Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: January 3, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Frederick Michael
1730-1798; Berks Co., PA
Shirley A. Michael
Paulus Michael
d. 30 Mar 1768; Lower Windsor, York Co., PA
Jon Michael
Abraham Michaux
(Suzanne Rochette)
1672-1717; France>VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Micajah Middlebrooks
(Rachel Ellis)
1758 & NC
Dianne Middlebrooks
Alfred Middleton
(Mary )
7/26/1796; 8/15/867 tn. USA
Rachel Patton Dayhuff
Major Middleton
(Sena Clifton)
abt 1740; d Talbot Co MD
Ellen Vester
Thomas Middleton
b.abt.1770-75,died 1830; ?>SC>NC>GA
Lynda Webster
Benjamin Milam
1798 Texas; Tennessee
Mary S. Hankey
Joshua Miles
1796/Georgia USA;
Mark Anthony Nunez
Henry Miley
1765-1808; SC
Callie Bliss
Abraham Miller
(Susanna Downey)
1792-1817; died Warren Ct, OH
Helen Albrecht
Adam Miller
(Susan Miller)
1778; Loudoun, Co, VA
Vicki Dendy
Brison Miller
(Mary Marshall Burrell)
1787; VA
Ken Miller
Benjamin Miller
(Maggie )
1794 GA; 1850 LA
Rosa Morales
George Miller
(Elizabeth Montgomery)
1775; Illinois
Shirley Annis
George Miller
(Elizabeth Braxton)
1747 Pennsylvania; 1804 Kentucky
Valerie Nolte
Jacob Miller
(Catherine Sharp)
1759; Agusta County, VA.
Karl Miller
Jacob Miller
(Catharine Maloy)
1752; Spotsylvania Co, VA
Sandy Bush
Jacob Miller
1770 Pennsylvania ; Living by 1850 in Indiana
John Miller
(Catherine Barnhart)
Washington Co., MD; Married 11 Feb. 1787
John Miller
John Salomon Miller
(Maria Eva Hiller)
10 Nov 1743; York Co, PA
Betty Miller
Josiah Miller
1770 Holland; died 1838 NY
Thomas Miller
(Betsy Isabel I"by" Thompson)
b. 1687 Scotland; d. 27 Oct 1755 mt. Bethel Township Northampton Co PA; had a mill on Schuylkill in 1713 Bucks Co. PA & also in 1747-1751 had land in Lower Mt. Bethel, Northampton Co. PA.
William Miller
abt 1688; d. 14 Sep 1769, Morristown, NJ
Dennis Miller
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Jean Millet
(Catherine Mayer)
c1729-1784; Quebec>St. John Parish, LA
Margie Pearce
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William Millet
abt 1795/NY; prob. d. in Jo Daviess Co. IL bef. 1850
Alice Allen
Leonard Hugh Milliken
(Mary "Polly" Copeland)
1793 Guilford Hall, Va.; d. aft. 1850 TX
Sharon Childers Alderman
Briant Milliman
(Susanna Rathbun)
1762 So. Kingston, RI
Diane Tarbox
James Millraney
(Rachel Hiatt)
b. 1753; Guilford, NC
Patsy Raymer
Garrison Miner
(Rebecca Pritchard)
B. 1799; NC, Married in IN, D. Iowa
Jacob Minerd
(Mary Nein)
1740; Pa
Eugene Podraza
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Peter Mines
(Ephy Martin)
ca 1751; Augusta Co., VA
Chris Mines Morgan
John Minor
(Nancy Goddard)
1790; Pennsylvania
Donna Hale Bereznay
Richard Minshew
(Mercy Minshew)
1650; Va
John Oliver Minter
(Elizabeth Morgan)
1718 VA; jun 1797 Chatham ,NC
Ross Pierce
Jacque Missee
(Marie Louise Lecompte)
1746 France; 1796 Missouri
Judith Missey
Elisha Mitchel
(Henrietta Lewis)
circa 1780-1788; ?Henry Co.,Va./Pittsylvania Co.Va
Allen Mitchell
1775; NC
Allen Mitchell
Lori Brown Deuerling
Davidl Mitchell
(Ann Anderson)
Ca 1740 Caswell Co. NC
Elisha Mitchell
(Henrietta Lewis)
circa1780; Spotsylvania Co
Marian Murphy
Elizabeth Mitchell
(Benjamin Lewis)
Sep 1772; So. Carolina
Justine Miller
Hezekiah Mitchell
1776-1860; GA/MS
Holli Boone Kees
John Mitchell
born 1793; GA
Erin Griffith
John Mitchell
(Anna Plumer)
06/21/1784 PA; Washington co, OH
Sharyl D'Agostino
Manerva Catherine Yancy Mitchell
(John Gullatt)
1777 VA; d. 1864 Jackson Co. AL
H. C. Gullatt
Mary Mitchell
(John Blackmar)
b. 1715; m. 1741 Glocester, RI
Robert Mitchell
(Eve Aldridge)
Born 1741, Scotland; Winchester, VA>Belmont Co., OH
Brenda Perkins
Robert Mitchell
d. 1726; Surry Co VA
Malinda Jones
Samuel B. Mitchell
(Nancy Bias)
Before 1800; VA
Maria Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell
(Kiturah Wade)
1760; Virginia
Rebecca Patrick
Thomas Mitchell
1771-1849; Bath, ME
Christine M. Smith
William Mitton
(Mary Caroline Price)
1796 England; 1847 Whiteside, IL
Betty Miller
Isaac Mixer
1569-1630; ENG>MA
Kim Sumek


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