Single Lineage Researcher Page
Single Lineage Researcher Page
Last updated: August 25, 2017


The purpose of this page is to provide a place to list researchers who are looking for descendants of one particular ancestor who must have lived in the US at one time and must have been born before 1 January 1800.

Links will include the ancestor's name, location, and dates, an email link to the researcher, and the researcher's web page on the family, if there is one.

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John Labas
1735; Amelia township
LC Labass
John Labass
1735; Amelia township
LC Labass
Joseph Labbe
(Rhoda Christi Viriat)
1774 Quebec; 1795-1840 Ste Genevieve MO
John LaBorde
about 1785; PA
Kathryn Marshall
Rhoda Lacey
1776; VA
Jean Bunce
Henry Lackey
(Mary Jenkins)
1750 NY; 1750 PA
Tracey Lackey
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Henrietta LaCoste
abt 1784 Nemours France; abt 1793 Norfolk Va
Therese Bentley
Rhoda Lacy
1776; VA
Jean Bunce
Archibald Ladd
(Hannah June)
1787 NE or NY; Canada after 1808
Lynn Cacciotti
Jeremiah Ladd
(Mary Frank)
1786, Connecticutt; New York
Louisa St. John Durkin
Jean David Laizer
1775 Switzerland; 1808 LA
Pamela Jack
Longshore Lamb
(Sarah Lee)
pre-Revolutionary War; Virginia & North Carolina
Ramona Russell
Luke G Lamb
(Sarah W)
1795-1850; NC>FL
Suzanne Lamb
Samuel Lamb
(Margaret Jordon)
1718-1784; Ireland - PA
Janet Geer (Schill)
Samuel Lamb
(Margaret Jordan)
b. ? d.5 Nov 1784; IRE>PA
Gene C Smith
Thomas Lamb
(Joshua )
1642 MA;
Liz Smith
Charles Lambert
(Catherine Woods)
dob 1698; dod 1798 - Bedford, Va
Gary Lambert
Elizabeth Lambert
(John Hopkins)
1749/50 Somerset County, Maryland
Robin Hopkins Kenney
Elspy Lamon
1775-1821; Penn
Emalu Hart
Henry Lancaster
(Susan Swanson)
1752 edgecombe county nc; married 1778
Charlotte gay
Vina Landsrum
(Joseph Lindsey)
b. 1795/ m. 1815; b. TN/ m. AL
Barbara Craddock Pike
Endymion Lane
(Jane Campbell)
born 1796; TN, VA, or NC
Vera Belle Lane
Samuel Lane
(Eve Treese)
ABT 1784/1790 DEL or TENN.
Walter E Lane
Sybil Lane
1760- 1818; MA
Richard Holbrook
William Lane
(Mary B)
1799; d 1891 Cleveland OH
S. Hobson
Lydia Ann Lang
(Migeman Buckley Traylor)
Abt 1794 - GA; d: Jun 26, 1866 - Graham, Randolph County, AL
James C. Langley
1795 SC
Max Edob
William Langley
( Galloway)
1791 Pitt County NC;
Charles Eubanks
William Langston, II
(Mary Yarabough)
1787 Union Co., SC; died 1859 Johnson Co., TX
Phyllis Vaughan Moody
Malinda Lankford
(Joseph England)
abt 1793; SC
Wanda J Thompson
William Lankford
1744, Frederickburg, VA; 1787, Louisa Co, VA
Stan Lanford
Pernilla Lapamba
(Green Howard)
before 1800 Ms; died 1857?
Alvin Thompson
Asaph Larabee
(Bethia Snow)
abt 1769 Vermont;
Glenda Nothnagle
Henry Lard
1785; SC
Barbara Silva
Samuel Lard
1770; Conn>VT>IN
Sharon Seaver
John Larkey
1790 PA
Kathleen Bridston
Nicholas Larkin
(Sarah Kenyon)
1740 RI
Mary Lasalle
David Larr
(Nancy B Miller)
1797 Pennsylvania; Ohio by 1830, moved to Indiana in 1843
John Larrick
c1717 - c1782; Frederick Co, VA
Cheryl Gallagher
James Larue
(Elizabeth Jordan)
1758 Virginia; 1806 Ohio
Denise Ervasti
Mary Ann "Polly" Laub
(Daniel Braucher)
1788, Pa; 1813-1819, Somerset Co., Pa.,1820-1847, Stark Co., OH
Ruth Braucher Self
Simon Lauck
(Catherine Starr)
1760 PA; d. 21 Feb 1815
Beth Humphrey
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Augustine Lawless
(Sarah Dillon)
1752; Virginia
Wendell Patterson
John Lawrence
(Anna Edsall)
Eileen Robinson
Martin Lawrence
1794; NC
Darla Sumners
Peter Payne Lawrence
(Nancy (Ann) Blount)
1782; N.C.
Lucille Thorne
Thomas Lawrence
(Susannah Pafford)
b. 29 Dec 1797 - d. 14 Aug 1880; NC>DeKalb Co, TN
Ann Brown
Isham Lawson
(Sarah Randolph)
c1782 Hawkins County, TN
Lewis Lawson
Joshua Lawson
2/14/1785 NC; Morgan Co TN>MO>d. 1841 Scott Co. IL
Connie Lawson
Nancy Jane Lawson
(Dudley Taylor)
6 Sep 1791 Charlotte VA; Springfield, Washington, KY; LaPorte IN
Kathleen Schrader
Richard Lawson
(Mary (Polly) Campbell)
1789 VA; d. 1852 Bradley County, TN
Kathy-Lynn Carroll
John Lay
1745-1789; NC
Traci Spears
Joseph Laymon
Abt 1730; 1786 Sevier Co., TN
Steve Laymon


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