Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: October 10, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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John Mobberly
(Martha E (Patsey) Hardin)
30 Oct 1781 Prince Georges Co MD; 8 Dec 1868 Masonville, Daviess Co, KY
Richard Moberly
Andrew Mock
(Mary Ann Tanner)
1750 St. Georges Parish, GA
Rebecca Mellander
Matthew Mockbee
(Jane Brock)
bef 1658-1709 Prince Georges Co, MD
Gwen Boyer Bjorkman
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Annatje "Hannah" Moe
abt 1784-1843; Ulster, NY
Richard Owens
Julianna Kloss Mohr
1795-1861; Ger>NY
Karen Mohr
Joseph Monarch
(Hannah Moore)
1774 Italy; m. 1800/ Salem, MA
Marilyn McGuire
Reuben Monday
1777; VA
D H Deci
John Money
(Mosley Galloway)
1758; North Carolina
Don Money
Joseph Monikin
(Hannah Moore)
1774 Italy; m. 1800/ Salem, MA
Marilyn McGuire
Johnson Monroe
(Amelia Hooper)
abt. 1745; Lunenburg, Virginia
Carolyn Monroe
Francis Montgomery
b 1749; Albemarle, VA
Patricia A. Andrade
John Montgomery
(Ann Agnes Crockett)
1717-1802; VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Robert (Robin) Montgomery
(Patience Marvel)
1780; Georgia
Linda Carberry
Robert Montgomery
(Maria McCallum)
1797; TN. TX
Zola Christensen
Stewart Montgomery
(Jane Patterson)
DOB: 1777, Belfast, Co Derry, Ireland; DOD: 1859, Wesr Deer Twp, Allegheny Co, PA
Marilyn Burnell
Thomas Montgomery
(Rebecca Harper)
1767 in MA; Ohio
William Montgomery
(Margaret Greenlee)
1756 Russell Co., VA; d. 21 Sep 1790 Lincoln Co., KY
Eugene Montgomery
Annatje "Hannah" Moo
abt 1784-1843; Ulster, NY
Richard Owens
Arthur Moody, Sr.
(Mary Marshall)
1746, Chesterfield Co., VA; died 1819 Meck'burg VA
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Edwin F Moody
(Sarah Hooker)
1797 ME; NH
Phyllis Sommer
Hannah Moon
1799; Dutchess Co, NY
Debra Eddy
Abraham Moore
(Hannah Davis)
13 Feb 1780 PA; DOD 25 Dec OH
Beth Moore
Andrew Moore
(Sarah Phelps)
? ; 29 Nov 1719 Hartford, Co., CT
Bette Butcher Topp
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David Moore
Born 1779; MD
Sue Abraham
Elizabeth Moore
(Henry Rice)
10 Jan 1628 in Sudbury, Middlesex, MA; 10 Jan 1619/20 in England
Judy St. Eve Schor
Hugh A. Moore
(Mary )
1780-1797 IRELAND; 1813 Roane Co., TN 1829 MS
Charlene Sparks
Isaac Moore
(Martha Barry)
1785 Virginia; 1810 Barren Co., KY -> 1840s Macon Co., MO
Cheryl Bell
Jesse Marion Moore
(Elizabeth Peace)
abt 1763; VA
Rita Floyd
Joel Moore
(Mary Tucker)
16 Feb 1775/N.Carolina; d. Dec. 1852/Indiana
Sylvia Reed
John Moore
Charline Clowes
John Moore
(Susan Lowery)
1796 Sudsbury PA; 1828 Falls, Muskingum Co, OH
Shelley Hallman
Lydia Moore
(Thomas Greenwood)
b. June 16, 1788; Surry Co., NC
Thomas C. Greenwood III
Mary (Polly) Moore
(Josiah Poulton)
m.19 Jan 1800; Pa or Md
Jane Smith Grezlik
Nancy Moore
(Robert Patterson Simpson)
1762 Pennsylvania; 1814 Pennsylvania
Hattie Dixon
Robert Moore
1704 Lancaster PA
Kenneth E. Moore
Robert Moore
(Jean Cochran)
b.1704 Chester PA; d. 1758 York PA
Lorraine Liles
Samuel Moore
(Hannah Crane)
1762; NJ
Muriel S. Parker
Sarah Moore
(Mumford McGehee)
1752-1793; VA>N.C.
