Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: May 23, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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James Lloyd
Abt. 1745-1792; PA
Eleanor Dixon
William Locke
1628-1720; Woburn, MA
Jerry Harrison
Aaron Lockert
(Sarah Miles)
1735; South Carolina
Faye McDonald
Josiah Lockett
(Jency Jeter)
13 Jul 1765 Chesterfield Co., VA; Sumner Co., TN
Craig Nelson
Aaron Lockhart
(Sarah Miles)
1735; South Carolina
Faye McDonald
John Lockhart
(Elizabeth Martin)
1732; South Carolina
Art Lockhart
Samuel Lockridge
(Elizabeth )
bef1765, VA;
Cathy Lippert
Robert Lockwood
?>1658; Co. Suffolk, Eng>MA>CT
Frederick Loeser
abt. 1738; PA
Dawn Moller
James Logan
1723 - ; Pittsylvania, VA
Rev. Donald Logan
Hugh Logue
(Agnes McCullegh, McCollegh)
1756 Ire.; 1756-aft.1800 Pa.
Vicky Moon
Edmund Logwood
(Jane Eke)
ca 1695 England(?); 1775 Chesterfield Co., VA
Craig Nelson
John London
(Ann Mauger)
1747-1816; New Hanover County, NC
Kate Stirk
Aaron Long
(Nancy(/?) Faircloth(?))
Abt 1790 N.C.; 1820 GA
Huey Long
Henry Long
(Fannie Houser)
abt: 1770 PA; 1798 NC, 1806 TN
Teresa Agnew
Samuel Long
(Eve Isenberg)
1790; Huntingdon,Pa.
Bob Long
William Long
(Mary Patton)
1750 approx NC; Kentucky, Missouri
Lori Brooksby
Mary Longley
(George Tankersley)
ca.1702-1773; VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Dimmis Loomis
(Joseph Nicholson)
1795 Ct
Steven Nicholson
Merrill Loomis
(Ester Eades)
1786 MA; married Stamford VT 1806
Kay Abbey
Abraham Loper
1789, Deerfield, Cumberland, NJ; d. 1865
Andrea Batcho
Liflet Lord
1750-1760; 1776 fought in Revolution
John A. Smith
George Losson
(Sarah South)
1796 NC
Larry Lawson
Jeremiah Lott
(Elizabeth Laycock)
1755, Bucks County, PA; d. 1822, Bloomsbury, NJ
Karen Antink
Richard Lounsberry
(Elizabeth Pennoyer )
11/09/1634 in Broxa, Hackness, Yorkshire, Eng.; d: 12/08/1694 in Rye, NY
Robert Lounsbury
1634-1694; Rye New York
Alice Loyunsbury Burton
Richard Lounsbury
(Elizabeth Pennoyer )
11/09/1634 in Broxa, Hackness, Yorkshire, Eng.; d: 12/08/1694 in Rye, NY
Isaac Love
(Martha Chappell)
ca 1740; m ca 1775; Lunenburg County VA
LaRue Foster
Robert Love
1734; died 1826 Maryland
Linda Dick
William Morgan Lovelady
(Rachel Lindsey)
b.1765/d.bef. 1846; b. TN/ d. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
John Low
Dec 1773; VA
Jeanne Lowe Tucker
John Lowder
ca 1738 - ca 1811; Guilford Co, NC>Washington Co, VA
John Schunk
Curtis Lowe
(Jane Eleanor Lancaster)
1783; Georgia
Renee Lowe
Sarah Lowe
(William R. Burditt)
b. c. 1795; KY
Lynn Blau
Peter Lower
(Catherine Zimmerly)
mar.1794; VA>TN
Quentin Alexander
Virginia Lowers
(Thomas Scudder)
ca 1595 England; died 1665, Salem, Essex Co., MS
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Robert J. Lowery
1742-1813; SC/MS
Holli Boone Kees
Thomas Lowery
(Margaret Johnson)
before 1760 NJ?
Donna Stark
James Lowry
(Nancy Davis)
1771 Virginia; Dandrige, TN
Steven Lowry
William Lowry
(Olivia Pickens/ Donaldson)
1750 - 1825; Baltimore, MD
Craig Donaldson Lowry
James Loyd
Abt. 1745-1792; PA
Eleanor Dixon
Daniel Lucas
1799; Wayne Co, NC
Ted Lucas
Selby Lucas
(Ann Sanford)
Abt. 1775 D. 1806; Accomack Co, Va.
William Toomey
Thomas Lucas
(Lois Singleton)
before 1776 Virginia; Virginia
Salle Schulenborg
Thomas Manning Luce
(Laura Case)
DOB 1792 CT; Died 1877 Ashtabula OH
Iris Oliver
William Lufsey
(Betty Heper)
C1780; Prince George Co., VA
Tina Ellis
Adam Lugar
1774; NE
Don Lugar
George Lumbley
(Elizabeth Wroth)
1700; EC
Herschel Lumbley
Pablo Luna
(Rosalia Estrada)
1708; Rialto, Caifornia
Baldwin Lunceford
(Judith Creel)
1773; Va
Emilie Reine
Josiah Lusk
1778 Tennessee
Jane Sweat
Robert Lusk
(Matilda Fairfax)
September 01, 1797; Allegheny County, PA
Cary Bailey
Mary Luster
(Richard Armstrong)
circa 1775 Tenn; Illinois
G Clodgo
Abraham Lutz
1792; PA
Dr. Daniel Grimminger
Abraham Lutz
1792; PA
Mary Linder
John Lybrook
(Annie Chapman)
1760-1837; Va
Bolieu Lydia
(Thomas Martindale)
17 May 1791; 22 Oct 1841, Cass Co., IN
Shirley Boatwright
John Lyle
(Catheren Fry)
1795 - 1802 PA; Death c. 1845 PA - possibly Westmoreland Co.
Meri Arnett- Kremian
John Lynch
b 1777; NC>IL
Gene Lynch
Sirach or Syrach Lynch
(Sarah or Sallie Moseley)
1774 Brunswick, VA; Died 1815
Pam Prather
Thomas Lynch
1675-1738; SC
Terry Davis
Sarah Lynde
(Joseph Phillips)
ca.1736-bef.1800; VA
Rae Venable Calvert
Thomas Lynn
1725; Virginia
Dale Lynn
Jacob Lyon
(Elizabeth Slocum)
1788-1825; New York, New Jersy
Judi Crockett
Peter Lyon
(Elizabeth Bernard)
1781-1784 VA; Shelby CO., KY
Peter Lyons
(Elizabeth Bernard)
1781-1784 VA; Shelby CO., KY


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