Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: September 15, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Thomas Pace
(Catherine Donahoo)
c1794 - c1869; b SC(census) d Williamson Co, TN
Jackie Ashley Pace
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Josiah Bruce Packard Sr.
(Eunice Manley)
17 May 1751; Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Nancy Manley
Lurana Packard
(Elijah Hersey)
1780, Dedham, MA
Daniel Page
(Caroline Catlin)
Dec. 12, 1756, Branford, CT; Died Dec. 1, 1834, Milton, CT
Rich Dorman
James Page
(Lucy Norvel)
1740 Goochland Va;
Beverly Nelson
Thomas Page
d abt 1630; Rappahannock VA
Malinda Jones
Thomas Page
1755 Johnston, N.C.; 1765 N.C.
Debbie Pace
John Painter
(Deborah Welsher)
1720; July 27, 1796 New Haven, Ct
Abram Palmer
1794 Vermont; 1820 Farmington, N.Y. 1860 Michigan
Phyllis Brothers
b 1773; VA
Wallace Stewart
George Palmer
bet 1795-1806; in Huntingdon County, PA
S Palmer
John or Joseph Palmer
1790 SC; Greenville, AL
Huey B. Long
Robert Palmer
(Martha Freeman)
1662-1732; VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Samuel Palmer
(1. Anne Brunson)
(2. Blanche Butler)
c. 1740-50s unkn; Screven Co. GA; m2nd. c. 1798 Washington Co. GA; d. c. 1814
Nora B. Acton
John Palmore
(Jane Caldwell)
1763 VA
Harold C. Fisher
David Pantier
1782; Lincoln Co, KY
Bill Herrman
William Pare
1730's; Sussex VA
Suzie Morris Ball
John Parham
(Mary (Polly) Woodward)
1796; GA
Matthew Parham
d. 1726; Surry Co VA
Malinda Jones
John Park
1710-1750; Chester, Pa
Emalu Hart
Benjamin Parker
(Nancy Anderson?)
abt 1770-aft 1840; NC>GA>KY>TN>MS>LA
Sandra Olney
Charles Parker
(Sarah Ann Brown (England))
1795 - 1879; Cecil Co MD > Wilm DE
G. P. Ryan
Edward Parker
(Elizabeth Wood/Potter)
Bef. 1641, Kirby Hill England; United States
Dennis Wright
Pleasant Parker
(Sara Ann Dillard)
b abt 1777; VA>KY
Mary Tibbetts
Thomas Parker
1713; North Carolina
Chuck Parker
William Parker
1596, likely London Eng.; 1616-1630 Elizabeth City Virginia
Dennis Wright
John Parks
(Sally Louisa Ogden)
1793 N. Kingstown, RI; d. 1861NYC
Mark Parmelee
(Ruth Brown)
April 4, 1721; Guilford, Connecticut
Eleanor Jacobs
Stephen Parnell
(Margaret Clenniden)
1760 Maryland
Rebecca McGregor
Stephen Parnell
(Margaret Glendening?)
Born 1762; MD>VA>KY>IN
Claire Miller
James Parr
1760's-1830's; Muskingum Co, OH
Jerry Parr
John Parr
(Mary Bynum)
1756 England or Virginia
Jean Jones
James Parrish
d abt 1742; VA
Malinda Jones
Valentine Parrish
(Betsy, Holland)
1760, Goochland Co, VA; D, Tennessee or Alabama
Letha, Parrish/Brown
Henry Parsel
(Sarah Conklin)
12 Oct 1791 Bergen cty NJ; Died 20 Aug 1864
Martha Mast
Sarah Elizabeth Parsons
(Fleming Abbott)
1747, MO; Death-MO
Susan Beddes
Thomas Parsons
after 1780; 1826 in McMinn Co. TN
Noel Parsons
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Charles Partin
(Sarah Mary Thomas)
1770 Ireland; Death 1850? Illinois?
Ellen Partin Roberts
William Paschal
(Reliance Dennis)
1703 ; 1730 Woodbridge, NJ
Clarence McDaniel
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Samuel Pate
1786 Virginia; 1848 Georgia
M P W Rush
William Pate
abt 1775; of Tennessee; in Sangamon Co., Illinois in 1824
Susan Beddes
William Patman
(Susannah Biggers)
b. abt 1760, Henrico Co VA; d. 1821, Oglethorpe Co GA
Jo Holsinger
Abraham Patmore
May 1772 Ulster Cty,NY; d July 1850
Martha Mast
Brice Patrick
(Harriet Forbes)
1773; Milltown Indiana
Myra Frazel
William K. Patrick
(Martha Smith Kelly)
Dec 10 1788; Virginia
Rose Mary Patrick
James Patterson
1777 County Down, Ireland; 1791 Emigrated to PA
Nathaniel Patterson
(Elizabeth Beel)
1755; VA
Donald Patterson
Robert Patterson
(Eleanor Bower)
1794, Pennsylvania; Migrated to Ohio, 1832
Robert Patterson
(Elizabeth King)
1727 Augusta Co., VA; d. 1791, Hawkins Co., TN
Nancy Chamberlain
Samuel Patterson
(Elizabeth Henderson)
1774 Cumberland? County PA; 1857 Clark County, IN
Jim Wall
Solomon Patterson
(Sarah Calloway)
@1793 North Carolina; d. 1886 Illinois
Sandra Patterson
William Patterson
(Jane Corwin)
1784 Ireland or PA; Fayette & Westmoreland Counties PA
Janice Rosenthal
Rev. Samuel Pattillo
(Frances Hall)
25 Jan 1771 Charlotte Co VA; m 14 Apr 1795 Green Co, GA d 4 Jun 1841 Covington, GA
Edwina Moody
Samuel Pattillo
(Frances Hall)
Jan. 25,1771, Charlotte Co. Va.; d. June 4,1841
Nina Ewing
James Patty
1690; Va.
Charles Patty
Obediah (Obed) Patty
ca 1780 ; 1803 Cherokee County SC; 1812 Knox County TN; 1825 McMinn County TN
Peter Paul
(Abigail Adams)
mar 1805; Orange Co, VT>Scioto Co, OH
Vern Paul
Rhesa Paul
(Tamsie Whealton)
1790; North Carolina
C. Paul
James Paulk
(Nancy )
1797, North Carlina; Tennessee
Cynthia Payne
(Benjamin Clifton)
unknown probably Tn; died: abt 1820, Wilson Co, Tn
Franklin Womack
Henry Payne
1770 or before; VA
Sheila Harris
John Payne
(Mary "Polly" Martin)
1794- ?; Virginia > Washington Co. IN
John Payne
(Hannah Harris)
1710-1773; Pittsylvannia co VA
Carol Booher
John C Payne
(Jincy Walls)
1785; Monroe County
Jean Milligan
John H Payne
(Dorothy Drury)
Feb 14, 1769; St. Mary's Co. Md
Gigi Knight
Obediah Payne
1768; KY
Margret Waldo Mitchell
Thomas D. Payne
c. 1785 Virginia; 1812 Georgia, 1837 Miss.
Billy Payne
William Payne
(Sarah Scott)
b.before ca. 1794; married ca.1814 in VA; resided Amelia Co, VA 1815
Rae V. Calvert


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