Rae Venable Calvert
William Moore
(Malissa ? Thomas)
Late 1700's ?GA
Linda Tanner
William Moore
(Elizabeth Widdows)
1767 NC; 1820 Wayne Co. IN
Kate MacMillan
Thomas Moran
1775 - 1785; Massachusetts
Patricia Hennessy
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William Moran
Abt. 1744; Virginia
Bill Moran
Rudolf Moree
(Anna Bietermann)
Dec 1785 Bern, Switz; 8 Aug 1846 Richland Co., OH
Bette Butcher Topp
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Marsena "Marcey" Morehouse
(Harvey "Harry" Munn)
1796-1864; Brookfield, Fairfield Co., CT >Plymouth, Chenango Co., NY > Carlton, Orleans Co., NY
Karen Mohr
Thaddeus Morehouse
(Sarah Wakeman)
1783-1866; CT>OH>IL
Leanna Eversmeyer
William Moreland
d. 1816; Surry Co NC
Malinda Jones
Charles Morgan
1710; VA
Gwen Henson
Col Morgan Morgan
(Catherine Garretson)
1 Nov 1688 - Wales; died 17 Nov 1766 - Bunker Hill, Berkeley, Virginia
P Richard Pearson, Sr
Daniel Morgan
(Lucinda Evans)
born 1760-70; N.C.
Doug Roach
Henry Morgan
(Deborah Poole)
1727; Delaware
Dorothy Wehunt
Rudolf Möri
(Anna Bietermann)
Dec 1785 Bern, Switz; 8 Aug 1846 Richland Co., OH
Bette Butcher Topp
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Edward Morin
(Elisabeth Jones)
1745 Culpepper, Virginia
Carol Smith
George Morris
(Mary Fisher)
ca 1770-1844; NC>VA>KY>IN>MO
D. Henson
James Morris
bef. 1800 PA or KY; d. 1834 Pickaway Co., OH
Elsie Vredenburg
John Morris
(Mary Ray)
b 2/1776 d 1841; VA KY OH
Roberta Flittner
John Morris
(Mary "Polly" Lewis)
1776-1822; NC>TN>IL
Katharine Owens
John Morris
b. 1797 d. 1886; Loudoun,VA
Harv Morris
Thomas Morris
To U.S. 1683; VA
Lee Anne Cross
William Morris
(Susannah White)
1775 NC
Ann Schlemm
Alexander Morrison
1745; Chester Co. PA
James R Morrison
Ephraim Morrison
(Lucretia Henderson)
1763, Salem, NY
Don Morrison
Ephraim Morrison
(Lucretia Henderson)
b. 1763, Salem, Washington Co., NY
Beth Manners
Gabriel Morrison
abt 1710-1799; Lancaster Co, PA
Crystal Lampl
Samuel Morrison
before 1800; Seneca New York
L. L Mathews
John Morrow
(Abigail Miller)
27 Nov 1760; Chester Co., PA
Barbara Drew
John M. Morrow
abt. 1760; N.C.
Steve Morrow
Hugh Morthland
1743; York County, Pennsylvania
Sarah Robbertze
Hugh Morthland
1704; York, PA
Pat Draper
John Morton
(Jane Peden)
abt. 1728 Scotland; Ireland; Chester Co. SC
Monya Havekost
Joseph Morton
(Martha Sneed)
1798 Tennessee; VA
Annabel Blake Seltzer
William Moseley
1707; Virginia
L Dunn
Samuel Moss
(Elizabeth Smith)
1775 NC.
Rick King
Brooks Mottesheard
late 1700s; VA
Dewie Gills
John Mottrom
d 25 Feb 1655; Northumberland Co. VA
Malinda Jones
Robert Moulder
(Jane Wollesdotter (??))
ca. 1650, London, England; d. 1694, Chester Co., PA
Cap'n John
John Moulton
(Belinda Spofford)
b. 1762 Windham, CT; d. 1813 Windham, CT
Nathaniel Mowry
(Johanna Inman)
b. 1643 Providence, RI; d. 1717 Providence, RI
Jasper Moylan
(Eleanor Barry)
1757 Co. Cork, IRE; 1776 - 1812 Philadelphia PA
Linda K Lewis


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