Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: January 26, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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James McAfee
B 1785 D1876 OH Harrison; Washington Co. Pa
Tim Terry
John McAlester
1739-1761; Cumberland Co. NC
Sue Folawn
Daniel McAllister
(Lucy Whiting)
1763; N.H.>Lovell, Me
Dorene M. Bartlett
John McAninch
(Emily or Elizabeth Jones)
ca. 1750; Pennsylvania
Lorna Gilbert
Dougald [aka Dougld] McBride, Jr.
(Nancy Easterling)
Born 23 Jan 1792 in Argyll, Scotland; Died bet. 1848-1850 possibly in Lawrence Co., MS; Resided 1830 & 1840 in Rankin Co., MS
Rob Swinson
John McBride
(Eleanor Ryan)
1755-1843; PA>NC
Beverly Adams
Dougald [aka Dougld] McBryde, Jr.
(Nancy Easterling)
Born 23 Jan 1792 in Argyll, Scotland; Died bet. 1848-1850 possibly in Lawrence Co., MS; Resided 1830 & 1840 in Rankin Co., MS
Rob Swinson
Thomas McCabe
abt. 1775; d. 1840-1850 Arkansas
Jan Butler
Bailey McCaffrey
abt. 1783; VA
Dave Woody
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Robert McCain
(Jane )
abt 1760; d. abt 1917, Shelby, AL
M. La Nell Shores
John McCall
(Mary McCall)
1790 Scotland; McMinn, Tennessee
Anna Brown
James McCann
(Sarah Bankson)
1722; d. 1844 St Clair Co, IL
Ron Johnson
Margaret McCann
1798; VA
Linda Young Nehring
Rachel McCardy
(Benjamin C. Mitchell)
ca 1780 VA;
Jan et Mitchell
Cornelius McCarty
(Sarah Meacham)
1771-1780 Unk; 1818-1842 Baldwin Co,, Carroll Co, GA
Wes Hall
Jacob McCarty
(Mary Morrow)
ca 1765; Mecklenburg Co NC
Bill McCarty
Justin McCarty
1757 Unknown; Washington Co. Ky.
Judy Bailey
Silas McCarty
(Sarah Carrell)
1700 Ireland; 1700 Bucks County PA
Marilyn Foster
Thomas McCarty
dob aprox: 1792 / Ireland; Wayne or Jefferson county (town of Big Run), PA
James McCash
(Elizabeth Sparks)
1788; Kentucky>Ohio
Cherie Peterson-Emerick
Robert McCleary
(Abagil McDowell)
1736; Lancaster PA
Jayne Carter
John McClenon
(Elizabeth Wells)
bef. 1790; Ireland > Delaware Co/NY
Robert McClenon
Margaret McClung
(John Houston)
b. c. 1650 Antrim, Ulster, Ireland ; d. 1747?-buried in New providence Cemetery, Rockbridge Co. VA Augusta VA-
Robert McClure
1734-1792; Cumberland, PA
Dave Abrahamson
Thomas McClure
(Margaret Byers)
1762-1834; Clearfield Co.
Rita Turegano
John McComb
(Mary Long)
1757 South Carolina; 1811 Hopkinsville, KY
Mike McCombs
David McConnaughey
1750; Pensylvania
Henry McConnell
(Margaret Mooney)
b. abt. 1763 - d. 30 Jun 1841; Antrim, Ireland > Newry, Huntingdon Co., PA
Judy Banja
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Joseph McConnell
(Mary McCurdy)
abt 1755 N. Ireland or Scotland; d. 1840 Georgia
Diane S Sanfilippo
James McCool
ca 1769 - 1837; SC>AL
Charles McCool
John McCord
(Ellen Porter)
b. 07 Feb 1791; DE
JoAnne Braidwood
Samuel McCorkle
(Sarah Buchanan)
c 1729; Scotland>PA>VA
Dave Woody
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Alexander McCormick
(Ann Rankin)
1793 MD?; m. 1815 Fayette PA
Marilyn Murphy
Richard McCormick
(Sarah Gwin)
b. , abt 1791 Shelby KY, Died 1841
Jeff McCormick
Nathaniel McCoy
(Dicey Goggans)
b.9-2-1791 Laurens Co. SC; d.1-2-1859 Pontotoc,Co, MS
Patricia Williams
William McCoy, Jr
(Cordealia Coward)
1Jun1772 - NC, about Craven County; died 13 Sep 1802 in same location;
Sandra Goodchild
James M McCrary
(Lucinda Youngblood)
1799-1856-South Carolina
Frank McCreary
Robert McCray
(Elizabeth Johns)
1767; Sanford, N.C.
Lynne Mcrae
William McCray
(Martha Elliott)
1756 Ireland; Monongalia West Virginia
Carol McCray Haddock
John McCreary
1750; PA
Herm McCreary
David McCrossen
1782; 1810 Richmond, Ontario County, NY
Judy McCrossen Cannon
Thomas McCulloch
pre-1793; NE TN
Tom McCulloch
John McCullough
abt 1764 Ireland; 1790 Pendleton District SC USA
Jerry McCullough
Hugh McCutchen
(Isabella Cooper)
1750; SC
Kathleen McCutchen
Alfred McDaniel
(Nancy Goodin)
Dob 1784 Died 1860-1870; Floyd Co., Virginia
Shelly Wellmon
Stacy McDaniel
(Sally Lamb)
1775?; m. 1799 VA
Jacki Simon
Hiram McDavid
(Elizabeth Gosnell)
07 July 1799 Greenville SC; Died 07 Jan 1841
Bob Morgan
Bryan Botetourt McDonald
(Catharine Priscilla Robinson)
21 May 1757; Augusta County, VA
Kate Leslie
Jarred McDonald
(Eleanore Attchinson)
1740 Scotland; Md. , VA.
John McDonald
(Jane Freeman)
1776 Maryland; 1837 Deerfield, Ohio
Belinda Geitgey
Neil McDonald
(Sarah Currie)
1777 Edinburgh, Scotland; 1803-VA, Newnan, Ga-1827
Linda Price
Neil McDonald
1777; Virginia
John McDougall
(AnnElizabeth Kennedy)
1741/1800; Schenectady, NY
Katharine Owens
John Robert McDuffee
(Rachel Murley)
ABT 1760 Virginia or Washington Co. PA?; Death ABT 1830 Harrison Co. KY
Greg Wick
John McEachern
(Margaret Lewis)
1791 SC; NC
Jo Anne Allen
John McEachin
(Mary Currie)
b.1741; Kintyre, Scotland > Robeson Co. NC
J.D. McEachin
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James McElhaney
1795; Ireland>TN>MS>TX
John R. McIlhaney, Jr.


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