Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: April 1, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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(Elizabeth Zulauf)
Ferdinand Nadler
(Margaret Schumann)
Before 1800; Austria- St. Joseph MO
Barbara J. Means
Abraham Naish
(Mary Polly Butler)
b. 1795/d. 1877; b. VA/d.AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
John Nantz
1604 Cornwall, England; d.after 1665 Charles City CO, VA
Rae V. Calvert
Diana Neal
(Jones Persons)
1774; NC
Marcia Persons
John Neal
(Agnes Midkiff)
1746 Terr. of Va (near Lexington, KY_; D 4.13.1830, Boone Co., KY, East Bend Baptist Church Cemetery
Lavonne Neal Shimomisse
John Neal
abt 1750; Virginia
Nancy Neal
Lucy Neal
(William Hughes)
about 1775 Facquier Co., VA.; died about 1840 in Boone Co., MO.
John Fry
Joseph Neale
1740; Death: 24 May 1784, Fauquier Co, VA
Rollie Neal
William Neale
1728 Virginia
William Neale
1700-1729; Virginia
Carleton Vobbe
John Neall
abt 1750; Virginia
Nancy Neal
Mary Neason
(--?-- McQuillan)
1790 Ireland; IL>MN, d. 1876
Maggie McQuillan
John Needels
1659; VA
Foster R. Needels and Michael Sheppard
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Paul Neely
(Frances Shupe)
1759 County Antrim, Ireland; Bucks County, Pennsylvania
Gladys Neeley
John Neil
abt 1750; Virginia
Nancy Neal
Henry Nelson
(Anne Kelsay)
1745-1825; VA and TN
Bill Nelson
Joshua Nelson
(Anna Crasper)
b. 29 Nov. 1775; d. 6 June 1849 ,Greene,NY
Anne Winters
Moses Nelson
(Dolly Comstock)
1750-1790; NY
Karen Duran Dean
Samuel Nelson
1797 York Co, PA; died 1851 Guernsey Co OH
Chris Thompson
Thomas Nelson, Jr.
(Lucy Grymes)
12/26/1738 & Yorktown VA; 1/4/1789
Susan Knox
Conrad Neuhart
1731-1787; GER>PA
Harriet Nihart
Benjamin Newberry
1770 Monmouth NJ; 1838-1846 DeWitt, IL
Janel Woodbury
Aaron Newell
(Polly Tidd)
8 Nov 1774 Dover, Norfolk, MA; Eaton Madison NY> Ingham Co MI DOD 1844
Jack Dole
Levi Newhouse
(Margaret Van Sickle)
About 1798, VA; m. 1823, Jefferson Co., OH; in Brooke Co., WV, 1830 Census.
Judy Corey
George Newlon
(Sarah [Sally] Furr)
abt.1780, Va. or Pa.
Anna Sowers
Edward Newman
(Sarah )
ca 1755; D 1783 NC
Donna Newman
Nathaniel Newman
(Sarah Husted)
1700 CT
Anita Schultz-Peters
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Sarah Barbara Newman
(James Sanderson)
abt 1763, Virginia; 1840, Fayette Co., Ohio
Susan Beddes
Phillip Newmeyer
1788-1830/40; GER>OH
Patricia Colbert
John Newport
28 Dec 1697, Horsted Keynes, Sussex, England; d. Aug 1746, St. Mark's Parish, Orange County, VA
Teresa Newport
Catherine Newsom
(Holt Clanton)
1759 Halifax co Va.; 1829 Columbia co Ga.
Marcy Frede
Joel Newsom
(Rebecca Dickenson)
Abt 1718, Surry Co., VA; d. Abt Feb 1752 Northampton Co., NC
David T. Johnston
John Newton
(Keziah Dorsett)
1732/ York co, PA?; mid 1750s in NC
Glynda Gister
Conrad Neyhart
1731-1787; GER>PA
Harriet Nihart
John Nichol
(Mary )
b.1747 Ireland; d. 1807 Robinson Twp (Allegheny) PA
Jesse Nicholas
(Mary Small)
1784 of Bowdoin, Sagadahoc, Maine
Charles Nicholas
Isaac Nichols
about 1765; Anson Co., NC>Stewart Co., TN
Valerie Simonton
John Nichols
(Susannah Clarke)
1745 RI; 1825-31 QUE
Diane Sears Brigode
Phebe Nichols
1770; Providence, RI
Debra Eddy
Wanton Nichols 19 Sept 1776 in West Greenwich, RI;
William Nichols
William Walter Nichols
born 1794; McMinn County, TN
Jim Nichols
John Nicholson
b. 11 July 1710 MD
Reba Nicholson
John Nickel
(Mary )
b.1747 Ireland; d. 1807 Robinson Twp (Allegheny) PA
Elizabeth Nickels
(William Manly)
abt 1795; SC
W. Paul Manly
Benjamin Nickerson
(Sylvia Broadbrooks)
b. 1754 Harwich, MA
Benjamin Nickerson
(Maria Jane Williams)
Born 1796; MD/DE>OH>IN
Claire Miller
John Niles
(Elizabeth Langdon)
Before 1800; Rhode Island
Audrey Buss
Jonathan Nine
b. abt 1798; OH
Jim McCabe
William Nixon
Unknown; 1784 Charlotte Co,VA
John Nixon
William Noble
1751; Virginia
Justine Miller
Simon Nobles
(Mary Diggins)
Abt 1750; NC
Lee Nave
John Noblitt
b abt 1720; York Co.
Lynda Lucas
William Noetling, Sr.
1776-1861; immigrant doctor, lived and practiced first in Philadelphia Co., subsequently in Mifflin Co., Union Co. and (by subdivision) in Snyder Co., where he died and is buried.
Nelson R. Sulouff
John Nolan
(Ann Watkins)
1753-1820; Maryland-Kentucky
Elva Nolan Morgan
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Caleb Norman
(Elizabeth Reid)
1-5-1734; England>CT
Isaac Norman
1692-1763; VA
Steve Norman
James Norman
(Mary Medley)
1776 Duffield Derby England; Normantown, WV
Nancy Hopkins
Stephen Norman
Born 1605 in England/or VA; Stafford CO VA
Jim Norman
Thomas Norman
(Elizabeth James)
B. 1625 - D. 1709; Stafford County VA
James Norman
Caleb Normand
(Elizabeth Reid)
1734 England; Norwich, CT
William Norris
1770-1835; Orange/ Caswell/ Person Cos. NC
Charlie Weaver
George North
1765; MD/DE > OH
Archibald Northcutt
(Harriett Hogan)
abt 1793; Va
Tommie Malone
Anthony Northup
(Sarah Rathbun)
1770/Rhode Island
Elizabeth Norton
(Samuel Catlin)
Jan. 5, 1681, Hattford, CT; died Aug. 24, 1724, Litchfield, CT
Rich Dorman
John Norton, Sr.
about 1740; Prince George's Co., Maryland
Valerie Simonton
John Nott
1780? Vermont; Ma
Bryant Ward Nowlin
(Lucy Wade)
1740 - 1810, Pittsylvania Co VA
Jo Holsinger
Sherod Nowlin
cir 1758 VA; SC and GA
Pat Lindsey
Anderson Nunley
(Joseph Nunley)
abt. 1714; VA.
Sandra Nunneley Metzger
Anderson Nunnelly
abt. 1765; VA.
Sandra Nunneley Metzger
Jared Nutting
(Alice Wilkins)
c1798 Vermont or NY; 1850-1866 Fayette county, Iowa


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