Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: January 2, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Francis McFall
(Elizabeth Miller)
b. 1710 d. 1759 emig. 1727; Bedminster, Bucks, PA
Keith McFall
Obediah McFarlane
b abt 1750; Stafford Co VA
Carmen Finley
William McFarlin
(Lavinia Wagner)
1767 NC; Died 1852 Upson Co. Ga.
Lewis Leonard
William McGarity
14 Feb 1756 Cecil Co., MD; d. 3 Feb 1836 Chester Dist. SC
David T. Johnston
Mumford McGehee
(Sarah Moore)
1744-1816; VA>N.C.
Rae Venable Calvert
Solomon McGehee
(Cela Curtis)
1775 NC
Ann Schlemm
Margaret "Peggy" McGill
(Isaac Wells, Sr.)
Born ca 1785-90 in Ulster (Northern Ireland); died at Blount Co., TN.
Lynn Hawkins
James McGinnis
(Nancy Swanson)
abt 1778 Vir; 1809 NC
Pamel A McGinnis
Sarah McGinnis
(Edward Tanner)
marriage before 1820; WVA or KY
NJ Markstrom
William McGinnis
(Jane Brown)
5 Dec 1782 PA; 1819 KY
Sherry Lowe
William McGinnis
1787-1825; TN/KY
Holli Boone Kees
George McGlohon
(Mary Harrington)
Bef. 1769 in eastern North Carolina; d: abt 1831, married bef 1793
Sandy Goodchild
Jacob McGlothlin
ca 1750 S.C.; Virginia
Frieda Davison
John McGonigle
(Margery Doherty)
1791; IRE>PA>OH>MO
Margaret Stapleton
Elizabeth McGuire
(John Hobbs)
1798-1860; VA>IL
Vanette Hamilton
Timothy McGuire
(Mary Finney)
1740 Lancaster Co., Pa.; Irdell, N.C.
Clara Cornell
Catherine McGunney
before 1800; Scot>Neth>Md>Pa>Oh
Jane Smith Grezlik
James McHenry
1774-1857; WV
Denise Harber
James McIlhaney
1795; Ireland>TN>MS>TX
John R. McIlhaney, Jr.
James McIlhiney
1795; Ireland>TN>MS>TX
John R. McIlhaney, Jr.
Alexander McIntire
died April 3, 1792; Mason Co., Kentucky
Selma McIntire
William McIntosh
(Nancy Merideth)
b abt 1770 Scotland; d 1800-1801, Logan County, KY
David McIntosh
Ananias, Sr. McIntyre
born abt 1768; RI
Meredith McGrath
Angus McIntyre
(Elizabeth Stilley)
1788- 1860; NC>MS>LA
Margie Pearce
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John McKercher
b 1790; Broadalbin, NY
Marie Bartley Coppola
John McKinley
abt 1773, Ireland; Le Boeuf Twp, Erie Co, PA
Glenda Frank Moser
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Johnson/John McKinney
1764-1852; VA/TN/AL
Marcelle Lewis
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Joseph McKune
abt. 1762 NY; d. 1850 PA
Joyce Cooper
Hugh McLain
(Elizabeth Morris)
abt 1780; NC
Deborah McLain Nolan
Andrew McLane
1700 - 1750; Virginia/ N C
James McLain
Eli McLaughlin
(Mary Wampler)
abt 1780 unknown; d. Abt 1816 Russell Co. Va.
Linda Hamner
Jacob McLaughlin
ca 1750 S.C.; Virginia
Frieda Davison
John McLaughlin
1760; from Ireland to Penna
Robert McLaughlin
1784 Penn; Coshocton Ohio
Sharon McLaughlin
Samuel McLaughlin
(Sally Baker)
1790 Kentucky
Sue Beus
Samuel D. McLaughlin
(Jane DeShazo)
1799-1876; PA>TN>TX
Bobbie Arrington
Hugh McLean
(Elizabeth Morris)
abt 1780; NC
Deborah McLain Nolan
Samuel McLemore
1755; La.
Murdock McLeod
(Sarah Gregory )
1785 NC; in GA 1830. d. 1856 Baker Co. GA
Nora B. Acton
William or John McMahan
1775-1780; South Carolina
William or John McMahon
1775-1780; South Carolina
Robert McMains
<1776/Kentucky; 1798/Kentucky
John Hewes
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Margaret McManiman
(Chadds Chalfant)
31 Dec 1755 VA; d 19 Dec 1837 Fayette Co PA
Mary-Jane Battaglia
James McMaster
(Elizabeth Lodge)
Scotland ?; d. c1790, York Co, PA
Kay Barrow
Joseph McMath
1783-1825; Warren Co. GA
Jonathan Snyder
Hugh McMillan
1750-1730; IRE>MD>OH>WV
Wendy Hodgden
Alexander McMillen
(Catherine )
1780; New Scotland NY
Glenn Mac Millen
John McMullan
1740-1817; Ire>VA>GA
Beverly Adams
Hugh McMullen
(Nancy McMath)
abt 1767-Ireland or Scotland; died 1843 - Dearborn Co., In.
Karen M Mittan
James McMullen
1780 Ireland; 1796 Concord PA
Eleanor Blumenschein
Daniel McMunn
(Martha Myers)
1790; Allehheny co. PA.
Francis McNanney
(Sarah Ann Rose)
1790; Ireland, Ohio, Illinois
Vanessa Barrett
John McPherson
(Rebecca Bowen)
abt 1784 NC or Scotland; d. 1860 Fayetteville, NC
Lance McPherson
Robert McPherson
1793?; son George b. 1818, Perry Cty., Ohio
Pam McCann
Daniel McQueen
(Ruth Jenkins)
1725-1790; SCT>SC
Rae Venable Calvert
Daniel McQueen
1730-1790; SCOT>SC>AL
Harriet Nihart
Alexander Bain McRae
(Effey McRae)
1774; North Carolina
T. McRae
James McSparen
1795-1804; Living in Gallatin Co. IL in 1820
Brett McSparin
John McSparrin
on or before 1775; Living in Gallatin Co. IL in 1820
Brett McSparin
Martha McVeigh
1775 to 1800; VA
Charles Stevens
John McVey
(Sarah Snedigar)
1737-1727 Scotland>VA 1823; 1777-79 American Rev War
Vern Taylor
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Robert McWhirter
(Elizabeth Taylor)
1 Jan 1792 in Pennsylvania ; married 8 Mar 1830 in , Pickaway, Ohio;resided abt 1831-abt 1840 Coshocton county, Ohio ;died 8 Jan 1872 in Owensburg, Greene, Indiana
Judith E. (McKee) Burns


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