Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: March 15, 2016


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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Owen Lea
(Elizabeth Wright)
6/11/1761; Orange Co. NC
Gaston Norris
Lawrence Leach
d.1662; Salem, Massachusetts
James Wall
Thomas Leachman
1700-1800; VA
Victoria Leachman
John Leak
1756 Burlington, NJ;
Jo-Ann Leake
Ephriam Leaming
(Mary Clark)
05-04-1783; New York
Dorothy White
Edmond Learwood
b. abt 1750-d.abt 1830; b.-NC; d.AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
Frederick Leaser
abt. 1738; PA
Dawn Moller
Nicholas Leatherman
(Elizabeth Fink)
b. 03 Mar 1785; d. 21 Nov 1872; VA> Hampshire Co. WV
Janie Martin Whitty
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Joseph Leavens
1798; Saratoga Co, NY
Debra Eddy
John Lecatt
(Thomasin Milby)
1633-1634; 1650-1660: Northampton Co/Accomack Co, VA
Lloyd Matthews
Henry Ledbetter
april 30 1796; Rutherford Co. NC
Dale Harrison
Elijah Lee
(Martha Roland)
prob bef.1796; dau born Oct. 9,1816 in Perry County, Mississippi
Cynthia Turner
Eliz(s)abeth Lee
(James Henry)
1794; VA>OH
J. Payne
Garry Lee
(Sarah Arnold)
1799, SC; MS c.1808-1851: LA 1851-1869
Rebecca Clark
Gershom Lee
(Rebecca Hunt)
1735 NJ
Donna Stark
Henry Lee
1650; Manchester, MA
Linda Lee Edelstein
John Lee
(Mary Dove)
about 1775 South Carolina; >IN 1814 d. 1816 in Lawrence Co., IN
Elaine Crockett
John Lee
(Jane Tuggle)
1764 Davidson, Tennessee
Jerry Griffith
Joshua Lee
Bladen, NC c. 1768; In Duplin, NC in 1779; in Barnwell, SC in early 1800's; in Bladen again in 1812
Carol Lee Vickery
Samuel Lee
d. 1676 Malden, MA;
Matthew Lee
Thomas Lee
1662-1709; Middlesex Co, VA
Pamela Lee Cranston
John Leek
1756 Burlington, NJ;
Jo-Ann Leake
Peter Leffler
1772 PA; 1820 Fairfield Co., OH
Becki Blair
William Legg
(Susanna Merritt)
md. 1677; Kingston, Ulster Co., NY
Peggy Dolan
Lewis Leggitt
1755-1818; NC GA
Roy Leggitt
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Leopold Lehmann
(Magdalena Logler)
1791-1872; Baden, GER>OH
Joanie Thorburn
Frederick Leiser
abt. 1738; PA
Dawn Moller
Jacob Leist
(Elizabeth Shoemaker)
9 Jan 1788 - 7 Nov 1870; Northumberland Co, PA>Pickaway Co, OH
Cheryl Gallagher
Guilliame Lemoine
1699 LaHarve France; 1725 New Orleans, La.
Thear Lemoine
Christian Lentz
(Barbara Bachert)
1728 Germany; 1751 Bethel Township, Lancaster County, PA
Linda P. Lentz
Lot Leonard
(Elizabeth Hoge)
October 05, 1754; Morris, NJ
Jane Peppler
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Elizabeth Lessenger
(Sampson Wickersham)
1769-1854; PA>KY
Jill Wickersham Burton
Levi Lester
(Hannah Sherwood)
1795; Washington Co., VA
Cindy Driscoll
Mary Lester
(Richard Armstrong)
circa 1775 Tenn; Illinois
G Clodgo
Peter LeValley
c.1683-1757; Marblehead MA > Warwick RI
Paul LeValley
Joseph Leveridge
(Mary Shields)
1797 ; Madison County, KY
Judah Levi
(Mary McGraw)
London, abt 1761; VA 1771; KY abt 1800
Betty Jo
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Edmond Lewes
(Mary )
1601 Suffolk County, England; 1634 Watertown, MA
Michael A. Lewis
Charles Lewis
1794-1796 GA; 1850 Census TN
Jaquita Blevins
David Lewis
7 May 1768 Billerica, Middlesex Co., MA; d. 8 Mar 1813 Ludlow, Windsor Co., VT
Maryanna Stever
Edmund Lewis
(Mary )
1601 Suffolk County, England; 1634 Watertown, MA
Michael A. Lewis
Fielding Lewis
b.1725/d.19/Oct./1781; Gloucester, VA
Barbara Washburn
James Lewis
(Abgail Perkins)
1780; Maine
Robert Lee
James Lewis
b. 6 September 1767; Granville Co., NC
Steve Williams
Jordan Lewis
Abt. 1764 NC; NC>Bulloch Co., GA>MISS>AL
Kathy McElveen
Mary Lewis
(Peter Bunn)
Mar. 8, 1769; Virginia
Samuel Lewis
b. ABT 1798; NC,TN,ARK
Karen Dougherty
Thomas Lewis
1750-1795; MC


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