pearson
(Elizabeht Warren)
1785 Prince William Co, VA; 1817 Athens, OH
Tim Pearson
William Peck
1601-1694; New Haven, CT
Bill Peck
Jeremiah Peddy
1760 VA; 1783 NC, 1828 GA
Glen Peddy
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William Peecher
(Francis Schimmelpfenig)
1744 Orange County, Virginia; Died 1819
Eugene Peecher
Josiah Peek
1797-1880; Grayson Co.,VA
Rebecca R. Sisk
John Peet
(Margaret Allcock)
1597 England; Immigr 1635>Stratford,CT
Laura Dunwald
Nicolas Peffley
C1696, Eggiwil, Kanton Bern, Switzerland; 29 Aug. 1729 to Philadelphia (Mortenhouse)
Jeffery Scism
Thomas Pellet
(Mary Dane)
c. 1635-1694, Concord, Mass.
Frank Pellett
William Pendarvis
Abt. 1796 South Carolina
Brandon Flowers
Mitha Pender
(Richard Parker)
1730; Kentucky, Tennessee, Kansas
Welda Johnson
William Penley
(Margaret Starnes)
1790; NC
Martha P. Umberger
Abner Perkins
(Jane Lunt)
1690's; Newbury Ma and ME
June Bennett
Charles Perkins
1780-?; Norwich, CT
Tom Barth
John Perkins
(Judith Gater)
1583, Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England; Ipswich, Essex Co., Massachusetts
Scott Salberg
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Olive Perkins
(John Rathbun)
bef 1782 Rhode Island
Margaret Thompson
Isaac Perrin
(Mary Bowe)
abt 1755; VA
Diane Phillips
Edward Perry
(Mary Freeman)
1660 Rhode Island;
Darrell Perry
George W. Perry
(Eunice Robinson)
1776; MA
Daria Myers
Henry Perry
(Mary Singleton)
before 1776 Virginia; Stamping Ground, KY
Salle Schulenborg
Ira S Perry
(Mercy Elizabeth Baker)
1795; Arlington/ VT
Janet Sinclair
John Persinger
b. 1690; Botetourt Co VA
Evelyn Corob
Priscilla Person
(Jesse Clifton)
abt 1750 Southampton Co, Va or Anson Co, NC; died: 1833, Wilson Co, Tn
Franklin Womack
Charles Peters
(Mary Hewlett)
1688; Hempstead NY
Michael Bailey
John Peterson
(Mary Soule)
abt 1636 MA; Conn, NY
Mike Peterson
John Peterson
1792-1830; South Carolina
Jon R Peterson
Lemuel Peterson
(Ann Dobbs)
1764 probably NJ; died 1847 prob Ill or Ind
Reba Masterson Shepard
William Peterson
circa 1797 New Jersey/black, mulatto?
Norma Masterson-Reed
Jonathan Pettit
1766 New Jersey;
Michael Pettit
Joseph, Sr Petty
(Elizabeth) &
1713 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co VA; d. 1785 Prince Wm Co VA
Linda Willuweit-Joy
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Joseph Pheland
b. 1733; CT>MA
Sharon Skowera
Joseph Phelon
b. 1733; CT>MA
Sharon Skowera
Joseph T. Phelps
1790 NC; 1867 FL
Stephen L. Wade
William Phelps
(Sophia Lee)
c. 1773 NC 0r SC; m. in SC c. 1797-8; Moved to GA between 1810-14; d. c. 1828 Pulaski Co. GA
Nora B. Acton
William Phelps
(Sophia Lee)
1773, England or NC; d. abt 1828, Pulaski Co. GA
Carla Wert
Robert Pherson
1776-1840; PA
Wanda Stephens
Robert Pherson
1793?; son George b. 1818, Perry Cty., Ohio
Pam McCann
Jonathan Philips
(Elizabeth Job)
1781 Virginia; died 1864 Page Co.
John Phillips
David Phillips
(Ann Barbar)
1742 - 1822; NJ
Susan Archer
Joseph Phillips
Abt. 1708 England; Orange County, Virginia
Richard Phillips
Matthew Phillips
(Nancy Anne Goolsby)
1750 ; Albemarle County, Virginia
Virginia Phillips-Smith
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Phobe Phillips
(Turner Smith)
1799; Northfield ME
Jeane Smith
Stephen Phillips
(Flora Mcalester)
1755-1782; Cumberland Co. NC
Sue Folawn
William Phillips
(Francis (Fanny) Johnson)
Oct 25, 1785 - Chester Pa.; D- Oct 9, 1816 - Harrison, Ohio
Bruce Phillips
William Phillips
(Mary Swann)
1679-after 1717; Engl>VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Zachariah Phillips
(Frances White)
b. 1740; d. abt 1807, Amherst Co VA
Jo Holsinger
Elisha Phinney
(Rebecca Peck)
30 Mar 1737; Swansea, Ma


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